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It's been out on Verizon for some time now, but the addition of 4G (HSPA+) and a $150 price drop can't hurt, right?  Shown off earlier in the summer, AT&T is rocking the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 4G, an Android device with a 1 GHz processor, 4-inch display, 5-megapixel camera, a front-facing shooter for video calls, a built-in Playstation controller, Android 2.3 with Sony Ericsson's Timescape UI, and seven games.  It ships with a multimedia dock and a bunch of other goodies, making it a very attractive handset with a sub-$50 price tag.

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"The "Playstation Phone" is on AT&T. Does it interest you?"

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Catrin Caxie Humilde Primacio i do like it, but when i'm 13 years old. i'm a kid.
Ateeb Tallaat Khan Absolutely not
Jannie Chan Not at all. It's outdated now.
Shawn Poling Waiting to save up for the samsung galaxy note the Europe version
Jeff Ritter Great phone on good old AT&T. I criticized them out of anxiousness for the new gs2 phone not being released yet but think they're an awesome company overall.
Ryan DeClue At that price? Hell yes it does!... But not enough to EVER go back to AT&T
Beatmaster Kess Yes I love playstation but no I really don't like Android :-] I'm an APPLE fan!
Rafael Guzman It does but i don't use them.
David Mendez Nah too late. Wack IOS wins.
Danny Lall The network sucks but the phone is unbelievably good
Lizardo Gonzalez Jr. Nope!!! remember ppl!! iF YOU DONT HAVE AN iPHONE THEN YOU DONT HAVE AN iPHONE!!!!
Ismael Sergio Molina This interests me alot, but I'm gonna have to get it unlocked.
Francis San Pedro PSP's are still relevant?
Micah Blackhart Maybe... but I've herd that AT&T IS NOT THAT GD
Walt Alan Wilcutts It's a quick running device that comes with 7 solid games, a desktop dock and aux cable for $50. Not getting one, but it's not a bad value.
Brady Purkiss Sorta. But I just can't imagine the texting being real fun. I mean the keyboards a controller and the screens to small for a keyboard
Bill Moran Gaming phone on a data diet, nope put it on a carrier with unlimited data then I will buy it
Joe Romain This phone is dumb. If you want to play games get a ps3
Erman Guido I have it on verizon. but it's messed up at&t got it better! Screw u Sony Ericsson!!
Jonny Coolkid what would interest me is if i could make a call on the at and t network...less bars more places!
David DiPilla Came our
David DiPilla PlayStation sucks since ps3
Abdullah Aldhahi verizon is better
Terrance A Bratton Nope GS2 Epic Touch ftw
Jonathan Rivas Meh, More interested in the Htc Holiday or quad core phones next yr
Talon Meyer windows phone w/ xbox integration is better
Brian D Buckley Hardware is attractive enough and looks like a solid product.
Sean Reece AT&T lol
Reggie Easley hold up, hows come they get a dock AND! 4G?
Hansel Starley No thanks, I'll look like a dork.
Joseph Cruz will t ever be on t-mobile?
Marcus Edwards Nothing on att interests me with their expensive data plans
Susie Tracey Not one bit.
Christian Carlos Falu If it was on Sprint...
Jonathan Morris Damn Jamal, why are you lookin' like the typical angry black man?
Nikhil Chakka old news
Phil Bridgetoclarity No. I am not playing games on my phone. I am interested in the Vigor
Joe Guzz Att needs a high end phone with a slide out keyboard already
Raymond Sosmoove Samuel No I'm waiting for something better. I really want to see the htc holiday.
Joel Rivera Pspphone? Helk no. Its not even cool.
Gabriel Fernandez No........
Darwin Ayala Hell no
Vishant Khunti If there's a AT&T phone on Playstation then maybe
Robert Martineau Nope if it was a xbox phone then maybe
Roger DeOliveira Ahh fun, but does it blend?
Alex Satterwhite The only two phones that intrest me on AT&T is the Samsung Galaxy S II, and the iPhone 5.
Joshua Bender Horton HEYYALL NAW Evo 3D
Jose Muniz no: ps3 and new psp ftw
Michael Buchko Jr. With 4G it's probably a lot more appealing.
Jay West H to the no lmfao
Richard Ameen Is that even a question? I'd rather get the playstation vita and make wifi calls than an at&t ericson play
Reggie Easley i own it on it verizon
Josh Rankin AT&T? No thanks...
Brian Jones CM7 + Sixaxis controller = Xperia Play
Tyrin Franklin put it on sprint than we'll be talking
Terry Monday I have it on VERIZON :D !
Jonathan Morris T-mo or it didn't happen. Wait what?
Daniel Cutler playstation phone?O.o :s
Kiying So i really love it.
Donald Dew nope. AT&T doesn't interest me neither...
Frank Mora Nope, non.productive
Tyrone Mcallister No not at all

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