It's the Android unboxing that you've been waiting for! Aaron cracks open the Samsung Galaxy S II, the popular high-end phone that was announced at Mobile World Congress earlier in the year. It's a powerhouse, with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video recording capabilities, Android 2.3 with Samsung's TouchWiz 4.0, and more.

It's not available in the States just yet, so you have to buy it at full retail online, which can get a bit pricey. Is it worth the $750?

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"Aaron unboxes the Samsung Galaxy S II. Is it the best Android phone out there?"

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Chris Montana THE 3D WILL BE THE BEST!!!!
Rusdee Yakub Hi. How much is it
Tim Komlody Evo 3d I meant
Tim Komlody I have that you go 3 d as far as I'm concerned it's the best out there.. so tired of the fact that technology becomes obsolete every 3 months... Im satisfied as hell with my evo.
Tham Ye Yang HI just wondering... How is it that Jon Q the guy that does weekly bone is listed as Video Reporter in both Technobuffalo and Phonedog's site? Is he working for 2 companies???
Peter Kis I've had it for a week now and can say: yes, it's the best smartphone money can buy (by any manufacturer). However, I don't think any smartphone is worth 750$
Agustin Rosado I luv iphone but im bored of the same s#!+. Im buying this phone!!!! :)
Mick de Raad But it's an awesome phone! *wish i'd had money*
Mick de Raad bleutooth 3.0 has been in many devices for a loooooong time..
Joe Hartman nice device !! .....yuv 4got 2 mention, the 3.0 BLUETOOTH ! - is this da first device ?
Tim Kelemen Wow really? Htc sensation specs way worse than this phone... And evo 3d is worse than the sensation. Idiots... This phone will be top dog untill quad core nexus 3 comes out in the fall. It easily beats all current gen dual cores
Nick Koval Id pay 200 and its pushing it
KoDy Designed ByCrime Why is this even a question? Samsung is far superior to htc
Henry Murillo Damn... Now it's between this one and the HTC sensation :/
Ben Bartholomew Eh, I dig it, but happy with my HTC inspire.
Fonzy Paniagua Probably is the best phone to date no doubt but I love HTC phones <3 and HTC sense 3.0 is simply beautiful. Waiting on sensation or evo 3D
KoDy Designed ByCrime It is the next best thing next to my DROID CHARGE...
Sachin Gurung Already hv one and its way better thn any smartphone in the market today... Improved battery life, awsome scree.. Som1 mentioned android have bad battery bckup..sorry mate this time even with cool live wallpaper n loads of widgets ...longg battery bckup...5star for the phone.... Some ppl may not lyk the screen szie bt thn its a personal preference...am loving it
Kenny Binh Why do some people follow phonedog when all they think about is the iphone? Majority of the news these day are androids and some bb. Trolls?
Mimoun Tu Rigoleras Better than all categories of smartphone
Ernesto Estrada Ummm...yes!
Jon Jerico Calanio Galaxy II is already rooted. Guess what, there's a custom ROM already released at XDA. http://www.xda-developers.com/android/enter-the-roms-first-custom-rom-for-sgs-2-hits-the-street/
Robert Centennial You can blurt out negative comments about the sgs2 it still doesn't change the fact that it's better than your current phone.
Danu Carrión Perales Put this phone against any phone on the market, its going to be the best for a while, I'm sure htc sensation will be as good or better but as always battery is going to be shit which is a deal breaker for lots of people
Robert Centennial Plus it's already had two firmware updates without AT&T getting in the way
Hose Orscoe Screw Samsung totally gay
Nyt Walker I think it is
Randy Galvan I will never pay over 300 dollars for a dang phone
Robert Centennial @Damon it's a great phone touchwiz 4.0 is efficient and works great. I get almost two days of battery life. The $750 makes sense to not be in a contract. If I wanted I could get a phone for free sgn a contract then sell it on eBay to make up the difference. Contracts suck!
Shawn Poling this sucks i just got the samsung charge. i want this phone
Armando Sanchez Looks sweet.
Matt Weber Yes. By fae
Seaedge Val yes it is..
Darryl Mouzone I wish people would stop it with the fanboy shit. There are just as many Android Fanboys as there are Apple fanboys. It's just so stupid to make these high school jabs at Apple or Android. Grow up people.
Perro Rosello Seems like every two weeks there is a new "Best Android Phone Out There..." How much Android is too much Android??
Bayu Ihsani Anggoromurti It's under $700 in Indonesia... But you must wait until July...
Jordan Acosta Zach Cline what phone u have eh????
Broderick Whitten Good but I want the Evo 3D
Garrett Vincent But its samsung:(
Cara Lanphear I can't go a day without my HTC Inspire from AT&T, it's the best phone out there...to me anyways =)
Melvin Mejia gayest shit ever
Melvin Mejia 3d on a phone really!
Seenoor Peter No Evo 3d kills it...
Adam Ewald It's ok I will prob get it for half what it will sell for here.
Zach Cline Android is the best at freezing and lagging with pathetic battery life.
Zach Cline @Daehwan. It's as much as any crappy android moron. And if you want to talk overpriced i have two words for you, Thunderbolt and charge. Talk about two overpriced pieces of shit.
Francis San Pedro But will this phone finally be the one to top the iPhone (4 or 4S) in sales?
Boyd C Adkins IV No. No where near
Cora Rininger $750??? That is buying outright without a contract correct?!!
Damon Lee @Carmen Centennial how's the review so far?
Michael A. Barut Phone of the Year - Galaxy S2. IMO, the S2 was the reason Apple delayed the iPhone 4s/5 till the Fall.
Curt Popejoy no us carrier? no relevance. paying over $700 for a cellphone seems absurd. give me the money, let me kick you in the nuts and we will call it even.
Garald R. Gman where is the review for the samsung galaxy tab 10.1? we waiting what you guys have to say about it!
Adam Ewald I get it way cheaper then that when it comes out.
Jordan Mosley Well, its a greatb phone no doubt, but we don't know when it will be available in the U.S. its hard for me to look forward to something that I have no idea when ill be able to get.
Robert Centennial I have the phone and it worth the $744 I paid for it. Samsung has made touchwiz a very good ui. It's fast sleek beautiful screen future proof battery lasts for almost two days. Perfect phone
Derrick Wimberly Jr. Umm iPhone....... hell no they suck ass. You can't do shit with them, plane old toy phones for kids lol. Android all the way
Jeramey Joseph This phone is going to be hard to beat..i want it!!
Eskias McDaniels im gonna go make #damonlee a twitter trending topic now cuz... hes trendy.
Larry Lambert I have the evo and will most likely get the evo 3d, but this one surely got my attention. The only problem for me is this is samsung and we know how their updates are.
Jordan Acosta Iphone is a piece of shit,android is the best.
Dae Hwan Kim will it get updates on time though? btw apple fans i hope you guys are enjoying your "revolutionary" white iphone. overpriced much?..... idiots..
Derrick Wimberly Jr. After I moved on from the Samsung seen I was like "now this is a good phone" sorry I ain't lookin back on Samsung phones. I love my HTC inspire
Lorenz Angelo Barcelona This phone+ custom roms= .........
Gabriel Johnson I smell fruit fanboys. :O
Melvin Mejia @damon lee just wait about a week or two this phone is gonna be buy one get 2 free jus like all the other androids
Stephen Wagner Does anyone else hate how huge these phones are....
Lionel Wright Imagine that phone...on stock android <3
Curt Popejoy cant wait for the galaxy II s versus g2x dogfight.
Khoo Wee Ping HTC Sensation is better looking and specs as good as this.
Tommy Klein This is the smartphone I've been waiting for
Damon Lee @mejia go back to your fruit phone
Derrick Craig I hate android I want an iPhone!
Mohd Zakhri It's the most awesome phone out there!
Melvin Mejia no all androids suck!!
Jooyoung Hong i want it!!

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