It's the final installment of the Samsung Galaxy S III Challenge!  It's been a fun 30 days, and we've discussed quite a few features - battery life, signal strength, and unique software features, just to name a few.  All in all, I think this is the most well-rounded Android smartphone on the market today, thanks to the broad availability on all four nationwide carriers, great features, and a UI that's solid for geeks and mainstream users alike.  It's a winner, and I'll be using it as my personal device for the time being.  That is, until the next 30 day challenge rolls around.

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George Martinez Can the Samsung Galaxy S3 do simultaneous Voice and Data? You never covered that on any of your videos.
Hank S. Christy My opinion? The HTC Rezound
CJ Ughamba My Best: HTC EVO 4G LTE or ONE X Best spec wise: Samsung Galaxy S3
Sharang Karve Exactly. The moment the world is excited about one device, suddenly, a new one comes out that's a lot better. It's just plain annoying.
I'van Trudeau The Samsung G3 is nice however it still has the plasticky quality that turns me off and touchwiz UI is weak. The EVO LTE overall is a better phone !
Scotty Bush until next week when something else comes out.
Matthew J Callaway s3 is the best hands down. no difference between the quad and dual core. The web browser is the best ive seen on a smart phone.
Bernie Fen not been a fan of Samsung but i'll give it a props.. still considered not the best android outhere though.. i have the Amaze 4G and suits me well with the exception of battery life but i don't consider it a big issue. bottom line is - it all depends on the user's criteria if the device meets your needs.
GFAdvocate just wanna know if anything else is on it's way before I commit to another 2 yrs with Big Red. tired of them & Att
McMillian Evictus No! Had it for a week. It was horrible. Weak signal 85% of the time. Buggy, freezes, and would not open some apps! Exchanged for a HTC EVO LTE. So far so good & I'm getting signals in places the Sammy 3 could not.
Jeff Cross Winner!!
Christian Appel S3 is so awesome :)
Nikola Karovic so it is like HTC One S inside :D
Nikola Karovic US S3 have dual core, here in Eu Quad...it just cant be same phone
Keenan Ochoa No it's not like the iphone, thank god because then it would effn suck! But not as good as my jelly bean nexus with no locked bootloader
Jozef Sakac All those that say GS3 sucks go back to Apple you iSheep
Kenny Gwinn Its a great phone i dont have one complaint yet besides s voice its not very good but 4.1 fixes that with new google search so its probably the best android yet
Isaac Shinde GS 3 sucks !
Jozef Sakac S3 the best phone ever battery life smashs the Nexus.
Tony Avila My Nexus will be running official 4.1 while the S3 waits until next year! hahahaahahaha
Jeradiah R Williams Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy PS3......so far
Angel Higuera Ill wait for the 5" iPhone
Erick Vargas Ocampo 1.5 quad core processor does not make a single difference
Daniel McCarthy Eh I'll wait for the next Nexus phone.
Randy B Hoopes Still not an iPhone!
Alaye Kray Brown galaxy note is best phone eber
Aviv Fadlon I have the S3 and it's @#!@#!!@#@@ OMG best phone
Aviv Fadlon Galaxy S III is The best smartphone ever!@!@##@$#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Etzel Worst smartphone ever :)

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