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In addition to new internals, the Samsung Galaxy S III features an all-new version of TouchWiz. So far, Samsung hasn't branded it with a number (admittedly, I've been calling it TouchWiz 5 all day despite that), but it offers a ton of new improvements as a result of Ice Cream Sandwich running in the background. Widgets receive a dedicated spot, messaging has received some improvements, and the app structure is different, just to name a few.

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"What's your favorite Android UI?"

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Adnan Muhammad Touchwiz with the changes for ics
Bryan Platt Aokp on my hd 2 apex launcher or nova
Soonoh Jung Vanilla stock + aokp tweaks
GeorgePerkins9 I am not an HTC Sense fan. I gotta go with touch wiz
Daniel Shih I used a Galaxy Nexus with stock ICS for six months....then got a One X. Sense is better and more usable than Stock ICS...
Larry Frank Crandall Miui, just like the icons
Luis Betancourt Vanilla Android
Troy McKenna HTC Sense
Min Kim Cyanogenmod 9 on my epic touch + apex launcher
Azizul Hakim htc sense.
Joernie Berrios AOSP or AOKP (CyanogenMod),Go Launcher
Cesario Brito Jr. As for the question, I pick sense or stock. The Touchwiz on the GS3 looks the same as gingerbread with a little ICS on top. Very disappointing.
Cesario Brito Jr. David, your act is old and boring already. Go climb a tree or something.
Eduardo Ordaz @David How would u know that all the other Android phones are like that? U dont own them all. All of them are not like that because u wouldn't know cause u dont own all of them.
Jacob Grumbles @david the galaxy nexus has been out for awhile so if it isn't buggy or slow it would be the second android out that is neither buggy or slow .
Anthony Stewart Well I want METRO!!!
David DiPilla Heard thats a nice phone hopefully it will be the first android thats not laggy and slow
Ryan Gardner As long as it's not Motorola, should be great.
Gideon Llama Brett Well I like MIUI
Gideon Llama Brett Surprised noone has said MIUI
Ben Damus Sense
Jason Hull Sense 4.0
David Tambascio AOSP or ADW Ex with ICS theme
Landon Aveling I hate TouchWiz. Sense isn't a lot better. If I can't get vanilla Android, I can best tolerate the not-Blur that Motorola uses. I just wish they'd unlock the bootloaders.
Anthony Palmisano Android 4.0 ICS all day! Galaxy Nexus FTW!!!
Lorenzo Maldonado Sense 4 + ICS theme (aosp)
Jacob Grumbles Stock the only real android UI .
Bryan Edens Stock>Moto's new ICS Launcher>Sense
Beshoy Naiem They are missing qwerty phones, though, in their new collection and my desire z is getting old... Need Upgrade hTC...
Beshoy Naiem None makes sense but Sense ;)
Noshad Islam Sense has always been number 1
Nick Catelli vanilla
Rani Hinnawi HTC Sense, for sure. Motorola's is the only other one I've tried and actually liked
Joe Hartman APEX on my G-NOTE
Noe Zuniga HtC Sense definetly..
Eric Dodds Sense 3.6 and 4.0
Varun Verma Vanilla ICS
Henrik Amrén HTC Sense or ICS stock
Frank Smith Jr I'll deal with a lower-spec phone to have stock. Galaxy Nexus FTW!
Isuru Asiri TIMESCAPE By Sony Ericsson!
Nick Carletta Stock for sure especially for ICS.
Alex Caza Have to agree with Stock. Since I got my captivate, I've always looked for ROMs with Stock UI. Never liked touchwiz, it's always been over done. An attempt at iOS, but it still looks like it was designed by engineers.
Joseph Dianexis Chavez sense or stock, loving sense 4 at the moment :)
Kajari Spoon Osborne Sense If Stock Is Not Available
Tim Moore Stock. Especially with ICS. No need for UI's anymore with that. The more phone companies or carriers add the more issues you can have. Never had trouble with my Nexus One or Galaxy Nexus.
Brett Reid SENSE if stock was not an option
Matti Hietala Vanilla!!
Niall Beagan Sense, or stock
Callum Conway TouchWiz
Mikael Soltaniha HTC Sense! Or their older one.. Samsung's.. never felt anything for it :/
Akil Shetty HTC Sense 4 lyf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Jayden Robins HTC Sense!
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Buggy androids

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