Welcome to The Boneyard, a parody series where old phones get some glory on camera!  In this episode, Aaron takes a look at the Motorola Barrage V860, a flip phone that was available on Verizon way back when.  With goodies like a 2-megapixel camera (without flash, mind you), a large external display, and more, it's ready for some review love in the Boneyard series.  What's the picture quality like?  Was it the best flip phone ever back then?  Jump in and find out!

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Danu Carrión Perales sony ericsson k550i or k850! best phones I ever had long time ago :')
Jen Olivito Motorola Razor!! duh
Rob Franke Helio Kickflip.
iiKoda actually, I meant to say the Cingular Motorola Razor! That was forever ago!
iiKoda the original Motorola Razor! (AT&T fully metal one!)
Spencer Lewis The Palm Pixi
Jeremy Gillett nokia phones
Kushal Dev the original iphone!
Charlie Cunningham LG EnV-Touch
Anonymous Samsung A970, best feature phone EVER made imo. Charging cradle, camcorder style camera with twisty screen, FLASH, durable as all get out, and a two stage camera button. =)
Anthony Marchio sick nasty
akositisoy i would like to see the Nokia 8250
James LeBlanc Ahhh the era where phones were used as phones and lasted more than a year!
Aram Elijah Peers samsung A930
Dillon Anson original motorola razr v3
Anonymous LG Chocolate
Quinn Tenfelde first gen sidekick
Asif Farooqui Panasonic X70. Only because i still use one!
Joe Henn Some old Sidekicks!
Abdalla Ali Habba LG Env Touch
Nick Sciancalepore this video is hilarious you should make more
Greg Trecartin The Motorola Razor
Chris W. Reese LG 8100, it was my first phone.
Anonymous Nokia 1600 for the win
Jared Rodriguez Samsung A 737
AC Edwards Treo 700 for sure.
CJ Osborne Thunderbolt...
Marc OKelly first iphone and the gone
Mary Walker The older T-Mobile sidekick
Anonymous The V9x RAZR2
Anonymous The Audiovox SMT5600.
Donald Snider the sanyo pm-8200 by sprint. It had an antenna!
Kevin Joel IPhones, all of them.
Dan Daniel Panasonic TP500, DiamondTel 95T or Okidata 700. GO OLD OLD OLD SCHOOL
Danial Sleeper IPhone 4, 4s
Tim Davis Motorola Startac ftw
Nasean Sanders you should do the evolution of the oldschool flip razor to the razor maxx
Keegan Goerz LG Chocolate!
Sean Bolson Samsung Knack for Verizon. Probably as simple of a phone as can be.
Max Larrieux I like this show
Joel Cordova Monroy Samsung rogue and LG Chocolate my first two phones I ever had and now I have the HTC Rezound
Laurie Lynn @Brandon Le When I was your age we had pagers:-)....good times:-) @Chris Ibetyouwishiwasyourman Shaffner.....No I don't....your head is to big:-)
Devin Ray Hernandez iphone original lol
Trevor Sawyer Moto T720. One of the first flip phones with a color screen and polyphonic ringtones!!!
Trevor Sawyer OG StarTac.
Jafar Mohammed Moto Razr, Tmobile Shadow, blackberry pearl, random slider phone
Michael Buchko Jr. Verizon Motorola Adventure V750.
Eric Quach nokia 3310. LOL jk, nokia 6500
Michael Buchko Jr. Verizon Wireless Nokia Intrigue 7205.
Brandon Le When I was your age, We had these phones that flipped and most could only text and make calls. Good times...
Jeff Alamillo LG Dare!
Steven Jaycoxe The original Motorola Razr
Brian Edson motorola rival
Carter Hooper Sony-Ericsson Xperia Pureness!
Jason Torchy Motorola e815
Kevin Dalton lg env2
Austin Craig Taylor Lol (: best idea everrr (:
Chris Schaffner HTC Apache (PPC-6700)
Jovanny Lua wtf were u high during this vid or somthing
Jakob Klein The alias!
Amie Lee Greenway I hate to say this but the LG Chocolate and LG Chocolate Touch. The Touch moreso than the original. It's just an awful phone. Also want to see LG ENV Touch and T-Mobile Sidekick hit the dirt. I know from personal experience with the ENV Touch that it was such a pain to use!
Laurie Lynn MOTORAZAR 2 V9X and the Motorola Backflip:-)
Bill Abele Motorola Krave
Tristan Saeed This guy is really funny. Or at least he'd like to think so.
Jason Zilla The Nokia 3650. It was WAY ahead of it's time, and was one of the best phones I've ever owned.
Tony Kan Palm Treo 300
Alain Rex Nokia 3710 Fold Black
Bonnie Foster HTC evo 4
Agim Alion Palm 755p
Andrea Tharp Nokia 6600
Sam Moore Nokia 3210/3310 :)
Dave Yaeck If you are really gonna go Bone yard here are my choices: Motorola 550 - The FIRST FLIP PHONE. Micro Tac Elite STAR TAC - Gotta give some love to the phone that brought on the RAZR OKI 700
Brian D Buckley samsung t-639
Andrew Hennessey LG enV series-- except for the 3 and Touch (terrible phones). I absolutely loved my enV and enV2. I would take them over any feature phone today.
Rawlston Shamik @Matt Fisher Nokia n8 is an unlocked phone, should be working
Sarah Trimble Nokia 5110
Gary Lancaster You're trying to hard.
Dave Rodriguez Amurica!
Lucas Hershberger Anything in a bag!
Matthew Banjo Outlawed My Nokia n8-00 doesn't work with at&t gsm sim card ??? Any ideas the Nokia is unlocked though ????
Mick de Raad Nokia 3310
Thee Rick Motorola ROKR & SLVR I totally miss those had em both! iTunes phones!
James LeBlanc The RAZR of course ! :P
Judd Helms Love the idea.
Ben Conover Motorola Dynatac!
Vijay Patel Nokia 3310 / 3315
John Cruz Me gusta :)
Shawn Latin love this idea!
Lane Jensen LG VX8300, that thing was a BRICK!

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