Aaron reviews the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung's newest flagship device.  Going head to head against the HTC One X, the international version offers a 1.4 GHz quad-core Exynos processor, 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD (720p) display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera, 2,100 mAh battery, Android 4.0 with TouchWiz, and HSPA+ connectivity.  It's coming soon to the US, and if it performs as well as the international version does, it'll be a hot seller.  Part 1 of 2.

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Anonymous Galaxy s3
Gaurav Bhardwaj Well.done..Itaintrite..
Itaintrite Mike Cooper is a fanboy. Go read this http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2009/05/the-evolution-of-cell-phone-design-between-1983-2009/ Apple do not invent. They just improve.
Andry Thérèse HTC One S
Gaurav Bhardwaj Loving the note. .excited for galaxy note 2..till the time s3 killing the apple shitty iphone..yipee..
David Weiss The next phone....
Reese Woodson I'm waiting for some Nokia Window 8 Phones to come out this fall.
Jennifer Urieta This phone is amazing, Mine can't come quick enough, white 32 g
Mike Cooper No chek ur facts fanboy
Mark Mann Blackberry had all that before iphone there mike.
Luis Herrera Iphone 5
Mike Cooper Um no only reson u use assdroid iz bekuz of iPhone! Think bout it! 1st phone with cam? IPhone. 1st phone with gps? Iphone. 1St phone with a screen? IPhone. 1st apps? IPhone. I cud go on but u get da pik I'm sur.
Mark Mann @mike only reason you don't use android is because you can't figure out how. Anyways SG 3.
Mike Cooper Leest I dun use android aahahshahaha
Ivan Pineiro @Mike Cooper If I was your English teacher, I would have killed myself already...
Ivan Pineiro Galaxy S III or Evo 4G LTE. I have high hopes for Sprint 4G LTE.
Mike Cooper 2Sttresful 2 think bout feeture n shyt datz y iphone alwayz#1 iphone5 is wut I like forwerd2! Ha Android alwayz playin catch up googl need2 stik2 website!!!
James Matthews The Samsung Focus S III with Windows Phone 8.
Ryan Rodriguez The next Nexus
Keith Thomas I'm looking forward to the Motorola Ultimo! Its a 14ghz six-core processor with 32 teraflops of onboard storage (sorry, no removable sdcard), universal carrier, Android/iOS 4.2" screen smartphone, which can transform into a 19" tablet! It only costs $2.3 million! But, its only available in my head...
Travis Lindsay GS3 already ordered yea baby !
Kristopher Davis EVO 3d is better than the 4s...fact...my new EVO lte blows any iPhone out the water!! Android over apple anyday..
Devin Martinez Grant Van are u retarded ? U have an Evo 3d & ur knocking on a 4s ? U truly have no shame....unbelievable
Steve Doric Samsung galaxy note 2
Mahdi Mfi The best smartphone in the world....
Anonymous Blackberry 10, just to be different
Cunningham Quinton I really excited about the htc 1 x international version clocked at 1.5 gigahertz quad core. I'm really not a samsung fan, the user interface looks to cartoonish I like htc sense 4. oh much better.
Enrique BigPapi Martinez I have my GSM galaxy nexus which I love, and after watching some videos, and doing some tests of my own... I don't see a big enough difference between the 2 for me to get the S3. Don't get me wrong great device, but the galaxy nexus is smooth and you can't beat constant updates.
Jesse Harmon Isn't it just like every other android phone?
Jon Deak iphone 5
Marcus Cadwell The next iPhone. The features in ios6 from "do not disturb" to "passbook" are features I'll use all the time. All the time. The value of a phone doesn't lie in raw specs alone, it's the usefulness of it. I'm loving the crap out of ios after switching from android
Vicente Reyes I have an ATRIX 2. Its good for me. Plays dead space and shadowgun with no issues.
Vicente Reyes Waiting for ATRIX 3. It will compete with all of the others.
Harry Smith Gal Note but the Asus Padfone looks mint!!
T Louis Michael S Captivate
Adrian Anguiano "Apple is a piss poor company"? Apple is sitting on stacks you idiot. Their OS Is about simplicity, and a reliant consistent user interface. Yea you can't customize as much, get over it. Simple buy an Android phone and shut up.
Anthony Bailey I'm still yearning for my Galaxy Note that I already own. Sorry, but the HTC One X nor the S III do it for me. Now, I'm longing for a potential Galaxy Note II.
Patrick Moyle Nokia Windows 8
Szilveszter Barbul Galaxy S3, HTC One X
Jed Tolentino Grant Van Brunt: not everything is about specs, as shown by the various android phones on the market, you can have the top of the line stuff in a phone, but a crappy OS or UI on it, then the specs go right out the window. Apple caters to every day users who rely on functionality and ease of use. With that said, I've pre-ordered the pebble blue model. :)
Ken Rowe I'm still excited about my Lumia 900. No tweaking required and it just works.
Dounutz Sesar Galaxy note ftw just ordered a galaxy 3 n waiting for galaxy note 2 . Android fan ftw!!!
Grant Van Brunt Daniel Denton Mosley: only not........ i had my Htc Evo 3d waaaaayyyyyy before the iphone 4s came out and the 4s was waaaayyy behind by the time it had released, months after the htc evo 3d had dropped. Apple is a piss poor company and always have been behind because people are stupid sheep that just want it because that is what everybody else has rather than thinking for themselves and checking specs....
Grant Van Brunt fix your damn page so i can load it ffs.....
P.j. Smith First off people. The operating system is Android not "Droid" which is a line of phones exusively made for Verizon by Motorola. But I'm looking forward to asus' New quasar corre phone
Tina Brieste wants it.
Krushi Vemula One x!!!
Linda Morgan I would be more excited to see people wait till they're not driving when they use their cell phone
Idris Hussain Sony Xperia Ion HSPA.
Devin Tolliver Droid Razr HD.
????????? ??e?a?? iPhone 2012
Tyrus Bobo Da Keyboardest I wanted the HTC one x at first but a friend of mine bought the phone and I've played with his sooooo long it's gotten kind of old to me....however I want completely rule it out....when my upgrade comes in July
Tyrus Bobo Da Keyboardest Galaxy s3...I've been a iPhone owner 4 6 years and my 4 messed up on me.... I ended up trading with my nephew for a HTC inspire... It took some getting use to...but I am now a Droid fan.....I just don't think the iPhone 5 will be much different from the 4....it's time for a completely new design hardware and software
Jeff Alamillo Im looking forward to the Galaxy S 5, it's gonna be sick bro
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas I will still with my HTC Titan and wait for Windows phone 8 (Apollo) :-D
Jeff Cannon Looking forward to the Atrix 3, if the leaks were legit. Currently the owner of the first Atrix.
Amie Lee Greenway None of them. I can't upgrade until next August anyway. Phones then will make these look like Jitterbugs.
Susan Hwang Galaxy note 2!!!! Whenever It comes out
Xavier Zirate DROID razr hd!!
TuCan Dan It's funny the iPhone is almost a year old and is JUST NOW starting to get outdated by android devices.....androids are a dime a dozen. I'm just sayin what your all thinkin
Ahnonny Nguyen New iphone 5 photo leaked!!!! As a smart consumer, be a leader not a follower http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/533064_430245330331725_1092287822_n.jpg
Gabriel U. Hinojosa I cant really decide, GS3 or Evo 4G LTE
Patric Chemaly Galaxy Note on T-Mobile coming July 11th! I can't wait!
Carl Wiest eVOLTe for me! This is a true super phone!
TuCan Dan Don't get your starwars undies in a wad...... The galaxy seems amazing.....very excited to get my hands on it
Daña-Tasmina Heather Coleman I want the Note sooooo bad!!! =)
TuCan Dan I have to say I'm gonna give the Galaxy SIII a try, although my heart is yearning for new iPhone! I personally love where IOS 6 has brought
Roger Schubert DeOliveira believe it or not, the Note on Tmo
Idris Hussain man your awesome :) (Y)

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