Aaron's back to round up last week's votes in PhoneDog's Official Smartphone Rankings!  In week 31, the Samsung Galaxy S III soared to the top of the People's Choice Rankings yet again, coming in 602 votes ahead of the Apple iPhone 5 (239 votes).  In addition to the industry leaders, the HTC One X, Galaxy Nexus (global), and Nokia Lumia 900 make appearances.  On the Expert's Choice Rankings, the Apple iPhone 5 surpassed the Samsung Galaxy S III again for the first place spot.  The Samsung Galaxy Note II was added for this week's voting, so expect an unpredictable week of voting.

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T Louis Michael Nokia 6030.
Sheeraz Sarwar Guys OK so majority is with quad core android...can anyone plz tell me that now what after quadcore, is it hexacore or haptacore....increasing cores every year does u think that this is the future if not than wat will be the future smartphnes e.g S4 note 3 one x etc etc
Mario Klenovšek Samsung galaxy s3
Marquetta M Collins-Phillips Well I'm waiting for the US release of the Galaxy Note 2
David DiPilla IPhone 5
Tyler Kirchman Mytouch 4g slide with Cyanogenmod 9.1
Cody Williams Definitely not my HTC rezound I'm on my 3rd one the first two crapped out
Wesley A Meek Mine is the Htc vivid. It is a little older than the one x, but compares about the same spec wise, plus it has expandable memory, so I prefer it over the one x. Wish Htc would realize its just as compatible for the new jelly bean Rom as the one x is!
Paul De Lozier 4S and 9930
Travis Oleson Sprint galaxy note 2!!
Warren Saunders HTC one X +
Jose Angel Santiago HTC evo 4g lte
Andrew Conrad LG chocolate!!!!! LOL!
Geoff Sauder Galaxy s III.
Lance Tomlinson Galaxy Nexus
Darrell Wax lumia 920
Mendez Roy note 2
Jacob Grumbles Gnex HTC evo lte and my current Samsung GS3
Anthony Means I have to stick to my galaxy s 3 as always than usual it's the best!!!!
Jason Russ RAZR maxx
Ibnul Sharar 4s , One S, Galaxy Nexus.
Shamsudeen Aliyu My favourite. Phone z iphone 5
Kimmy Bobbett Note original.
Tony Abiama I think its a tie for me between the EVO LTE and GS3
Dave Morgan Galaxy S III
??????? ????? HTC One X !!!!
Brandon Holley I think the public has spoken time and again. The GS3 is outstanding and leaps and bounds better than the iPhone 5.
Devin Martinez IP5 is very nice loved the 4s before it
Enis Fazliu Galaxy S3
John MacLean Samsung Galaxy Note II
Dwayne Wal-e Currently the Galaxy S3. New favorites: Lumia 920 & Galaxy Note 2.
Gábor Biró Lumia 800/820/920
Marti Ruiz cant wait the note 2. my hands r small buy i want it so bad
Robby Taylor whichever one doesn't mess up...still haven't found it.
Zach Chapman Galaxy SIII.. FTW!!!
Nathan Wright I love my iphone 5 but the note 2 is looking to be the best of 2012 by a long shot
Ashu Dhar note2

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