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The third and last US-bound Samsung Galaxy S II is here!  Aaron reviews T-Mobile's flavor of the popular Android handset, and while it bears the same name as the international sensation, it offers some unique specifications that differentiate it.  It's rocking a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S3 CPU, 4.52-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, 1,850 mAh battery, HSPA+ 42 Mbps 4G connectivity, and Android 2.3.5 with TouchWiz 4.0.  It goes up against the HTC Amaze 4G, though at $229.99 with a two-year agreement, it's $30 cheaper. 

Is this the best Galaxy S II yet, or should you go with another device (and possibly another carrier)?  We'll find out.  Part 1 of 2.

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"Which do you like better: Samsung Galaxy S II or HTC Amaze 4G?"

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Chris Corliss btw, when are we going to get a dog fight!! I was hoping for one before I go and pick up my phone tomorrow
Chris Corliss I have to go with the durability of the amaze on this one. I tend to drop my phone, a lot, and my previous android HTC phones have always held up wonderfully to being dropped. Software wise, I would be wiping Sense or TW off the damn thing asap and throwing on CM anyway, so I'm not even concerned with it
Justin Mccree The HTC amaze wins in my opinion. I have had t.v. remote controls made of better plastic than the samsung galaxy s2.
Jimmy Benning amaze 4g
Orlando Gonzalez Both are great phones. Amaze edges it out by a little for me. Like Sense over TW. Dedicated buttons for camera and video are a bonus as the camera can be launched without unlocking the phone by pressing on the button for a few seconds. Although its heavier, it feels better in the hand than the blockier SGII.
Srinu Smart galaxy s2
Chris Montana Htc amaze all the way baby
Jared Prado Samsung Galaxy S2: Amaze seems bulky
Brianna Perez The galaxy 2
Norharishan Nordin like the 3rd one if idevice was in the list
Steve Jones I'm sold on samsungs superamoled displays alone. No one can produce that kind of contrast ratio. Ill never buy a phone that isn't Google's nexus line. HTC sense is way too over done. I think It detracts from the true quality of android.
Fülöp Gábor I like HTC Sense,i have a Sensation :)
Zach Cline I prefer htc .
Vivek Dahiya S2 is more attrecting
Mike Nguyen galaxy s2 much better...here is a video of the camera.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxARrg4NNaQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player
Anthony Toshach samsung infuse 4g, fast, reliable, huge screen, i like watching video's a lot. movieonhand.com
Isaac Dadda Manford Amaze all century
Alex Romain Dantier galaxt s2 all say
Michael Jones Amaze 4g all day
Craig Kaczmarski its taken me awhile to decide but I'd have to go with the amaze, as much as I love the galaxy s phones, HTC's phones have a better feel and a lot sleeker look plus they seem to run a little better... Amaze 4G is the best phone out but the GS2 is ridding its ass
William Patrick McElroy The HTC Amaze because I love sense...Glad I didn't get the sensation because it didn't have enough ram...Samsungs SGS 2 is amazing as well but I'm getting the AMAZE....it's amazing! :) queue the cheese
Chris Eng I like my sensation but if the galaxy had been out at the time I would've gotten it. The lag on the sensation kills me...maybe it's a ram issue? The processor should be able to keep up, I don't see the problem.
Mike Chiou Nothing beats SGS II for now....
Mark Balcher now it looks like everyone is rushing to Sprint. Our secret is out, and these data hungry devices are being throttled on other carriers. Sprint unlimited data for the WIN! $79/mo. No surprises in your bill. Great speed and coverage at least in CT, where we get wi-max 4G. But, i still tend to wi-fi as much as I can, to save battery, and have more consistant connection.
Javier Sanchez Ojeda S 2 all the way !!!!!!!!!
Mark Balcher They are both beautiful pieces of hardware, And, like you said, Aaron. the Amaze is a handsome device, but no match for the GSII. Samsung hit one out of the park with this one. And the Exynos flavored Epic Touch 4G is my favoirte, cus it's a bit faster than it's 1.5 Ghrz siblings.
Robert Skeen Galaxy 2
Dan Emmelhainz Amaze is the best phone on the market bar none.
Byktor Urvaes I don't like samsung phones, the display is very nice but every time you grab one it feel like big piece of plastic. I remember when I use to own a palm pre, very good UI but very cheap hardware and I hate that
Angel Ivanov iPhone 4S :P
Michael A. Barut S2 is better, but waiting for Prime specs before deciding in next phone.
Marc Brooks I like this comparison to the iPhone 4S http://j.mp/nDApak
Namkell Kelly Sense UI rains supreme
Diego M Perez Both beat the iPhone anyday
Namkell Kelly I'm a HTC fan....but super amoled is cool...does the amaze have beats audio...that's a tough one..but if I were buying I would go wit the amaze..
Cezzar Micu I'm happy with my optimus 3d ;) but on your question, I would rather go for the gs2. Htc is not really known for good battery and good video sound capture
Heath Crane Do u think the amaze will come out on Sprint
Fernando Diaz HTC sucks.
Nick Ward both are sooo amazing but I think I'd have to go with SGS2 just because NOBODY can beat a Samsung screen. Not even Apple (sorry fanboys)
Mike Ross GS2 but it was a tough choice. HTC isn't the only one with an awesome camera. Video and picture quality is awesome on the GS2.
Ayoub Hage i like to take a crap with the door open :)
Soheb Qureshi I M HAPPY WITH MY SGS :p
Dayan Inclán I have the Galaxy S and love it, but that HTC looks great.
Gordon Christie Saw and insulted salesman who had iPhone 4s took had out and blew his claims of best phone away was so funny his tiny dull screen and slow phone is awful amaze is good but they'll be killed by rhyme etc
John Zanatta I'm going to stick with my Sensation. I already have trouble with my 5gb data cap. The extra speed will only get me throttled earlier. Not worth it for such a minor spec bump, in my humble opinion of course.
Mark Mcdonald You are out of your mind if you take any droid over the S II! Best phone to date!
Andrew Young Considerng I've had both and broke them I wud say I preferr htc sence io but its screen dnt even contend wif the samsungs SAMOLED screen of the two I wud have tu pic samsung
Bryce McSherry I love HTC's designs but to be honest the GSII wins for internals and that SAMOLED+ display
J Alberto Garcia Flores I just bought the Galaxy S 2 like 20 min ago and this one is better by far.
Patrick Scot Galaxy s2
Scott Weber Htc Amaze..Amazing!
David Zakrzewski In all honesty? spec wise, the Galaxy S2 outshines the Amaze. Every comparative review will also say the same.
Scott Coates I went and looked at both. Left with the Samsung. HTC speakers are always poor in my opinion. Sense is nice though. Came down to screen size. Also found a nice feature the the Samsung syncs with outlook task. Been missing that for a while.
Tarek Chowdhury Amaze is awesome. Best phone from htc so far.
Mark Gittens From what I've seen so fari have to got with the amaze. the build quality on the amaze seems much better.
Ejaaz Ravi Moazzam Both are pretty cool, but leaning towards the htc
Lucy Ann Are either of them HD?
Joe Dominguez I was going to get a new phone last week but can't decide on the two. Which is the best
Reese Woodson It's a tie to me, but I think HTC has better build quality.
Eduardo Ordaz Both. Both r great and fast and powerful! Plus both r 4G and have big screens.
Murad Nazi The Galaxy S2 by Tmobile, but it's all ready out of date, they're talking about the SG3. lol.
Alex Godinez The OG of them all.... Wait for it wait for ............... HTC EVO 4g!!!!!
Zach Cline I am thinking about Getting the nexus prime/ Samsung galaxy nexus though. Freaking verizon releasing all of these killer devices next month. The nexus prime, htc vigor, Droid razr. Just makes it harder to pick one lol.
Zach Cline Htc sense is killer. And the htc vigor/rezound has a 720 p display. Not bad lol.
Anonymous who cares; regardless of the phone, every two months something else makes it outdated
Nii Abe Abbey nokia 3310 the best
Steve Hartsock Galaxy S II's are tons faster, have a better screen and none of that Sense Bloat.
Marc Hill Samsung
Cameron Tanner Htc beats everything!
Anonymous Neither. Blackberry Torch 9810 with 4G, touchscreen, two virtual keypads, and a physical keypad trumps them all.
Benjamin Leu Galaxy s2 > iphone 4
Nii Abe Abbey i will even go for htc imagio...
Eskias McDaniels ddddrrroooiiddd
Rani Hinnawi Amaze 4G for sure. HTC Sense UI, beautiful look, not oversized, everything! Touchwiz still sucks.
Brian Evans Need to see these two in a dog fight
Brian Fruge I phone 4s
Alberto Enrique Gutiérrez Moreno Dude, HTC Amaze is just the BEST phone ever. Amazing stuff from HTC. Nothing that a SGSII can do.
Juventino Sepulveda Jr galaxy s II, hello
Natasha Elizabeth Mwila I have the samsung galaxy indugle so im not in this
James Maloney-Hawkins Mytouch 4g slide
Ethan Young iPhone
Jerry Parker Samsung Galaxy S II !!!!
Mark Fisher Jr. I dont know. Haven't seen the reviews yet.
Kevo Dey Kno Pettie Galaxy s2 wins
Fred Cargill HTC Amaze. The galaxy phones are to similar to me
Adrian Tse Epiphone
Chris Arrington The Hostess Twinkie!
Imane Nicholas ... sensation... cuz its cheaper..
Kevin Jovel SGS II !
Zac Krasnov Iphone
Andrew Marty HTC AMAZE 4G :D
Rene Martinez Awesome review as usual!
Luis Chavez First!

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