Granny doesn't need a high-end Android device, you say?  Never fear, T-Mobile has her covered with the T-Mobile myTouch, a mid-range Android phone that offers a decent feature set.  Sporting a 1 GHz processor, it offers a 3.8-inch display, 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording capabilities, and Android 2.3 with LG's custom UI.  It's available now for $79.99 after rebate, and can be had in black or white.  It's no match to the HTC Amaze 4G or Samsung Galaxy S II, but should do a great job of appealing to the teenager or first-time smartphone buyer.

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"What do you think of the T-Mobile (LG) myTouch and myTouch Q?"

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Angelique Pat Dogfight between mytouch and mytouch Q would settle this all down
Vincent Hung @Alberto The Tmobile website tells me something else
AJ Torres neither
Alberto Garcia Flores @Vincent Hung - None of the My Touch have a Amoled display.. and its a mid-range device so obviously it won't have the good stuff, I don't get why the complaints ppl.. I think the My Touch Q would be a better choice than the My Touch for its flash and genius button and I like the weather widget on those phones, I think they are cool BUT HTC would've made this mid-range My Touch better than LG. I'm loving my Galaxy S II! Best phone of all in the world right now lol
Ron Scott ¿Por que?
Brendon Bowers Dumb asses... They're ment as mid level devices for cheap asses who don't want to spend a ton and/or have a High end device. No shit its not goin to be the best battery life or have the highest specs before you hate maybe make sure you have a high enough e.q. to do so! Furthermore show me a phone on any other provider that does have those specs at that price.. not happening
J-Dr Mitchell Hey u should do a dog fight btw that LG MyTouch vs. Google 4g MyTouch!
Zach Cline Nexus prime is Verizon only.
Sachin Welson pretty decent for a mid range device..
Franky Frank Jus get tha galaxy S2 (sprint). <----- or tha Nexus Prine. 4.6 screen ICS. 4.0
Hose Orscoe Samsung fucked up with the vibrant.... Well maybe lg will do a comeback?
Rohan Patel you can't just say cause LG messed up the g2x that you'll never buy a phone from them again, HTC has had their own share of phone bugs and problems
Joel Diaz diantre tanta gente dando complain no joda chill out people its a midRange phone. idiota cono!
Michal Bieniek Never will I buy LG made phone after the G2x fiasco.
Vlad Valentine McBride Nice device but windows OS is still nicer
Eric Quach god damn it, people are ignorant these days. go fucking check the website. they're 80 dollars. its a midrange phone for god sakes.
Michael Santangelo 3.2 inch.... come on
Guillermo De León No LG for me.
Alex Ochoa How many my touches exist.. dam
Luke Gray G2x is way better I have one and am stocked
Shane Calhoun they have one huge flaw that can never be overcome that will doom them to fail THEY ARE NOT MADE BY HTC.
Falak Patel if you don't like it then don't buy it...why the hate? they are just giving you more options lol jesus christ...
Noe Zuniga Super gay phones!!!!
Hansel Starley So many fucking phones.
Jose Be Julme Not better than the HTC versions. Smh!
Alan Sandoval Tmobile is gonna get dropped by me fo sho
Vincent Hung I'd rather get G2X.
Joe Czo Crappy phones!!
Vincent Hung Mytouch Q is lame... low resolution 320 x 480 3.5" screen( compared to Mytouch 800 x 480 3.8" AMOLED screen), no front facing camera, lower battery life.
Brad Blackstone T-Mobile ruins everything
Jordan DeBarth LG ruins everything.
Calvin Roberts Garbage why make a great upgrade like the my touch 4g slide the ruin the mytouch name with the mytouch q im a mytouch lover and im outraged
Dan Lupescu I am saddened and disappointed that they are not HTC phones....

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