Aaron's back to discuss week 24's numbers in PhoneDog's Official Smartphone Rankings!  Though the Samsung Galaxy S III is victorious for a sixth week in a row, the HTC One X continues to stay in second place.  Additionally, the iPhone 4S, global Galaxy S III, global Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX make appearances as well.  Fall will be a crazy season for mobile, so stay tuned, as the scores are likely to change.  As always, your voice matters, so be sure to cast your vote for week 24 on our Official Smartphone Rankings page!

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"These are the best smartphones available, as voted by you. Can you find ONE thing you don't like about your current smartphone?"

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Robert Saladino
Robert Saladino These ratings don't make much sense to me...Is there anybody not voting for their current phones? I mean I own a S 3 but I'm voting for the Droid Razor! Aren't these ratings just based on comentary of how users are enjoying their own top phones?
Binh Bui
Binh Bui Battery should last longer and wish the phone would do more thing like a low end laptop.
Rodrigo Olivas
Rodrigo Olivas Hi guys, I have a question, can you block a phone with android or disable it by remote, as iphone does it??
Mark Hellard
Mark Hellard Sammy gs3
Antoine Everette
Antoine Everette I wish that my Droid x2 was a 4G phone instead of 3G
Ceasar Velasquez
Ceasar Velasquez HTC rezound need a bigger screen and battery life
Antonio Vazquez
Antonio Vazquez i love my Galaxy Nexus, battery life is great thanks to the Faux kernel and 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, only thing i can come close to complaining about is probably the camera, 5MP is good but i wouldnt mind if it was an 8MP, otherwise its an excellent phone and i dont plan on a new one until probably the next next Nexus. manufacturer android skins are the reason i stopped owning HTC's and Motorolas. nothing but Nexuses for me from now on
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez Small screen - blaze 4g
Ahmer Israr
Ahmer Israr I own a Droid X... I dislike the general blandness of the design, the lagginess of the UI due to processor, and the two black spots on my screen that are the diameter of my thumb.
Ian Baylon
Ian Baylon NOTHING can beat the G1 even a phone that has a mother facking rocket launcher attached to it that also comes with super models and Bacon. :)
Michael Waldron
Michael Waldron (sorry for the long post) I own the Skyrocket - ATT.. My one and only complaint is my carrier. I pay on time & am in good standing with them but if you know a thing or two about how things are supposed to work in a company, then you know that AT&T is horrible in comparison to Verizon & US Cellular. That's with every function of ATT.. (You guys are swindling people) once I get extra cash, my contract will be terminated.
Samantha Nichole LanhamEastman
Samantha Nichole LanhamEastman I really love my Samsung Galaxy S111 but the one thing I do not like about thid phone is it is crappy when you try to make phone calls. It is a known issue with all S111's and they are trying to fix it but that is the one and only thing I don't like.
Zamir Yusof
Zamir Yusof my only complaint with my xperia u is for it size, how can it doesn't have micro sd slot?! even my previous xperia ray (which is significantly slimmer) has this feature
Dawn Thieme
Dawn Thieme Tired of the "low on space" message coming up when there's plenty of space left. Original Incredible. ONE MONTH from today, I can upgrade!
Daniel Diao
Daniel Diao Samsung galaxy mini.... To much slowness to much lag cant even play temple run
Tyler Young
Tyler Young GS3 isnt rocking jelly bean (yet), otherwise really well
Leo Baxter
Leo Baxter Yeah, my iPhone 4s didn't allow the stock alarm or the alarm app I have to go off this morning. And I know at least 2 others who had the exact same problem today (different carriers, same model, same iOS version).
Linda Beheller Mazziotti
Linda Beheller Mazziotti I have the epic touch and it does not sync with my iPad, like a iPhone would. Would love together an iPhone.
JohlBro Cory Solloway-Peters
JohlBro Cory Solloway-Peters I can name the major fault of my phone but it's a fault with almost EVERY smartphone. Trying to keep a battery running longer than a day is a war of attrition.
Brian M McCoy
Brian M McCoy Is someone trying to be funny or did the just say the Samsung Moment. That phone came out in the Summer of 2009. It's a dinosour compared to the phones that are out today. The only complaint about my Epic 4G is it doesn't have enough memory. Although it is 2 years old, so it's not a surprise. Other than that, no complaints.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis The only complaint I have about my iphone4s is I miss having a big screen.. Hopefully the iPhone 5 solves that problem.
Rob Vandermeulen
Rob Vandermeulen Constant restarting with my EVO 4g LTE
Tahrim Ehsan Abir
Tahrim Ehsan Abir i dont like my S3's physical home button as sometimes its hard to press and i really miss a dedicated camera button :(
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie Will be replacing it with a note or note 2 as soon as possible
Gary Lancaster
Gary Lancaster GSM GNex, lack of high res contact photos, outside of Google+ (No one uses Google+)!
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Why didn't the Samsung Moment make it on the list?
Matthew Hart
Matthew Hart It doesn't multitask that well. They should make Smartphones more like computers, you should be able to minimize one task or app and view or work on another. For instance, if I have YouTube playing, I can't minimize it and browse the Web.
Bonnie Roth
Bonnie Roth My skyrocket sometimes freezes up, but that happens in most smart phones, I'm still happy with it:)
Kizito Nestor
Kizito Nestor So far so good...all is well with my new Galaxy s3
Tyler Saddington
Tyler Saddington I have not a single complaint about my HSPA+ GNex running 4.1.1
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie It's an HTC desire s worst phone I've ever had
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia galaxy note--- only complaint is battery life w/ moderate usage

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