Aaron takes a look at the T-Mobile Huawei myTouch Q, available now at T-Mobile stores.  With a 1.4 GHz single-core Snapdragon S2 CPU, the myTouch Q offers a 4-inch WVGA display, 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD recording, a front-facing camera, 1,500 mAh battery, a full QWERTY keyboard, and Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread) with a custom UI.  It's not a bad package for $50 after rebate, but there are better alternatives out there for around the same price.  Does the inclusion of a keyboard make a difference?  Part 1 of 2.

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"Do you see a place in the market for QWERTY phones anymore?"

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Erin Pyeatt I have a droid 4 as a replacement to the LG spectrum ( piece of garbage) and as soon as i get the $ I am going back to verizon and buying a Blackberry Bold 9930, which is what I should have done in the first place, this 4G crap in my area is a joke. so i say yes to the qwerty keyboard. (climbing off soapbox now) thanks =)
Andrew Conrad Blackberry keyboard best ever!
Skylor Mitchell I do. That's the kind of device that I prefer to use. I've had a few chances to get an Epic Touch, Nexus S, and an Evo 3D, but I've stuck with my Evo Shift because of the keyboard.
Ken Hoey Weather it be a physical keyboard or touch has nothing to do with age. I use to have the original tilt and liked the slide out keyboard. Then when touch became available I dumped the phone and used touch screen...if you're truly savvy you can adapt to any tech out there regardless!
Ali Kalvert Yes a htc chacha with htc desire hd specs I would buy in a flash The problem with the htc chacha is tooooooooooo underpowered and no space to even install 20 apps (internal)
Ruben Romero yes I think so because alot of teens and some more grown up people are just used to a physical keyboard and it would be hard for them to go to a touch screen keyboard.
Edward Gonse There will always be a demand for QWERTY phones on the market.
David Tambascio D5 4.3 to 4.5" screen and physical QWERTY and im there
George Isenhart For sure, there are some folks that will always prefer them, we should always have options and choices for the consumer, me I like my touch screen but I've also talked to people who just have to have their keyboard.
Samson Everett I flip from full touch to a physical every now and then, but there is no way on this earth I would buy a huawei anything I refused to sell anything they made when i worked for t-mobile and now at Verizon its the same.
Peter Blanco Absolutely, it's a lot harder for women to use capacitive touchscreens due to their nails which makes keyboards the perfect choice! But I even like them myself!
John Zanatta QWERTY phones definitely have their place in smaller touch screen and non touch screen devices. But if you have a phone with a 3.5-3.7" screen and up, there really isn't much of a need.
Roy Groh Check Google. Samsung T699 or Samsung Blaze Q. (Pictute & info leak)
Roy Groh I m dying wait for Samsung Galaxy Blaze Q.... (release Aug 15th, rumor/leaky). If no offically release for this, then I m leaving T mobile and buy Photon Q by Sprint! 11 years T mobile for me!
Aaron Dean I don't like but many people still prefer them so let them stay
Mi Dios Mi Vida qWeRtY KeYBoArD aLl D WaY ... HaLA nOkIa <3 coNnEcTiNg pEOplE <3
Fabe Linkin I hate having a phone without a keyboard. I use an iphone only half the time because. I just hate the typeing on it
Joe Francesco Kassira Slide out keyboards in my opinion make phones seem cheap and old... It bothers ne for some reason. But that's just me. But if the phone has a amazing proccesor I really woulndt care
T Louis Michael What was the FIRST side-slider?
David DiPilla Imm its played out now they are nice but na no more
Dewayne Robinson Lwd Jr. I like the physical keyboards. It give u something to fall back on when your screen stop working in certain spots. So you won't have to keep touching the screen until the let u want finally pops up.
Andre Anknown i wouldn't buy it, id like to have jelly bean ! for now i have g2x, (its been a year) ugh!! thanks for review tho :)
John Cesarone Since when is "QWERTY" synonymous with "physical keyboard"? That's just silly. Even a virtual, screen-based keyboard uses the QWERTY layout. Let's call it what it is: a PHYSICAL keyboard.
Ian Baylon Back then the sidekick kicked butt, considering I'm 13 that was like 5 years ago... Bring back QWERTY keyboards!
Larry Hanks Absolutely. The best texting phone I ever had was an HTC Touch Pro 2; which comes with a luxuriously large keyboard. It even beat the old "danger OS" device I replaced with it.
Graham Strother Yes! I'm still waiting on a G3 or a worthy successor to my G2.
Marvin Oubre My wife wants nothing but physical keyboards phones. I don't like sliders because they require a two piece protective case and those type cases fall apart easily.
Rob Narain It would be OK. But not on a lot of phones. I don't use it anymore. I use the one on the screen vetter
Lashonda Jones Neal if they could make them look as sleek as I want, I would def. rock a physical qwerty.
Stephen Meyer I think it should always be an option. I mean who doesn't cuss at their touch screen keyboard occasionally lol
Duncan Wynn Jr. They're not dead yet ! I love QWERTYs , if u do as much text input as I do , there's no substitute for a physical keyboard . That said , I prefer Qwerty sliders and candybar QWERTY s with both the physical keyboard and virtual one , best of both worlds and brilliant , like the Nokia E6 or E7 , or ,for that matter , the Asha 303 !
Mark E. McDaniel yes. as long as touch boards suck.
Terry Oakes I think they should make a good 4.5in phone with a slider Android with Jelly Bean
John N Crystal Greenhaw niche market, so yes
Vicente Reyes Ya Motorola makes two different version's of their phones. One with and one without the slide out keyboard. I like them but depends on what the specs are on the phones
Cole Bachman High end phones should have a version of the same phone with a physical keyboard. That way the phone could be perfect for all!
Peter Reilly Yes because we're not all under 30!
Juwon Donte Nope they died just like black Berry did
Sukanta Maikap nope i hate sliders
Daniel Quintero Yes I wouldn't mind one
Deviprasad Hemanthkumar Sukanta Maikap: interested ???
Calvin Roberts why even bother the q was a failure and they should give the mytouch line back to htc and leave lg with optimus
David Williams this seems like a phone Sydney should be reviewing
Ignacio Gonzalez I love physical keyboards and didn't think I could part with one...coming from a BB 8130, Samsung Moment and Samsung Epic 4G...I now have a DROID RAZR...buT for a high-end Android slider with killer specs...id b all over iT. But I can live with a touchscreen keyboard...
Alex Eagleton Personally, I like the option to have both.
Joey Gmiterek Wish they'd make make iPhone like that.. I love the slide out keyboard.
Stephen Wagner I would love it if a nexus phone with qwerty came out. I don't mind not having one, but I miss it
Matthew Andrew Reddie why Not? qwerty is like the haven for texters
Travis Newhero Not really. Unless its the Droid line. :)
Joe Tokin I use one. I like physical better.
John Cruz Not this phone

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