It's another Android smartphone battle!  Aaron puts the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and the Motorola Atrix 4G against each other in an awesome dogfight battle.  On one side of the ring, the Galaxy S 4G has a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor, 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 5-megapixel camera, front-facing camera, and Android 2.2.  The Motorola Atrix 4G has a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, 4-inch qHD display, 5-megapixel camera, front-facing camera, and Android 2.2 with MOTOBLUR.

They're both high-end devices with impressive feature sets, but only one can win the dogfight.  Which one will take home the prize?  Which carrier will win?  Part 1 of 2.

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"Samsung Galaxy S 4G vs. Motorola Atrix 4G. Who should win?"

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Nick Jeffers @Marc my nexus one has had official 2.3 for a week or two now.
Patrick Souza Samsung duh winning!!
Marc Andrew Skerritt Just a little food for thought to throw out to everyone. The atrix is the first dual-core phone. That means it will have glitches. First gens always do. Also, the atrix is made by our dear friends Motorola. Not only do they throw motoblur on there and cause lag issues, but they also like to lock things down i.e. bootloader. I understand that everyone out there isn't exactly looking to develop/run custom roms/overclock/ w/e. It's something to be considered though. More than likely, we'll see 2.3 hit either the EVO, Incredible, Thunderbolt (if it ever comes out.) or another HTC phone. .....Nexus One???? Once that happens, the inspire would be much more desired (pun intended.) for those out there looking to toy with our phones. Hands down, the fingerprint scanner and the laptop dock make for awesome gimmicks, and I would love to have the atrix just for those, but realistically, it's not a huge deciding factor either. Kudos to you guys at phonedog.com for doing an awesome comparison dogfight. I really enjoyed watching and just wanted to add my $.02. Also, if you guys want to give some free phones my way, I'd be more than happy to accept :-) lol
Michael Moon And the atrix just comes off as gimmicky. And does anyone even have ATT now that the iphone is on verizon?
Michael Moon I'm not sure why the sgs4g gets so much hate. It's a great phone. I did a month of research and it came down to either this phone or the thunderbolt...and since verizon and htc dropped the ball on the thunderbolt...it was an easy choice...and the sgs4g hasn't let me down at all.
Rek Aviles Samsung Galaxy S 4G vs. MyTouch 4G dog fight please. :)
Jay Choi 4g of course
Derrick D J Thomason #SHOWMETHEFACTS
Derrick D J Thomason @Allen: where are your facts?
Angel Miguel Peguero Samsung galaxys 2
Allen Drewe Just shows how many morons post on these. The atrix beats the galaxy s 4g in every catagory. My buddy owns the s 4g and I own the atrix. We both know the atrix is obviously better.
Andreas Biesel Atrix 4G of course
Stephen M. Knipe II Not even close... Atrix.
Mark Balcher Well, as cool as the Atrix is, it does have some drawbacks. First, being on the worst of the 4 major carriers, the fact that it can't be rooted, Moto Blur. yuk.., So, I'd have to say Galaxy S or Nexus S with Launcher Pro. But the Galaxy S2 is a definite win, fo sho!!
Qcost Deal The atrix two is kind ahead of it time right now...with the processor in all but it still is slow and lags...motorblur is wack on a phone like that...played with it...and I told my homeboy to get the inspire...much better phone
Jorge Redondo galaxy s 4G! Because it came out on my birthday and stands superior to any other phone to me! :P
Andy Trinh Galaxy
Luis Sahagun Galaxy s
Neil Sankar iPad 2 nothing beats it
Mathew Alejandro The Atrix 4G is a better phone.. I would much rather compare the Samsung Galaxy S II, GSII would kill the Atrix.
Qcost Deal I played with the atrix and its not that good of a phone right now
Chris Arrington Dog fighting is wrong. Just saying...
Chuchun Tsai Htc evo!
Jeremy Steik Originally I would have said atrix, but after playing with both. Atrix is no good because of moto blur. Atrix so slow and laggy!
Dimitri Lubin Currently on the train heading home where I am told my new samsung galaxy s 4g is patiently waiting my arrival. I can barely contain my excitement !!!
Esa Edvik if the Galaxy s is lagfixed...it'll still be Atrix.
Alex Godinez HTC EVO!!
Stephen Wong If I had to pick, atrix. Luckily, the optimus 2x is so close to coming out. :D
Brad Crabtree Had both blur is still a resource hog and not to mention att capping upload speeds unless you root... I'll keep t-mobile and my galaxy s 4g thank you
Victor Rios Galaxy S 4G hands down!
Philipp Born my Desire :)
Marti Ruiz galaxy of couse
Noor Mahmoud When it is about potential, the Atrix. For current performance with the phone out of the box, the GS4G. Overall, both phones are really not that good.
Precious Love CLay Samsung i hate motorola
Lorenz Angelo Barcelona No contest, I have the Samsung galaxy s 4g and it is not even close to the atrix. The galaxy s is the same thing as the old vibrant but with 4g, it uses OLD technology
Tim Gruber the atrix if you put launcherpro on it
Johny Alvarez Isn't the attic a dual core...? Samshit has nothing on it. Ohh wait alot of haters for motoblur...
Matt Weber atrix. duh
Ivan Woods I cant stand Moto blur .. yuck !
Tony Frank iPhone 4
Enis Fazliu Neither I think HTC is huge right now
Michael Aguilar Samsung. Moto sucks
Jyonasaurus Flex Both interfaces, nope. better processor on atrix but better speeds on sgs. Would have to top my hat to the atrix though..
Clay Deichman atrix 4g
Shaun David Not Samsiung..the worst Manufacturer this side of Sega
Jon Jerico Calanio Atrix. No matter though, both are excellent phones.
Alex Abawi Galaxy s 4g
Shan Munaweera Galaxy S 4G duhh! AT&T's 4G is apparently way too slow ha

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