The Top Smartphones, Week 52: Z10 beats Note II again!

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| March 5, 2013

Aaron's rounding up the best smartphones as voted on by YOU in PhoneDog's Official Smartphone Rankings! This week, we celebrate ONE YEAR of our industry-first rankings program!

Week 52 saw the Samsung Galaxy Note II fall yet again to the BlackBerry Z10, with a first place total of 325 votes.  Note II dropped to second place on the People's Choice Chart with 272 votes, while the Google Nexus 4 landed in third place with 97 votes.  In fourth, the Nokia Lumia 920 with 85 votes, and rounding out the list in fifth, the Samsung Galaxy S III with 61 votes.

The HTC One is on the way and the next Samsung Galaxy device is coming next week, so results are sure to be wild in the coming weeks.  Be sure to submit your vote at and be part of the conversation!

The full press release is below.

In week 52 of PhoneDog Media's Official Smartphone Rankings™, the BlackBerry Z10 remained in the top spot, stealing the spotlight from the popular Samsung Galaxy Note II yet again.  There’s momentum behind BlackBerry’s flagship, but new products are on the way after the year’s major trade shows.  Can BlackBerry win over the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S IV, and other hot smartphones on the way?

MT PLEASANT, SC – For 52 weeks and counting, PhoneDog Media's Official Smartphone Rankings™ (OSR) has become the gold standard for ranking the market's greatest smartphones by placing votes from readers and experts alike in respective charts each week. For a third week in a row, the BlackBerry Z10 took the first place spot on the People’s Choice chart, taking the spot from the Samsung Galaxy Note II again with a total of 325 votes.

Samsung Galaxy Note II remained the people’s second place choice with 272 votes, while the Google Nexus 4 received 97 votes.  The Nokia Lumia 920’s fourth place finish brought Windows Phone 8 into the spotlight with 85 votes, and the Samsung Galaxy S III took fifth place with 61 votes.  On the Expert’s Choice chart, the Samsung Galaxy Note II retained the first place spot with 51 points, while the Apple iPhone 5 remained in second place with 43 points.  In a close third place, the Samsung Galaxy S III with 41 points, followed by the HTC DROID DNA with 27 points.  Rounding out the expert’s list, the Google Nexus 4 with a total of 25 points.

“The buzz over BlackBerry’s Z10 and BlackBerry 10 OS continues, proving that consumers are interested in mobile platforms beyond Android and iOS," said Aaron Baker, Editor-in-Chief of PhoneDog.

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