The Best Smartphones: Week 84

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| October 15, 2013

Aaron's back to list out the top smartphones as voted on by YOU in PhoneDog's Official Smartphone Rankings!  For week 84, the HTC One held its spot at the top of the People's Choice charts with 428 votes, and returned to the first place spot on the Expert's Choice chart as well.  In second place on the People's Choice chart, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with 339 votes.  In third place, the LG G2 with 93 votes, and in fourth place, the Apple iPhone 5s with 69 votes.   Rounding out the list in fifth place, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 with 44 votes.  On the Expert's Choice chart, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rose to second place, while the iPhone 5s dropped to third.  In fourth place, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 - and in fifth place, the LG G2.

It's a battle between Android and iOS.  Which one will win next week?  Cast your vote and be part of the conversation!