T-Mobile has brought back the myTouch line with two new mid-range phones, the myTouch and the myTouch Q. Unlike previous myTouch phones, these new devices are made by LG and feature its custom UI on top of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. In this video, Sydney gives a full review of the myTouch by LG and discusses its performance, hardware, camera, and more. Should you go for the myTouch or the myTouch Q with a QWERTY keyboard or just some other phone offered by T-Mobile?

The myTouch features a 3.8-inch AMOLED display, a 5-megapixel camera and camcorder that captures 720p HD video, 4G data, and is powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. The spec-sheet sounds decent, but numbers don't always tell the whole story. Watch the review to find out if the myTouch is the phone for you.

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Jake Ciocco y can u guys just say u cant help me atleast
Aaron Dean i take it t-mobile didnt learn from the g2x
Emma Joy Griffin I got this one today :)
Bryan Platt Im not to impressed by this move LG mytouch sux I don't have any problem with LG for the most part would love a g 2x its sweet phone has a lot of support that made it better but don't think that this line will get to much support I got my wife a Samsung exhibit that is a nice mid range phone had for two month's so far no lag great phone much better choice. Tmo give the mytouch line back HTC or let Samsung have a go at it I bet they sell.
AJ Goren I liked the htc mytouches... No me gusta lg
Robert Valdívia And btw haters, the 4.2.3 update massively improved battery life on my 4G.
Robert Valdívia I have a MyTouch 4G, aka HTC Glacier, and it was a good device, but after the Gingerbread update it's a GREAT device! Better than any I've used including BB and iPhone$...
Ron Scott If I were LG, I wouldn't want my name on this. G2x got a bad rap, but is a great phone and it's stupid fast compared to this. You can't find a cheaper duel core phone and it is as low as I would go.
Ron Scott All cell phones start faster and slow down as usage, apps, etc. fill up memory. If you buy a new phone and it lags in the first days of use, I don't want to be you in 8 months to a year. I always tell people, save your money up and always get the best phone they have. This way you can almost guarantee an update to the latest software and you know that the best tech and intelligence went into your device. My G2x was $200 and this phone is $80. My G2x would make you flush any mytouch ( excluding 4g slide) in the toilet. You might as well get a used phone from Craigslist, like Galaxy S 1 4G which would run circles around this.
Phillip Ith I like eggrolls
Ron Scott I could not imagine being stuck with that phone for 2 years. Then again, my last phone was a G2x and my new one is a epic 4g touch.
Taryn Green Not anymore my 3g slide is unusable most days. I have to restart 10 times a day
Tony Abiama Eff no
Matt Allen I will never own anything but high end HTC phones. I can afford them and use them to their max, and beyond. Been on HTC since the G1 and never looked back. I like my girlfriends Samsung galaxy s 2 but its not a HTC. When I was with T Mobile I only had one issue with the my touch 3G slide and that was lack of support to upgrade to kewl versions of Android, and the lack of ROM developers.
Gilberto Aponte They have fans?
Taynia Dejesus 100% I have the second version of the my touch. I love it
Jeremy Abad @Roman Dude, easy fix to all those manufacturer UI's. Root your phone. I do agree with your opinion on the Designs of Motorola phones. Right now I'm rocking the Motorola Razr, until the Galaxy Nexus comes out. And this phone is the thinnest in the market, and battery life is awesome.
Aaron Wright No , no , windows and iOS
Paul Alexandru LG sucks making phoned.Tgey should stick with freezers or TV's
Arturo Cifuentes Yes but only the HTC ones there the originals and there the best LG sucks
Frank Mendoza Nope. I love my gti9100 to settle for this cheap phone
CJ Ughamba tmobile should have left the mytouch for HTC only. LG made some crappy MyTouchs.
Roman Calabaza Martinez They need a design boost, it seems as though motorola phones have the least lag but theyre design is bulky and so is their UI and htc phones are designed very well but sense.0 UI isnt for me and samsungs have plasticky design and cheap feel but have Touchwiz which is in my honest opinion the best android overlay period, im proud to say ive owned a samsung vibrant for 9 months but now it freezes twice a day for no apparent reason, i will be getting an LG G2X this week :) i keep my smartphones for a year max btw and my first smartphone was an htc HD7 but i returned it because i couldnt drag and drop music to it, and for someone who has a music library of 800+ songs of which 80% is made up of music that is not on ZUNE, THAT WAS SIMPLY NOT AN OPTION FOR ME, but WP7 is the zippiest phone around and does not need a dual-core proccesor just like the iphone dios not, i very much enjoyed my time with my htc HD7, im a tech guru if you couldnt already tell, if you need help ir questions with 4G, or pricing or any other issues/questions shoot me a message, i'd be glad to help :) for free of course, i dont know much about programming but will research and reply to the best of my ability, i enjoy knowing that i helped someone harness the power of a capable smartphone, thank you
Jeremy Abad No the very first myTouch left a bad taste in my mouth. Either Samsung phones or Motorola's for me now. Got my eyes on the GALAXY NEXUS.
Sonya Allstun If you have tmobile without data plan look at your bills they are taking it on themselves to add a charge for data even if you don't have smart phone some how they are saying you used it and charging without people knowing
Bird Orellana HTC TVs anyone
Josh Bohl I love mytouch 4g
Bird Orellana Lg. Makes good TVs
Nicolas Flores Well when HTC made them. They were alright now LG makes them they suck. Lol I have a myTouch 4G Slide from HTC and its beautiful. Works great. Super fast. FORGET LG!!!!!!
Blake Sharp I like noodles
Hubert John Abiera It was not a very smart move going from HTC to LG, in my opinion.
Micah Watkins Not anymore I moved on to Samsung Galaxy S line of Android phones with better battery life and SUPER AMOLED screens.
Carter Hooper LG made Optimus Black. Kinda sexy. Kinda...
Margarita Joel Orosco It's all about the iPhone 4S!!!
Bird Orellana Sucky. Phone but good for families that don't much money to spend you have look at it this way it the didn't have cheap phones only high end phones how many ppl. Is going to buy them you get what u pay for
Vlad Valentine McBride No they stink and lag all the time
Emanuel Bortz no they are utter and absolute crap.. LG couldnt make a smartphone if it smacked them in the face
David Dre Rl They're pretty dumb looking. And I heard they break a lot.
Carter Hooper No. These phones are so gay I don’t care how good the camera is. Awful looking too. Plus the logo sucks.

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