It's day 25 with the Samsung Galaxy S 4, and it's crunch time.  In this update, I'll recap some of the things I've learned, some of the things I love, and some of the things I find frustrating.  25 days into the challenge, and I'm certainly conflicted, just like many of you are.  There's clearly a battle underway between the Galaxy S 4 and HTC One, and there are things I love about both.  On the pros list, I really appreciate the Galaxy S 4's 5-inch display.  It's not too big, but big enough that it gives me the ability to browse YouTube without switching to a tablet or laptop.  I'm still frustrated with the slight lag that the Galaxy S 4 exhibits from time to time.  I shouldn't be seeing that on a device with a quad-core Snapdragon 600 CPU.  Some will blame TouchWiz - I love the benefits that the UX provides, I just hope to see it get a bit smoother as time goes on.

Definitely a challenge between the Android powerhouses.  Stay tuned for the final videos and let me know what you'd like to see on Twitter @PhoneDog_Aaron!

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"It's day 25 of the 30 day Galaxy S 4 Challenge. What do you think of the newest member of the Galaxy?"

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Eric Leal What's your take on the low-light performance of the S4 (especially considering that the HTC One is touting this feature)?
Christopher Keeley I got rid of my S4 because of the lag. Samsung pumped the S4 full of gimmicky software but forgot to optimize it to prevent lag.
Andre Phillips i kinda like lag somewhat because its giving me time to react to real life
Mark Belkowski I like it but the thing lags like hell.
Ron DeMarco Had the S4 and it was a BAG OF LAGGGGGGGGG. HTC One was much more fluid somewhat like an iPhone 5
Anonymous laaaggg
Anthony Tat wtf would i do with my new 32gb microsd card in an htc one? nothing, thats what. *expandable memory*, *bigger screen*, higher resolution pics, scratch proof screen, durable PLASTIC (instead of dent-able aluminum), multiwindow, pop up video, and physical home button make the s4 my winner.
Anthony Tat you love periods
Anthony Tat LOL this guy would pick an iphone 5 over the s4 because of the "quality build."
Sindhu Gunasekar Aaron, there are quite a number of complaints about the S4 overheating. Did you also have any heating issues?
Junaid Choudhry All versions have lag mate.....n yes u r right about optimization....it's sad......
Junaid Choudhry I m not against Samsung.... But touchwiz is getting worse n too heavy.......it's appalling.......sense 5 has been cut down from the older versions n it runs like a charm....trust me n try it out in the shops.....:)
Junaid Choudhry Galaxysheep lol.....open ur ears n eyes ppl...listen to what Aron is saying......lag lag lag .....HTC One which I currently own..been with me since 28th March....no lag whatsoever.....use ur common sense please....thanks
Jaime Espinoza Did you even read the Article on the link I provided? It's not "Lag" its a transition problem that Samsung needs to fix on the U.S. variants. The international S4 is not affected by this. Clearly 4.2.2 was not optimized properly. My only argument is Aaron labeling this as Lag when is NOT.
Andre Hall I don't think you get that this is a flagship handset. A user shouldn't have to be tweaking it to get performance out of it that should be natural. When you buy a Ferrari you shouldn't be tweaking the engine because it lags.
David M Tadros It is just on big gimmick nothing works on it!!!! Going to iphone!!!
Kevin Joel Yay Lumia 920 finally gets some respect!
Aaron Dean I'll stick with my always up to date nexus devices
Ismael Arreza Lladones you may close the running services (settings, application, running services) NO Lag like a computer if you had a lot of program to running its to slow the cache or ram simple.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhIJQPFdXH8
Vito Cafarelli If the phone has lag than he must say it has lag.. doing tricks to decrease the lag shouldn't have to be done when buying a new phone. You can't say.. oh just root it and the lag will go away or read this article that shows you how to decrease lag.. thats for different discussion and shouldn't be used when reviwing a phone.
Anthony Bailey Me as well. The S4 and the One do nothing to peak my interest. I'm fine until the Note III comes along.
Anthony Bailey So you're just a "Me too!" person?? :P
Vito Cafarelli I agree with aron. The beautiful 5 inch colorful screen with dazzling effects wins my heart as well as the better day time camera and having a splitscreen and pop up video feature is a must..even tho its made with plastic its also the only phone that has expandable memory as well as replacable or extended battery options of your liking which is very awesome...and let's not forget that its actually expensive plastic and the display is made from the new Gorilla Glass 3 compared to HTC 1s Gorilla Glass 2. As well as the latest version of android.. the only shitty thing about this phone is that little tiny speaker that gets muffled if you place the phone on its back. If the note 3 doesn't fix the speaker issue than i'm not getting it cuz frankly having a tiny little speaker on the button back where your hand covers it is really stupid..at least put the speaker on the top back where your hand doesn't cover it or at the sides like the iphone
Jaime Espinoza Aaron it would not hurt you to do a little research before bitching about lag. http://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-s4/274145-galaxy-s4-performance-issues-release-software.html..
JayR Yambao Meant to type 40 not 60 S4's. Sorry
Jonathan Z. Dadekian When are you going to give me one to try and keep!?!?
JayR Yambao Galaxy S4 is outselling the HTC One at my Sprint store at an alarming rate. Total stock of the S4 since release was roughly around 60 units with 5 or 6 left. HTC One stock was 12 with the same amount left. That's just my store but I find that interesting.
Damarcus Harris I like the HTC One, miss my Note 2:( but soon as Note 3 comes out I'll be back
Juan Carlos Munoz I know your job is to be unbiased. You have to admit Arron android is very unstable
Daniel McCarthy Really wish they'd offer a way to go back to AOSP for the "enthusiasts" but the GS4 is a great phone, regardless of whether or not I like the software (I'm not the "average user").
Ivan Villegas I will getting a Samsung Galaxy S4 this Thurday!!
Vishant Khunti While the Galaxy S4 is a good phone, the S3 was a fantastic phone. S4 has some legit competition coming up, not just with the HTC One or the Lumia 920.
Stephen Lauterbach I've activated several and played with one enough to be able to say that the software is glitchy at best and the quality of the phones build leaves a lot to be desired. When you have some real quality phones on the market like the HTC One, Nokia 920, and of course the benchmark of quality build the iPhone 5, you know that Samsung is taking a much lower quality road and I think people will realize this soon and start to move more to the afore mentioned quality phones. I own all three of these phones and I can say that I'd buy them all again. I've also owned several Samsung Galaxy phones and the only one I would own again is the Galaxy Nexus, but that is because it's a pure android device and it's priced right.
Brian Jones Root the phone & it should get rid of any lag check out www.qbking77.com for help on the best root for the S4
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I still prefer my note2.
Robert Futty A lot if people say there's not much of a difference between the sgs3 and the 4. I love my sgs3 but I'm not getting a 4
Lawrence Lepes It is an awesome phone, but I like the Phablets better. I am waiting for the Galaxy Note 3 to come out.
Marti Ruiz Love mine
Steven Goldberg no, samsung G note 2
Eduardo Trujillo hahah nice job samsung

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