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In week 65, the HTC One remained strong in its battle against the Samsung Galaxy S 4, keeping the first place spot with a total of 479 votes!  On the People's Choice chart, the Galaxy S 4 held onto the second place spot with 144 votes, while the Galaxy Note II remained in third place with 57 votes.  In fourth, the Google (LG) Nexus 4 with 48 votes, and rounding out the list in fifth, the Nokia Lumia 920 with 40 votes.  On the Expert's Choice chart, the HTC One remained in the first place spot while the Apple iPhone 5 remained comfortably in third place.  The Galaxy S 4 held onto second place for another week.  Which smartphone will win next week?  Be sure to submit your vote for week 66 at http://www.phonedog.com/rankings and be a part of the conversation!

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"Which superstar Android do you like more, the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S 4?"

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Isaac Chambers HTC ONE... AND GSVI
Keemy Jones Norford htc one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous galaxy s4
Filip Djuric HTC One
Ben Bauer HTC One
Anonymous Galaxy S4
Isaac Chambers HTC UNO (One)
Anonymous HTC One is ruling them all.
Shoby De Vinci personal opinion, I have owned both. to start my comment , Htc one is 100$ cheaper than GS4. htc's rear camera is NOT as good as gs4's. Front facing is better on htc. battery life is better on gs4, screen is better on gs4. personally i just like the feel of htc one.. speakers are GREATT !!! you got the most fancy ringtone at your work lol... HTC one wins my choice.. GS4 may be better.. i wont really care lol
Marvin Khoo HTC One!
Brian Dong Min Kim I'll say the S4 for the smart features. If samsung buys htc somehow and gets their build quality, its a win win.
Alexis Susan Chiribao SAMSUNG GALAXY S4! Better battery life than the HTC One and doesn't feel so confined
Lenn Liggins HTC One. It's the best out right now.
Vilailak Laosasithorn the ONE for sure :)
Cyrus Matiga HTC ONE!
April White Sheppard I love the HTC one. Hands down the best phone I've ever had!
Nelson Briedo I just love beut, very well finished
Mara Silva Silva S4 is the one
Nicolae Mika Htc one
Sabrina Monte SURE HTC ONE!
Nicolae Mika HTC ONE
Steve Hirjak HTC! Solid build, beauty to look at, best screen. Awesome sound!
Bhavik Dand HTC one
Jason Dickman The only problem I've had with it is taking pix or video from far zoomed in. other than that, awesome! Zoe's are a great feature. Low light is incredible. Never washed out or shades of yellow. Always looks as if it's a window and not a screen.
Biswarup Bose can u plz tell me howz camera performance of the htc one?
Allen Lien HTC One for sure!
Anonymous HTC One definitely. I like it everyday more and more...
Floryn Diaconu None of them
Nakin Walia HTC One ,definately htc one!!!
Sam Rao HTC nailed it with the One, own and absolutely love it.
Juwon Donte Htc one
Pirarre Miller HTC One FTWF
Calvin Gerald Jr. s4 all the way there will never be a perfect phone the htc one means nothing to me software on s4 better screen just as good and metal hardware means nothing cause i throw a case on my phone no matter what
Wt Tiong Phonedog great review n got my HTC ONE .damn nice to use and also the the body feeling is great not like samsung s4.on the bad side is the internal batt and also no sd card slot.guys you shld try out the ONE.
Gary Wang HTC One
Rick DeChiara Sticking with my GS3. The GS4 isn't THAT much better to justify the price off contract. The HTC One is good, but with a non-removable battery, that's a no go for road warriors like me.
Raul Weisser HTC one
Marti Ruiz Both but I went for s4
Jason Dickman Samsung has yet to win me back from GPS lock and shitty build (dust in screen, cracked plastic, boring touchwiz,...). I chose the One because HTC has NEVER let ME down
Vito Cafarelli HTC1 is trash. Way too boring. Reminds me of iPhone. Rumor has it you can't even root it
Willie Lucero HTC, and it's only gonna get more popular since it's finally going to Verizon and Google version, only thing holding it back is the price "Google" cough
Philip Young Keath HTC One. The S4 feels so cheap in the hand.
Matt Wagner I want the BB Q10 when it comes on AT&T
Ken Hoey This is one time that better specs don't win!!!
Ken Hoey HTC One rules!!! SG4 is filled with BS gimmicks
Desmond Crouthers HTC one this phone is so nice it's going to be Phone of the ages
Naj Khan S4 ru kidding me what is htc
Ian Walker Either of the these phones are great but for now I am sticking to the note 2
Adam Schulte HTC ONE
Leo Baxter Fitting that the picture is two Windows Phones since every other Windows Phone post on here draws a plethora of comments about Android. :)
Mark Belkowski s4 for now.
Reese Woodson I didn't mention the Nexus 4 because it has no relevance to this article. I only mention it when people mention how great stock android or articles that mention the Nexus 4. But if it makes you feel better, yeah I have a Nexus 4. Heck why not mention my whole phone line up for you while I'm at it. I have a Black Mist S4, Black iPhone 5, Black Lumia 900, a White Galaxy S3, and did I mention I have a Nexus 4 too. Well, I hope me telling all that makes you happy bro lol.
Vikas Nanda What amazes me is how many people claim to have both devices! Codswallop!!
Adrian Gonzalez One has nicer hardware
Jack Hutchinson I have not touched my laptop in two months. I write novels and also run my Ebay art sales, as well as all correspondence and communication via a Note II.
Pierce Swan If just out of those 2? HTC One for sure. The S4 exhibits some lag just like the S3 did. Samsung fanboys will say otherwise because their love is blinding them. HTC One is smooth and fluid and looks and works great. Have a friend with each of them. The HTC one is far superior.
Danny Medina you forgot to mention you have the Nexus like you always say Lol
Tony Abiama HTC One is still top dog. Loving it.
Thomas Boehnlein The HTC One is the one. It's no accident it's at the top of the charts on both sides.
Ezekiel Carsella u show Windows Phones in the pic ha ha
Jozef Sakac GS4 for me
Sandile Mncwabe I big fan of HTC brand...
Neville Hayfield Oh, I forgot to mention the TERRIBLE LAGG on the S4. It was driving me mad. In a way I'm glad I dropped it and caused minimum damage because if Samsung didn't do something about that lagg soon I would have chucked it at the wall.
Anthony Bailey I'll pick the phone with better specs/features and the phone that I won't have to put a case on, if I should so choose.
Neville Hayfield The ONE. Mainly because I've dropped my ONE a couple times and not a scratch, dropped my S4 once and pop, screen smashed, gutted. Both phones in cases. HTC in clear POETIC ( wicked case ) S4 in Samsung hardshell (pants) I only took my smartview case off the day before as well. Ordered a poetic case for S4 so when it comes back from Samsung it's going straight on it.
Atanu Roy 1 1 1
Bryant Alexander Why does the picture show the Lumia 920 & 928 though...
Atanu Roy l want a lag free experience & wanna rid off from plastics. I wanna go for H1
Jose Angel Santiago Just cause a device is new it doesn't mean it's better.
Fonzy Paniagua Note 2 is last years stuff
Danny Chavez I looked at both the One and the S4. The S4's screen is better, but the One is a little faster. But hey, Note II is the best for me :)
Sam Rick The One!
Jose Angel Santiago S4 hands down. People complain about the build quality but in reality they put cases on them anyway.
Erik Papesh Just got my One today, soooooo nice!
Edward Gonse HTC One definitely. Galaxy phones are a dime a dozen.
Jared Dore HTC one.
Jerimiah Reece Love my GS4. Can't comment on the HTC ONE as I don't have one!
Reese Woodson I took the HTC One back for the S4. So the S4 is the best to me.
Steve Kent Neither - note 2
Jackie Weiler Htc one!
Aadil Sharif HTC One... Hands down
Sean Cresswell S4....it just ticks too many boxes to ignore, but wouldn't move from my Note2 for it.
Dino Džafovic certainly not plasticfantastic
Paul Keefe HTC one

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