The iPhone 4G: A designer's vision of the future

| February 27, 2010

Whenever an upcoming handset gets a lot of buzz, artist renderings always surface that range from strange to sublime, even fantastical. (I’m trying not to use the word “magical” — I think we’ve all had enough of that from the January iPad announcement.)

When it comes to Apple devices, they seem to get more than their share of mock-ups and fantasy imaginings. But this one grabbed my attention, just for the fact that it gave me a seriously visceral reaction. I want this. Badly.

The short but stunning presentation shows a sleek device, with an outer shell forged from aluminum, with an AMOLED screen and a front-facing camera. Now it probably doesn’t need to be said again, but there’s no solid evidence that any of this is actually in the works. Still, this beautiful design does set the imagination going, no?

If what’s in creator Antonio De Rosa’s head is anywhere near what’s in store for the next-gen handset, then sign me up. (BTW, Cupertino: I hope you do whatever it takes to get De Rosa on your design team. This is genius.)

Those who are curious for a peep at the 2D images, hit up the ADR Studio website here.


P.S. Today’s iPhone will be holding a contest for people who submit cool mock-ups/renderings. We're in the process of raiding our product closet to see what apps or accessories (like iPhone or iPod Touch cases) we can give to the masses, so click here to check it out.

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