Aaron's back to round up the best smartphones as voted on by YOU in PhoneDog's Official Smartphone Rankings!  In week 54, the Samsung Galaxy Note II held onto the first place spot with 462 votes, though the HTC One (global) picked up a third place win on the Expert's Choice chart.  On the People's Choice chart, the BlackBerry Z10 jumped into second place with 163 votes, while the Google Nexus 4 placed third with 146 votes.  In fourth, the Samsung Galaxy S III with 115 votes, and rounding out the list in fifth, the Nokia Lumia 920 with 76 votes.

Right this second, the HTC One (global) is trending for the number ONE spot on the People's Choice chart, and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be released soon.  Be sure to submit your vote at http://www.phonedog.com/rankings and be part of the conversation!

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"What's your favorite smartphone of all time?"

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Marty Anderson Galaxy note 2
Ben Bauer Original Motorola droid
Emil Quidit-Pimentel HTC One S. Can't wait for the Htc ONE!
Michele Dena yes the note rocks
Porscha Allen my Galaxy note 2 :D
Jeff Wang htc sensation
Rob Watkins HTC Touch Pro 2
?mraan Arabïa of course NOTE II ...
Herbert Salamánca Ramos the award-winning Nokia Lumia 920 ;)
Charles W. Y. Wong Note II. I love mine.
Michael Scott H My Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Justin Lindland Fave that I have owned HTC Rezound fave over all HTC One/black iPhone 5.
Jeff Seaver iPhone
David Lukens Nexus 4
Kenneth Maneeley EVO 4GLTE AND NOTE 2
Jenni Buchanan I like my s11 but i broke it. Im between note 2 & s111
Ben Pierce My favorite phone that I ever had at the time of owning it was a BlackBerry 8820. I absolutely loved the form factor and how it looked. It obviously doesn't compare to phones today like my GS3, but I owned it before the iPhone debuted and it was nice enough for its time. With all of the crazy new features coming out nearly every month, it's hard to get excited about phones anymore. It's just about which one you love at the time you use it. You don't know what you're missing out on until you have another and are experiencing what you weren't before.
Javier Vela The all might HD2
Lazar Ordevski Nobody mentioned the never dying HTC HD2. I still visit the HD2 foums on Xda.
Paul Bubba Tingzon My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 :ppp Just saying...
Milton Gfl Williams For me its between the samsung galaxy note 2 and the nokia n900, but I'm going with the note 2.
Mark Belkowski evo4g and the note 2.
Prosper Obilor htc dream the first smartphone i ever used
Derek Aguiar Galaxy Nexus, Gs3... ?'d them when I had them, now I ? my Note 2!
Allan De León Morales My Gnex and my first smartphone the LG optimus 7 =)
Jacob Grumbles Even though I have a note 2 and love it . I still find myself missing my galaxy nexus from time to time .
Asjad Hussain Note II \m/
Anthony Evans Jr sadly the htc one will never be the best phone well it might be if it is released before the gs4 those first weeks or months it will dominate.. then the gs4 will kill it
Corey Stock Note 2
John Smith Galaxy nexus, and rooted. But I do miss the Epic 4g because it was easy to root!
Gary Bollinger Samsung galaxy note 2
Derek Lombardi My Note II.. I do have a special place for my Nexus One.. There's something about it
Mike Cooper HTC apache
Clifford Warner htc evo 4g lte
Warren Saunders IPhone isn't exactly a smartphone... I mean, it's restricted and not exactly.. Erm, smart :-P
Tim Bunting the original iPhone. the one that changed things.
Codi Carroll Wtf is the iPhone still doing in the top 5? Experts my ass.
Joernie Berrios Galaxy Nexus(rooted of course)
Steven Basso Nokia 3310
Rudy Don gs3 samsung
Kyle Cordiano International Galaxy S II and the Nexus 4
Maduka Suraweera MOTOROLA ATRIX 2
Jesus Reyes Note II of course... :D
Jesse Huertas HTC Nexus One, the greatest thing to hit the mobile space. It changed my life! I do have a soft spot for BB 9000
Jason Lozano Note 2!
Philip Young Keath My HTC G1. It opened me up to the smart phone.
Clint Gamache Note 2. I sleep with it.
Mally Hayes Samsung epic 4g I miss that phone
Chris Roberts GN2 FTW!
Leroy Langston Vibrant.
Marwan Ahmed Nokia lumia 920
Alberto Garcia Flores Windows MDA from Tmobile.
Bryan T Miller My lg optimus g
Rey Gonzalez So far the Galaxy Note 2 because it's a decent size for my hand
Ilija Jovanovic Galaxy S4
Sindre Olsen Fagermoen The iPhone is the worlds best smartphone, especially the iPhone 5. It is impossible for me to think of any other phone that is better than the iPhone.
Zach Chapman I loved my SII.. now I love my SIII!
Jesse Ling The apple Galaxy xprt
Zac Luna My marble white galaxy s3
Debbie Katka Samsung Galaxy Note 2!!!!
Mark J F Makinika Iphone's and HTC One... :D
Debbie Kains-Coupal Galaxy Note 2!
Lance Bell nexus 4 or nexus one..leaning towardss nexus 4 tho
Rafael Rodriguez BlackBerry Z10
Kirk Oneil Delgado note/S3...until i get my S4 in july lol
Jose Be Julme Samsung Galaxy series.
Ricky Bonilla Note 2 <3

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