Aaron does an early video review of the Samsung Galaxy S 2, the newest member of the Galaxy series of Android smartphones.  Announced at the "Samsung Unpacked" event, the phone is powered by a 1 GHz dual-core processor and offers a 4.27-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), 8-megapixel rear camera, 2-megapixel front-facing camera for video calling, and is in a package that's just over 4 ounces. 

Sadly, there's no pricing or other launch information available at this time, other than Samsung's comment that the device will not be available in the United States at launch.  Before you get upset, keep in mind that this is Samsung's typical launch strategy - launch in Europe, Asia, and other markets, followed by a North American launch months later.

Say what you will about Samsung and the Android 2.2 snafu, but the device is hot.  Like the upcoming Samsung 4G LTE phone on Verizon, the Galaxy S 2's screen is beautiful, and it's incredibly peppy.

Check out the video, and keep it locked on PhoneDog for continuing coverage from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!

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"Despite the Galaxy S 2's awesome feature set, would you buy another Samsung device after the Android 2.2 mess?"

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Chris Turpin
Chris Turpin Nope, after having keyboard issues with my Epic, Samsung told me to "just use Swype". With all due respect, Samsung, I paid $50 extra for the keyboard, I WANT TO USE THE DAMNED THING. Got a Shift a couple of weeks ago, no problems to speak of.
Luis Montoya
Luis Montoya That, my friends, is why the wonderful world of xda exists. I dont know what I would do without it.
Eh Soto
Eh Soto No. Htc or moto for me
Matthew Harman
Matthew Harman **DWilliams....Ur a moron first of all..did u even bothr 2read what u wrote? 1st of all smart guy..Firmware updates come from the manufctur and carrier..NOT GOOGL!! And pepol r makin a big deal out of Samsung not updating!! Kiss My Ass!! This phon has mor bugs then a prostitute!! And ur commnt bout the peopl who won't buy samsung again wouldn't b in the markt 4 a galaxy device in the 1st place..Dude..ur smokin sumthin!!And ur commnt bout galaxy devic r 4 peopl who know what they r buyin...I workd 4 sprint for 3yrs...I KNEW WHAT I WAS BUYIN..U SHOULD THINK TWICE B4MAKIN SUGGESTIV COMMNTS DOUCHEBAG!! SINC UR WITH ATT..UR USE2 HAVIN A P.O.S DEVICE N SHITTY SERVICE!!.
Xingchi Ding
Xingchi Ding Hell no, what is the point to get a dual core android, I have already got a sucking battery performance on Android, HTC? SAM is even worse. If u want a phone? Pick a iPhone or maybe nokia , just joking
Tito Rodriguez
Tito Rodriguez Nope. Got G2 if i didn't then it'll be Nexus S
Gabriel Mayer
Gabriel Mayer NO Way ! No Samsung What a bunch of nincompoops
Alan Jae-Hun Yi
Alan Jae-Hun Yi Yes I will buy another samsung
Matthew Harman
Lawson Williams
Lawson Williams there's no way I will ever, ever, ever buy another samsung smartphone! Not only they mess over with the Galaxy phones, they also mess over people with the Behold 2 smartphones. Samsung. You're A Mess!
Eric Kroh
Eric Kroh I wish Samsung would make ALL their devices with Eco friendly materials.. after all..they make plastic everything
Nick Romosapien Serban
Nick Romosapien Serban Yea. I root all my phones anyways. Not to mention this one is coming with Gingerbread. Hell yea! The.screen is gorgeous and the specs are insane. Besides, the devs are probably going to come out with a custom ROM the first week or 2.
Jason Vargas
Jason Vargas The tab. If the price is right. Unlike the let down of the year. Motorola Xoom
Jason Vargas
Jason Vargas Samsung already said how much they wanna improve their updates so I guess I'll give them one more chance. I mean the only phone that could compete with this phone on Tmobile is the upcoming Optimus. And well Google hasn't released a OS after Gingerbread so ur getting the best. And although LG sound REALLY good. I like Samsungs design better. It's gonna be a hard decision.
Janez Voncina
Janez Voncina Maybe... I mean, here in Europe (Slovenia) we had Froyo already in September (I think), because of carrier exclusive (otherwise we would get it like every other European country. SGS 2 also has this stupid TouchWiz UI, but I can download LauncherPro. But still there is the update problem... P.S.: HTC isn't so great at updating, believe me. Best is Google, but they don't have competitive phones...
Sharla Redner
Sharla Redner We, my husband and I have been with Sprint for 20yrs. We both have the LG Optimus S 3G/4G phone and we love it. We would'nt have any other way, Sprint is the way to go.
Juan Araya
Juan Araya Gotta love samsung displays. SAMOLED is where its at. I would buy the galaxy s 2 in a heartbeat
Michael James
Michael James The problem for Canadians was the Samsung Vibrant on stock 2.1 had comatose issues, then with the Kies update to 2.2 causing bricked phones. It was ridiculous at the time cause Bell did not help instead charging me for a loner phone. Probably not. But I'm running Darky's 9.2 from xda and it's blazing fast.
Victor Rios
Victor Rios Yes I would because a smartphone isn't all about OS updates...if you can still talk, text, surf the web, and download content then that's all that should matter. An OS update will only make it run faster and provide better features...it doesn't power the phone on and off...that's what a battery is for people! I'd definitely buy a Samsung phone...
Tanish Himani
Tanish Himani Nope. Switching to a better company that actually cares about customers after a sale. HTC is ideal.
Kurtis Kerr
Kurtis Kerr I would because I'm not buying it for their software, just the hardware.
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Nada
Stephen M. Knipe II
Stephen M. Knipe II Agreed that Samsung's build quality is crap. I've been through a few Captivates all with the same problems and freezing. Never again...
Stephen M. Knipe II
Stephen M. Knipe II Nope
Jason New
Jason New Nope....not a chance
Erick Kelly
Erick Kelly No one actually complaining about the OS update already has a 2.2 custom Rom and wouldn't be caught dead with a stock Rom on their phone anyway. Give me a break!
Fayez Noor
Fayez Noor hell yes, update issue only in usa by their service provider. not samsung. i got update in early november
Emmanuel Castro
Emmanuel Castro The GSII looks amazing, and I don't mind the mess I Trabaja my phone.
Scott Bitters
Scott Bitters No!!!
Nobie Ferma
Nobie Ferma It's funny how people say that Samsung doesn't make high quality phones when they just based it from one device they had used. Just so you know, there's gonna be 1 shitty phone out of a thousand phones produced. You're just too unlucky to get that one.
Anonymous In a heartbeat......especially if it does all that, and theyve recommited to staying on top of updates. I would def give em another shot. Today I start the galaxy s2 savings fund
August Griggs
August Griggs I had considered getting a captivate if my iPhone 4 didn't work out, but since they switched to a 4.3 inch screen I wont even consider it next time. I don't want or need a phone that big. For me 3.5 to 4 inches is what I want. The updates wouldn't be much of an issue, I'd most likely end up rooting, much like I've jailbroken every iPhone ive had so far. It sucks for me because nowadays "high end android phone" almost always includes 4.3 inch screens. Oh well.
Joel Gomez
Joel Gomez Nope. I have a bad experience with the galaxy s. Gps issue, social hub crashes in froyo, internal sd card failure, phone is laggy, battery couldnt last a day...I'll stick with HTC...
Coresa Trimble
Coresa Trimble @ david peipo, did you ever own a motorola cliq, you would understand that problem well. Motorola never updates blur. I would own a vibrant over it any day. What I would really enjoy is a pioneer that is slim, with the memory of a vibrant and a camera with a flash, with good accessories.
Coresa Trimble
Coresa Trimble Yes, I would. Love my vibrant. Best android device I have had so far.
Leon Brandy
Leon Brandy Yup. I can root if I need to.
David Piepho
David Piepho Would you buy a new PC that wont be receiving updates?
Tham Ye Yang
Tham Ye Yang If only the nexus s had that specifications it would be perfect
Nehemiah Maddox
Nehemiah Maddox Hell to the no they can kiss my naturally brown ass!!!!!!!!!
Nick Koval
Nick Koval I dont even want that thing for free
Jhon Betancourt
Jhon Betancourt What carrier
Dominique House
Dominique House Hell no. I traded I'm My Epic 4G for an Evo Shift 4G & a My Touch 4G, yeah two different carriers I know but I'm always on the road so this works for me. Samsung & I are through unless they do a major turn around & hold steady for quite sometime.
Dave Trivino
Dave Trivino It's a sexy phone but probably not.
Anthony Douglas
Anthony Douglas No sticking with HTC
Samuel Lytle
Samuel Lytle Nope I just have had a bad experience with Android since they came out to Verizon.
Mike Simon
Mike Simon Nope. It's been one issue after another with my wifes vibrant.
Kaizer Joelle
Kaizer Joelle Hell NO!
Chau Lam
Chau Lam Helll yes I would...i had no problem with it..
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez Tempting, but no
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi Hey Aaron since you are in Barcelone catch up with some samsung officials and ask them what is their upgrade policy regarding Galaxy ll , and also upgrade policy of their other handsets........
Enrique Pascual
Enrique Pascual NO!
Skye Villanueva
Skye Villanueva Ill just root it and throw some stock android on it!
Nate Peters
Nate Peters Not in a million, billion years.
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark Nope... I mean HELL NO!
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Samsung is garbage
Jacob D Lustig
Jacob D Lustig Hell no! I wouldn't but another piece of samsung junk mobile hardware.
Stephen Allen
Stephen Allen Nope. On a vibrant now only thanks to team whiskey.
Brett Jones
Brett Jones Of course i would, just put a new rom on that hoe
Lanh Nguyen
Lanh Nguyen Keep in mind that this one doesn't have the search button because this is the European model the same way there was no search on the original galaxy s. This will more than likely change when it cones to the US
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial I would never buy any phone with a UI on top of the os
Jordan Mosley
Jordan Mosley mabye the tablet if it is cheaper tgan the Xoom, but probably not the phone.
Rich Bridges
Rich Bridges I have the Nexus S. I'm on 2.3 and happy with it
James Allen
James Allen Nope
Rob Smith
Rob Smith Like others, what 2.2 mess? My Acclaim works much better since Froyo, and my Mesmerize should be getting the update any day now. I would like to have Flash on my Acclaim, but I see this as an Adobe issue, not a problem with Samsung.
Derick Williams
Derick Williams Why not? Galaxy s gets updates straight from google. Also people make a bigger deal out of samsung not updating than it really is. Cognition is better than stock anyway. the people who "won't buy samsung again" wouldn't be in the market for a galaxy device in the first place. the galaxy set is for people who actually know what they are buying. Not a bunch of complainers who didn't bother to check samsungs history. I got a captivate knowing exactly what I was getting and had to really find an excuse to load froyo..
Sheritha Malone
Sheritha Malone No
Jeff Daunis
Jeff Daunis Nope!! they ruined it for me!!!
Cameron Bear Wagner
Cameron Bear Wagner I doubt we will ever get gingerbread or froyo. I think ill just be done with samsung after this. I love my captivate, but i hate how samsung would rather make new phones than support the ones that already exist
David Piepho
David Piepho Hell NO!
Keith Howells
Keith Howells 4 month old today if memory correct. SS has launched many new devices since and all launched w froto/gb yet here we are stuck on eclair...still no definite OTA date in sight
Chris Staton
Chris Staton nah
Jake Gross
Jake Gross I would. The mini kies update was fine, and the dev community is even better. For all the upgrade problems, it really is a great phone (I have a vibrant). The new one looks even better.
Deepak Bhakoo
Deepak Bhakoo Hmm. I have mixed thoughts really. Want it and don't want it at the same time :-)
Ashleigh Goniea
Ashleigh Goniea No. I ordered the epic and it froze in 2 days. After day 5 I returned got the evo..and I'm so happy I did...samsung just doesn't make quality phones
Keith Howells
Keith Howells Nope..no timely updates...never samsung again
Nic Kolas
Nic Kolas What mess? What did i miss?
Luis Miguel Delacruz
Luis Miguel Delacruz Definitely yes. Even though we're still on 2.1 on the states here it beats out most phones out there
Eric Huxtable
Eric Huxtable Nope! Sticking to HTC. Vibrant is laggy and they couldn't even do an over the air update for people
Jean Marc
Jean Marc not in the US
Alvin Nelson Jr.
Alvin Nelson Jr. Why do I care about carrier OS updates..? I'll most likely root anyway.
D-J Jones
D-J Jones Hell no
Nobie Ferma
Nobie Ferma Idk bout that, my friend's Galaxy S has that function.
Lamar H Morgan
Lamar H Morgan Yeah if its a nexus lol!!!
Nobie Ferma
Nobie Ferma LOL. It has Mike. Long press either the Menu or Back button (idk which, just try both) and you'll see the search function.
Mike Chiou
Mike Chiou Maybe.....if it had a search button...
Luis Reich
Luis Reich what mess? You fueling the fire? Yes I would

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