It's the Optimus 2X, but with T-Mobile branding!  Aaron takes a first look at the T-Mobile G2x, the carrier's first dual-core smartphone and one of the first to support T-Mobile's new 42Mbps HSPA+ technology.  Inside, it offers a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, 4-inch display, 8-megapixel rear camera, a camera on the front for video calling, and Android 2.2.  It comes preloaded with quite a few games and the usual T-Mobile applications like My Device, Help, and Wi-Fi Calling. 

It's a powerhouse of a phone, and will be a solid competitor to other dual-core devices like the Motorola DROID Bionic and Atrix 4G.  Aaron gets up close and personal in this hands-on video.

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"Dual-core in the house! Will you be buying the T-Mobile G2x?"

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Jerry Perales When is this phone coming out!? I'm ditching my iphone4 for this!!!
Mahendra Narine im waiting on the samsung galaxy S2
Dee Nazario I don't care if it works in at&t, t-mobile or both. The fact that it will eventually go to at&t is enough for me to look away.
Israel Leiva Your wireless carrier is now known as AT&T-Mobile. LOL
Kensy Hernandez yes... I cant for the release date. I dislike certain about the phone though...
Michael Miller Out of the four Verizon lte phones announced at ces, is the motorola bionic the only dual core phone?
Noah James Osborne Only if samsung galaxy s2 doesnt drop on tmobile
Ali Hachem No the company is shutting down
Alex Ochoa I have the g2..g2x is an upgrade but I need a physical keyboard!!
Mike Nguyen Yeah...
Richard Castro Its sad that the LG G2X which is a stock Android phone be running Froyo when the newest version is Gingerbread.
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi I thnk rather than making hurried desicion we shud wait for official launch of HTC Pyramid and iPhone 5, and then we shud compare all the dual core beasts launched this yr. and thn we shud deside which phone is best according to our need............ It's always better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent....... :-)
Emmanuel Castro You can say all you want about galaxy,but am on epistle for the GS II/ cyanogenmod 10!!
Narone Versy Thomas I have the htc tmobile g2, its the best phone I've ever had
Antoine George HTC phones are batter I would mind trying the LG g2x phone
Jose Pablo Islas So that I can use it on edge in 12 months? No thanks
Zakari Ghachi Sprint and EVO 3D all the way
Zach Cline Nope I'm on Verizon lol
Patrick Taylor I'm wit Nate IF att does get tmobile it will be at LEAST 12 months so I will still be switching thru phones like the phone junkie I am until it happens
Tony Whack Jr Yes I will!
Eugenio Gomez aka Gino No I want a 3D phone
Jon Kabat Maybe, but not till I know more about the pyramid and s2. I really like the speakers and stock android though. Pyramid and s2 have too much potential not to wait and see. And yes, if the evo 3d was on at&t-mobile, I would get it.
Artur Lang if i had the money. i would buy it :D
Dee Nazario I ain't stupid. There's no way I'm buying anything that would eventually end up in at&t.
Ernesto Moreno Maybe. If there's something with similar specs and better look by the time my contract is over id get the latter.
Nate Peters @peter you're a moron. If the deal even does go through it will still work in 12 months. Quit your whining already.
Tony Abiama Fernando has the right idea
Francis Rozier Yes I would
Nate Peters Absolutely.
Fernando Gonzalez Nope. Evo 3D > everything else
Luis P Lopez In getting it! Can't wait
Nick Koval Nope its att now im out....
Yasir Sohail At&t is very much gona be buyin t mobile out, its even on t mobile's site. I guess at&t had enough of t mobile dissing them lol. O well im happy with Verizon. :)
Ryan Smith I have the nexus s and I'm satisfied, but patiently waiting on the pyramid
Peter Dante Benando Why so it won't work in 12 months?
James Ortiz Pyramid because its the sexiest phone I have ever seen!
Christopher Gonzalez Hellz yea!!!
Allen J. Hogan YES if the optimus 3d doesn't come to T-Mobile
Kamil M Abdullah It's also on T-Mobile's 4G network, making it even more appealing.
Kamil M Abdullah Rumor has it that this phone is "Pentaband" which means it works on both T-Mobile AND At&t 3G frequencies. Also works on European 3G as well. If so, then this would be the phone to get on T-Mobile.
Steve Tabaluyan I'm with Mark. Would rather try htc pyramid.
Delvin Davis Oohhh! Yea
Mark Carruthers Nope waiting for the HTC pyramid
Gerardo Ortega SOLD OUT
Wellington Yogurt No. Does it work on AT&T LTE?
Jaz Lasa I wish Sprint was getting this. The approval hasn't gone through yet so at&t hasn't bought t-mobile.
Tony Abiama You mean the At&t G2x?
Zak Taylor No. There is no physical keyboard...
Prabhath Jay Galaxy s 2 is the best

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