It's a Playstation and a phone! Aaron checks out the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play, an Android device and game system in one. It packs a 1 GHz Scorpion processor, 4-inch LCD display, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), 5-megapixel camera, and a Playstation-like controller.

It'll launch with about 50 available game titles, and Sony Ericsson said they would probably launch the device with a few pre-installed games. The XPERIA Play will be available globally in March, with a Verizon Wireless launch slated for "the spring."

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"It's the Playstation phone! Would you buy it?"

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Christian Crow nope waiting on NGP
Jose Avila It's an Android phone that Sony will never update ... so hell no unless I could play a full version of black ops on it...LOL
Louis Portis I'll buy it only if there is a GSM version!
Nathan Sherlock No don't like the looks..and sure the games wont be that great anyway
Nate Bolton Nope...why buy a crappy sony ericsson when the NGP is just on the horizon? The NGP already has 3G, they shoulda just stuck a phone in it!
Steven Crisostomo its a gamers phone, hell yeah
Peter Loc Roberts hecks yea lol
Jamille Browne Nope because its Sony and on Verizon Sony sucks with android updates. Sony sucks in regards to how they treat the PS3. Verizon is always overpriced. I hate CDMA. I love GSM. I'm on t-mobile the best American GSM carrier and carrier all round. AT&T nor sprint or verizon can hold a candle to t-mo.
Liam Apeldoorn waste of time
Shahul Hameed Maybe kids like it
Alex Smith i would but unfortuantely its on verizon i hurd and on top of that i need to save my money for the ngp/psp2
Lee Maxwell Better than Sprints latest offering
Derrick Simmons I like the concept and it will most likely make a good travel time waster and waiting more bareable. Go luck with keeping phone alive for when you really need it.
Luiggi Dujarric I used to have a psp, and I got tired bc usually end the games in like 2 days.. And I got the felling that the baterry life its gonna be suck like the htc evo
Mauka Side Looks nice
Bebe Grant I was never much of a gamer, but recently started playing games on my mobile devices. I'd have to say I am still on the fence on this one.
Oliver Leon The phone gets kinda boring Need something that i can stare...
Jiovanni Rodriguez Honestly maybe im in tmobile.It should come out to all,4 major us carrier.but dammmmn Verizon hogs everything
Brandon Worley @vincent. It's coming to Verizon it's cdma. Already on our intranet site
Tommy La Rose Not a chance in hell, plus its going to v erizon so that's another no.
Jose Pablo Islas Awesome :)
Steve Jones Really? Come on now. Lets let phones be phones. That's rediculous.
Ryan Edwards What a dumb phone. Why would people want that??
Rene Rivas Nip...
Juwon Howard Its looks ok a little different from other phones but I'm going to assume it might have landscape problems. I'm not going to bash them because I haven't had hands on yet.
Kent Davis nope nada waste of money Epic 4G all the way
Daniel Marcano Looks amazing.
Christian Kim I'm just going to buy an NGP and not waste my money on this.
Vincent Del Pizzo Definitely not. I don't game on my Android, I just download helpful and useful apps. And I'm sticking with Verizon. This is a GSM phone
Charlie Medeiros Noppe have an Epic 4G :p
Eric Brown Will definitely consider it. But that damn lg optimus 3g is starting to look really good. I font know what to do
Jose Ricky Peña Yeaa definatlyy well If da grafics werent so shity
Tham Ye Yang so ugly. Its not like a psp and not like a phone its neither.
Robert Allan Nope... I'll stick with my $25 a month no contract Virgin Mobile Android :-)
Jose L Gonzalez Like the concept, but the specs are not the best so I presume the playing experience will be bad. Too little, too late.
Sterling Jack Simply NO!
Hannes Flo When the iPhone wouldn't exist, yes ;)
Anthony Mitchell its sony!!!! instant buy lol
Chance Bingen I would definately consider it.
Jadore Hatcher NO JUST GOT MY LG ALLY and I'm I'm love with it
Sean Dorrian HELLS YEA!!!!
Joseph Alan Richardson No, its a pile of shit.
Alex Miller if they can port CyanogenMod or MIUI to it successfully, i would consider. but as is, not a chance.
Steven Quinlan If it was based on the upcoming NGP(psp2) than I would think about it. IMO, its old technology and there is no point in buying it.
Luis Fernando Garcia new psp looks better than this phone, and has better specs
Victor Rios Yes I'm going to if its eventually release on T-Mobile
Luis Fernando Garcia new psp looks better than this phone
Schyler MagicTrax Johnson Good concept, but no I wouldn't.
Bertrand Chin If the UI is smoother and there is a gyroscope ..i will consider it. I have seen the photos took by this phone..it is amazing =D
Anthony Alecseenko Nope! its on craprizion. If it was on AT&T, Id buy it.
Samson Muthami Nah....I haven't even touched the PSP I own in years.
Nick Fischer It's possible if it was on at&t. But I just got my inspire on Saturday and I love it
Marquel Middlebrooks Not for me. Maybe somebody I dislike
Austin Williamson Nope, but PSP's never interested me anyways
Omega Missingno Octagonapus With the way Son'y's trying to sue everyone lately, NEVER.
Pascal Viola No way !
Prabhath Jay nope ... its ugly
Julius Mawoussi No. I juist bought an inspire 4G

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