The Galaxy S II is finally coming to the States!  Aaron gets some hands-on time with the Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G, Sprint's supercharged version of the popular phone.  Featuring a 1.2 GHz dual-core Exynos processor, it has a 4.52-inch display, 8-megapixel camera, 2-megapixel front-facing camera, Android 2.3 with Samsung's TouchWiz 4.0 UI, and a bunch of goodies like Sprint TV, Telenav, and Nascar Sprint Cup Mobile.  It's the only one to have a confirmed launch date - September 16th - and it'll be available for $199.99 on a two-year contract.

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"Which one do you like better - AT&T's Galaxy S II or Sprint's Epic Touch 4G?"

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Ross Juarez
Ross Juarez Samsung galaxy s2 for at&t!!!!
Mark Balcher
Mark Balcher Sprint is just awesome! They seem very careful not to carry all the crappy phones, and have developed quite a lineup of top notch devices. I love the wimax 4g, as it's very dependable especially when tethered to my laptop. I've had my Eric 4g since launch, and am still amazed by it daily, running gingerbread, of course. no data cap, so I can utorrent all day if I like. gimme that new Epic touch, with the 4.52" display and the bad ass dual core processor any day. Best device thus far, imo...
Kevin Pye
Kevin Pye I like Sprint's version, but I want to see what Verizon gets. I hear that a variant is coming to them.
Sumeet Deshmukh
Sumeet Deshmukh I'm from india!! We don't have at&t or sprint here, so we are happy with unlocked gsm galaxy s2!
Carlos Quinones
Carlos Quinones I prefer the size of the att version. I like the size of my photon at 4.3 which is about the same size as att's GSII variant. But I prefer sprints coverage and everything else so I'm returning my photon in 2 weeks for Epic 4g Touch. I'll get used to the size difference. Reminds me of the original evo 4g. No one really ever mentions it, but the 4.3 inch on phones like Evo4g, and hd2 is much wider and fatter than 4.3 on photon and evo3d. I see a similar size difference between the galaxy s 2 and these more narrow 4.3 inch screens.
Melissa Wynemia Kritzell
Melissa Wynemia Kritzell Sprints. I had at&t and they don't have coverage where I work at and even where I used to work at. Sprint dose. Haha. But I'm keeping my Photon.
Alex Moreno
Alex Moreno sprintz
Angel Rodriquez
Angel Rodriquez sprint samsung galaxy s 2
Emmanuel Ramos
Emmanuel Ramos Sprint Epic Touch
Shawn Poling
Shawn Poling Att
Jared Jones
Jared Jones Does anyone know the release date of the at&t version?
Aaron Early
Aaron Early None, I'm waiting for ice cream sandwich phones.
Faisal Bilal
Faisal Bilal T-Mobile Hurcules 42 mbps :)
Tyrell Waymen Husband
Tyrell Waymen Husband Epic 4g
Sharee Mullins Hogan
Sharee Mullins Hogan Anything att, sprint sucks! Plus I have an HTC and i love it!
Chayron Martis
Chayron Martis Windows Phone 7.5...?
Eunice Crescioni-Perez
Eunice Crescioni-Perez Sprints Epic Touch 4G
Abhinav Paturi
Abhinav Paturi Att
AC Edwards
AC Edwards Love my original more than either. Strongly dislike how US carriers are so insecure with themselves that they have to change the phones, then dump their crapware on top.
Christopher Manic Johnson
Christopher Manic Johnson AT&T's..it's identical to the OG Galaxy S2 minus the home button
Joel Yanai
Joel Yanai AT&T no questions Asked
Ernest Marvin Esteban
Ernest Marvin Esteban WebOS FTL.. wahaha. Android ftw!
Lee Beasley
Lee Beasley Epic Touch
Zach Cline
Zach Cline I don't know what the deal is with these stupidly large screens. The samsung infuse is 4.5 inches and it just looks ridiculous. And vanilla android is boring as shit. That's why I don't like custom roms . Most of them are just built from vanilla android and are mostly the same.
Henning Betschka
Henning Betschka Sprint. Samsung sucks. We don't have 4G here in Germany, but i hate Samsung's Newnew
Dave Torres
Fray Contreras
Fray Contreras Sprint service is complete garbage. Huge screen is nice but it's not gonna he sharper than the 4.3 inch... So in this case, imma go with att on this one.
Theo Sarcastic Garrett
Theo Sarcastic Garrett Sprint
Vanrajsinh Chavda
Vanrajsinh Chavda t-mobile sucks
Vanrajsinh Chavda
Vanrajsinh Chavda sprint is not yet launched in my contry though galaxy s2......
Judy Njoku
Judy Njoku Read the question...it lists TWO phone models...if you can't answer the question asked...then don't answer. And now I choose SPRINT.
Tristan Justin Pierce
Tristan Justin Pierce SPRINT!!
Tally K Blu
Tally K Blu Wow, it has a 4.53 inch display. I love my 4.3 inch display for reading, movies, games etc. I wonder how much better it would be with a 4.5. I wonder what kind of battery it has. My Inspire's battery is severely lacking. I am looking to find a better one.
Demond Brown
Demond Brown Thinking about heading back to Sprint when the merge with At&t and T-Mobile happens :
Stephen Michael Bayers
Stephen Michael Bayers :-)
Stephen Michael Bayers
Stephen Michael Bayers Sprint sucks. AT&T sucks. Verizon sucks. T-Mobile sucks. They all suck.
Pascal Viola
Pascal Viola Nokia C7 :)
Herbert L. Christion Jr.
Herbert L. Christion Jr. How much memory does the Sprint version have internally.
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson I kind of like the screen size for the epic but at&t already has a Samsung phone that size so they probably opted to go with the now standard 4.3" for convenience. I wish Samsung would have put better resolution in these versions considering how late to the party it is. I like the Attain better too (even though they look the same).
Mario Arias
Mario Arias @Eric how did she get it if it comes out on the 16th? O_o
Dave Otano
Dave Otano How did she get it when its not even out yet?
Patrick Diamond Duncan
Patrick Diamond Duncan 4.53" is way too big
Patrick Diamond Duncan
Patrick Diamond Duncan The one with a smaller size. . .
Krystal Brent
Krystal Brent I want to know about battery life on these. I just got the HTC Inspire a few days ago and I only get a couple hours listening to music (not streaming) and playing a game...not even using internet or having wifi even turned on. That blows. But it's only $30 since the new phones are coming out and I've had my iPhone 3G for over 3 years and it sucks. Paid $200 for it new, but don't have $200 to buy a new phone now. :-(
Mark Navarro
Mark Navarro Wow when Sprint gets the Sgs2 along with the iPhone, EVO 3d, and photon they are easily going to be the carrier with the best phones. Quality over quantity. Sgs epic touch ftw!
Eric Ver Linden
Eric Ver Linden Gf just got the Epic Touch 4G, it's pretty badass but I still prefer my EVO 4G. And to the person who said its an iPhone copycat..... Funny how it's better then the iPhone. So how is it a copycat when it's a better product?
CeeGii Borels
CeeGii Borels Tmobile Samsung Hercules!!!!
Muneer KhanVict
Muneer KhanVict Samsung Epic 4G Touch should be a good replacement for my og Epic 4G
Zakari Ghachi
Zakari Ghachi Sprint
Chris Payne
Chris Payne Sprint's Evo line. Screw Samsuck and double screw gAyT&T
Josh Stanley
Josh Stanley There sanding I hope you don't want a quick update
Nathan Garcia
Nathan Garcia Iphone and pads!!!!
Hunter Tea
Hunter Tea But since there is no verizon i like epic touch but it has the same resolution as my droid incredible so it would look pixalated at times
Faustino Rivera
Faustino Rivera Epic touch 4G
Fran Rene Ferguson
Fran Rene Ferguson SPRINT HTC. 4G
Alberto Garcia Flores
Alberto Garcia Flores It has a different body than the one in Europe so that was a big big down. :(
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos Metro pcs sucks!!!!
Dwayne Demaurivert
Dwayne Demaurivert Yeah true sprint service is not very good got the evo 3d but the epic touch 4g has amazing specs 4.52 display damn!!!!
Keeland M Crosby
Keeland M Crosby Epic Touch 4G
Steve Doric
Steve Doric They are both a bit gay, the screen resolution is so 2000's lol
Walter Nunez
Walter Nunez they all look the same wtf just different service
Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright Well of course everyones gonna say sprint because they all hate at&t even if they've never tried it. Had shitty sprint and got NO SERVICE anywhere in my house so went to at&t which is ten times better in my area. sprint as a network is shit.
Oswaldo Leon
Oswaldo Leon MetroPCS!!! xD nah
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Web OS FTL!!!!
Mendy Binet
Mendy Binet sprint
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Lol t-mobile sucks. If i weren't on verizon i would go with the AT&T variant. Supposedly verizon is getting the nexus prime exclusively.
Brian Averitt
Brian Averitt Sprint ftw!!
Grant Thommen
Grant Thommen Epic!!!!
Ian Keiner
Ian Keiner @Juan: Seriously, right?! Lovin' my Franken-Pre2 using my Sprint comms board. Thing just flies and I can use all the features of my device with a fraction of the screen taps that Android requires. Hopeful that we'll see something REALLY new soon. webOS FTW! ;-)
Hunter Tea
Hunter Tea Verizons.....oh wait
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos Htc sensation is a very good phone I have that phone in tmobile
Jason Doner
Jason Doner well no matter what, att has a much faster data speed than any cell phone carrier, so I think that even though the epic 4g has a bigger scree and bigger batter, I would still stick with the att gs2. also Ive noticed that having a little smaller screen ads more fluidity to transitioning from app to screen or to switch to other screen areas.
Melissa Cruz-Guzmán
Melissa Cruz-Guzmán Sprint!
David Jung
David Jung i would rather choose the spring one, but theere network sucks dragon balls. so i will choose ATT :)
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz @Ian keiner: thank you. Finally someone gets it.
Matt Jackson
Matt Jackson 4.5 inch screen? Hell to the yes!
Nathan Elcoate
Nathan Elcoate EPIC!!!!
Alaye Kray Brown
Alaye Kray Brown ima go with sprint.I have att. and it barely lets me get. on the internet. 0.o
Dan Aguilera
Dan Aguilera Epic ftw
Cody Dee Burachenski
Cody Dee Burachenski None go BlackBerry
Seenoor Peter
Seenoor Peter EVO 3D or Photon is what you mean my friend...
Andre Daniel Valentin
Andre Daniel Valentin And the AT&T one has better pixel density
Terrance Thompson
Terrance Thompson Att my next beast of a phone
Nada Solo Mio
Nada Solo Mio Sprint Epic 4g
Leo Coyoy
Leo Coyoy I like AT&T's better but.. the only thing I like more about the Epic Touch is the notification light that the AT&T one doesn't seem to have.
Ian Keiner
Ian Keiner Throw webOS on that hardware! Waaaaaaaaaay more intuitive OS that's a lot more fun to use and it multitasks like no other! As nice as these new devices look, it's the same Android experience over and over again. Ugh.
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez Sprint
David Harness
David Harness AT&T's Galaxy S II. Better network, faster network, more reliable network (in most areas), better screen size (in my opinion), and it can attain faster speeds at it's highest possible speeds.
Sameer Khojla
Sameer Khojla SGS 2
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz i will getit o n tmobile
Fayez Noor
Fayez Noor Sprint one is sexier
Alex Englehart
Alex Englehart SPRINT all the way.
Manuel Campas
Manuel Campas Sprint.
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos Tmobile is good too
Nyce Black
Nyce Black Sprint
Yasir Ali Palh
Yasir Ali Palh Galaxy S II
Luis Montoya
Luis Montoya tmobile!
Basil Mahmud
Basil Mahmud Epic 4g Touch!
Juan Villa
Juan Villa Att I like 4.3 better and atts network is more dependable (3g actually works)
Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarra
Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarra Will say iPhone 4 better samsung it's just a copycat
David Zakrzewski
David Zakrzewski The phone That I can also use in Europe is the one for me.

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