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Aaron does a dogfight between the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE on Verizon.  The Galaxy S III offers a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display with PenTile technology, an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a front-facing camera, 2,100 mAh battery, and Android 4.0 with Samsung's TouchWiz UI.  The Incredible 4G LTE offers a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, 4-inch qHD display (540x960 pixels), 8-megapixel camera with 1080p recording, a 1,700 mAh battery, and Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4. 

They're both available now for $199.99 and $149.99, respectively.  Which one offers the best balance of price and features?  Part 1 of 2.

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eBay prices for the Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB White

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"HTC or Samsung?"

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Spoorthy Vemula HTC: I dont know about you but touchwiz looks like shit
Brandon Baskin HTC all day every day. Samsung's phones have cheap builds and their software is a joke compared to Sense. Not even a debate in ny opinion.
Michael Campbell Samsung hands down even though the new sense is less intrusive it still purs the strong arm on the Onex where as Samsung new touxh wiz is more like stock ICS. I guess it is all in want you want
Gaurav Bhardwaj Samsung forever..
Felix Tran GS3 all the way.
Kainoa Murphy Samsung every step of the way
David Bond Ms bobbett is 100% correct
David Bond Samsung
Kimmy Bobbett Samsung makes better devices, HTC has the better OS.
Robert Skeen Samsung
Robert Saladino Galaxy S 3 all the way!!!
Mendez Roy Galaxyyyyyyyy
Azwang Jurangpathy Galaxy s3!! Undebatable.
Paul Gill Samsung. Htc sucks.
Jannis Anderson HTC hardware... Samsung interface
J Alberto Garcia Flores My Samsung Galaxy S III is the best!
Debby Litz Ballinger Love my Galaxy S III!
Raymond Garcia Samsung is asome
Tommy Christiansen SAMSUNG!!!!!!
Josh Billingsley Samsung. Better processor, Nfc pic in pic, s voice. can't believe that's even debatable.
Marti Ruiz samsung
Sebastian Gomes s3 > incredible
Michael Paul Miguel no it hasn't your stupid foo gs3 quad core exenos is the best processor today
Robby Olko Galaxy nexus. HTC doesn't update there old flagship phone but updates all the others.
Perro Rosello In this battle: Samsung. But I want a rematch between the Global SGS3 and Global Tegra 3 One X now that it has been updated to 4.0.4 and Sense 4.1 making it even benchmark better than the SGS3 now
Michael Wilds When ics getting instgram
Thomas Key Samsung > any phone
Jared Dore HTC for me
TJ Hardin HTC love my LTEVO
Mohammed Kanan s3 for the samoled but htc for sense 4.0
Kenny Ray I say HTC
Timothy Klerkx Samsung?
Samer Fadil Samsung ..
Umut Çelik HTC !!!!! 100%
Aditya Parmeshwaran Always SAMSUNG !!!!!!!
Syed Usama Shah S3 all the way
Treg Andrews Both are good. Love my Droid Incredible 4G!
Paul Stone If Samsung could keep up with updates I might consider, but that's never going to happen, plus HTC's build quality has always been more robust, quality over quantity!
Coman Rollins You guys rock! just thought i would let you know
Just_Julia Samsung is back & hotter than ever. OS Update troubles are a thing of the past. Unbeatable at the moment
Joanna Enrique Ramos Samsung is the best!
Ernesto Estrada Samsung!!
Erick Vargas Ocampo both are great phones... but galaxy i better
Trever Pitts I say samsung is better
Marc OKelly HTC software is horrible
Brandon Wesley Deavours Galaxy s III!!!! Hands down because I had an HTC and that was the worst phone I've ever had!!!!!! And Samsung always has good phones anyway!!!!!!
Jeremiah Allan Johnson Galaxy s III > ANY HTC phone....
Brett Reardon Well, in this case, the S3 is clearly better. I've been a serious HTC fan since the Nexus One, but Samsung has seriously upper their game, while HTC has stumbled on some devices (this being a prime example of it).
Ken McDowell Samsung
Khalil Gonsalves Berine -- that's not an answer -- is it worth the time of learning a new phone? If Apple doesn't come out with something better looking than a brick I'm done with this crap!
Warren Saunders Both these bad boys ruling the world right now, but HTC do beat Samsung imo on build quality, other than that, I'd say neck an neck
Nick Guerrero G IPhone is a great phone and maybe 3 years ago it would have been better then androind, but androind now is a much better phone. I have own 2 iPhones. What the iPhone 5 has, android already had last year. IPhone is a few steps behind android.
Samuel Claudio I'm an hardcore HTC fan, but lately I've been wanting an galaxy s3.
Jose Angel Santiago htc makes great phones but their speaker quality on their devices really suck. Don't they sit down and test it for themselves? For that reason alone I will have to go with Samsung
Yegor Victor Vasilenko Neither. iPhone all the way!
Salima Veng Samsung!
Nick Guerrero G Galaxy 3! h.t.c is a really great phone with cool themes but ever sense the very first h.t.c they have had a problem with battery and a problem rebooting on its own a lot and frezzeing, even dough all android phones have some little problem to it h.t.c seems to have the most. I love h.t.c and I have own at lest 9 of them from 4 different phone compines. I am not downing h.t.c at all I am a fan but I think the galaxy 3 is a much better phone.
George Isenhart Samsung has always served me well but HTC's record speaks for itself, again it boils down to personal preference.
Ha Ma don't really like samsung -_- but i think the galaxy is better
Kevin Zhang HTC. might change once s3 bootloader unlocks
Gordon Christie Samsung HTC phones have been pretty poor since th s2 came out
Bernie Fen ok first off, i think this dogfight was an absolute mismatch..why would you even consider matching it up with the SGS3 considering it tops HTC Incredible on every feature across the board.. 1.2 vs 1.5?.. come'on now...
Khalil Gonsalves that or an iPhone?
Richard Waring Samsung note all they
Thomas A. Kautz there is no competition for the galaxy phones!!! if so ,it sure isnt the iphone!!!
Diego Akd Aranda Samsung no doubt!!
Doug Todd None. iPhone all the way
Sameed Qureshi Samsung Galaxy S3!
Antonio Vazquez Samsung of course. HTC takes forever to release kernel source haha. this is coming from a former HTC fan.
Pünhan Övrap Samsung (omnia w) !!
Bernie Fen HTC FTMFW!!!
Albert? Klein S3 all the way!
Darrien Glasser Samsung! F you HTC with your locked bootloaders and need to get S-OFF!
Luis A Ramos Jr Samsung all the way
Reese Woodson Samsung because HTC phones usually have small batteries/terrible battery life, and they put weak speakers in there phones too........
Dave Morgan Galaxy S III
Jaime Escobedo I have the one x quad-core and I still say Samsung i always prefer their products
Tyler Bailey Motorola
Peter Joseph Cabrales NONE... Get a Nexus device
Taylor Hull One X.
Krish Mistry samsung
Mike Cooper That particular HTC is a joke
Adam Jones htsung
Lucas Gomez HTC One X Wins
Hanamichi Kurotsuchi of course Samsung

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