The Samsung Rugby Smart joins AT&T's lineup as a rugged smartphone, made to withstand tough falls and rough use. It is water, dust, shock, and temperature proof, IP 67.00 certified, and MIL-STD-810 certified. Basically, it should be able to withstand pretty much anything you put it through. But is it really as durable as Samsung says it is? That's what you're going to find out the answer to in this review. Sydney has put the Rugby Smart through several durability tests and shows you the results. How did the Rugby Smart hold up?

Besides being a rugged phone, the Rugby Smart is actually a well-equipped smartphone with a 3.7-inch Super AMOLED display, a 1.4 GHz Snapdragon processor, and HSPA+ connectivity. It may not be a superphone, but it will definitely offer smooth performance with minor hiccups. The camera captures HD video, but video and audio quality was disappointing. Overall, it's a reliable phone for those with an active lifestyle.

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"Is it more important to have a hot high-end smartphone or a rugged (but less attractive) smartphone?"

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E.v. Saephan high end... resale value
Drew Page yeah, i'd go high end. being a systems engineer, I don't find myself in a lot of rugged situations.
Austin Proaps High end, just buy an otter box
Ryan DeClue With OTTERBOX I get both... So why compromise?
Corey Stock Lacking.
Corey Stock Galaxy nexus with any case. I prefer a TPU case, but you can pretty much use anything. definitely not an iPhone though, lashing in the high end part. ;-)
Vlad Valentine McBride iPhone, just slap otter box and u got best of both worlds
Aaron Lane Dont talk that crazy stuff Kyle drops happen but hey that is great that you haven't dropped yours.
Kyle Forest Or just take care of your shit. I've never once dropped my phone.
Stuart James Baucum definitely rugged....better to be safe than screwed, haha
Marti Ruiz Want to waterprof your high end smartphone ? Liquipel.con is the solution, for only 59 usd . You can
Eriq Blaque Rugged first choice always!
Francisco Saucedo I need both but I'm okay with my phone as long as it can keep on handling the beating when I'm working
Qamar Shahzad The high end ones are a liability. You always have to know where it is. So that's why I have both. I occasionally swap Sims back and fourth. It helps.
Bryan T Miller its important to take care of it so it doesn't need to be rugged
Jesse Ling i want rugged but high functioning
Devin Martinez Depends how u use it I like my 4s
Jerimiah Afabor Sexy symbian phone.i would prefer nokia e7:
Paul Davis I like this phone, not bad at all. I could see first responders needing this phone.
Eric Shayna There are too many Android Phones.
Trý Dung Nguy?n What a dumb name
Rick Sievers razr maxx... Best out today. iphones just suck, too simple and girly.
Daniel Clem RUGGED!!! Don't feel like having to get a new phone once a year. 2 years is still pretty crappy, but deal'able.
Jose Angel Santiago Higher end and just buy a rugged case for it!!!
Ryan Etzel High end smartphone ;) iphones4s >>
CeeGii Borels wow the DEFY still is the KING
Jacob Ryan Fortner I think it depends on a lot of things to answer this question.
Pierce G Hohenstein High end sexy and sleek with power to boot! (iPhone 4S)
Jesse Snider Samsung Galaxy Nexus in an Otterbox!! I'm good with the best of both too!
Matti Hietala i just want rugged high-end smartphone ;__;
Stephanie J Doud I say high end, but my ex went through 4 evos in a year... People like him need a rugged phone
Michael Turner Nice to have one that works and easy to use, lucky I got a iPhone 4, had before a iPhone 3S, both very good phone, much better than Blackberry Curve 9300 or Samsung Glax Euro, which are both cheaper and show you get what you pay for. I would love the new Prada phone, now that got style and the name.
Mihai Alex the best high end available
Bill Siembida High end
Kyle Hutchings I want a midget
Michael Koishor Iphone w/ otterbox lolz
David Dillard High-end = more work put into the device, which means a smoother, faster user experience. That's more important than having a tough phone.
Brianna E. Azzara I took my "hot, high-end" smartphone and ruggedized it, so my question is, "Why not both?"
Lewis Hachmeister Nexus One=the best of both!!

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