So, you're on T-Mobile and you're looking for a good, inexpensive smartphone and you've landed at two options, the myTouch and the myTouch Q. These two phones are very similar in many ways but there are a few differences. So now you're wondering which one you should get. If this is the case, look no further. This Dogfight should be just what you need.

In this comparison video, Sydney puts these phones head to head to see which one is the best. Both phones feature the same 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and 4G capabilities, but the myTouch Q has a physical keyboard and the myTouch doesn't. However, the myTouch has a larger, AMOLED display and the myTouch Q doesn't. Which one is better? Which one should you get? Watch the videos to find out.

Part 1 of 2

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Jamil Cooper Not really. Good for price.
Matthew Duran Trash u guys turned what used to be a great midlevel phone into a cheap entry level phone. Data caps suck as well. I use 10+ gigs a month
Darius Bunch They're both garbage phones!!!!!
Jesse Jenks Nope. They look and feel very cheap. They should have stuck with hTC.
Alejandro Solis Why not get mytouch 4g slide
Michael Gonzalez I have the mytouch 4g and love it... When I played with the lg mytouches I wasn't impressed... Ill stock with this phone for a few more months then upgrade to another HTC
John Zanatta If you're looking at either of these why wouldn't you make the logical choice and pick up the HTC Radar?
Zach Cline Nope. Galaxy nexus is the only android device i would ditch my iphone 4s for.
AJ Goren No. Not only do I dislike LG's hardware and software, the capacitive buttons on the myTouch are positioned so oddly and far from the screen as to make them horrendously ugly. Not a fan of the screen size at all.
Noneya Biz All I want is a worth successor to the G2 by the time my contract is up next year. 5 row (4 row is fine as well), latest processor at the time, probably quad core, high end camera and display etc.
Lennes Shaw Tmo is starting to go under radar with the phones, I like tmo but att and verizon are droping some heat
Arnulfo Barajas people ita a mid range smartphone!!!..not everyone wanta big bulky phones!
Lennes Shaw Both phones suck.....why would you have a different manufacture make a phone thats already been released and not change the whole style of the phone
Jeremy Martin LG ruined it.
Victor Perez Nope, HTC all the way.
Donald Dew No, but you do. Please make more dancing videos.
Chrißtian Sanchez they should have better hardware

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