The Zer01 Story, Part One: Technology

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| October 12, 2009

Those that are entrenched in wireless industry news are well aware of the troubles surrounding Zer01 Mobile.  Shortly after announcing a revolutionary $69.99 unlimited wireless phone service, questions were raised about the company and its distribution partners.  Global Verge, the tiered marketing company that was exclusively selling the service under their "Buzzirk" subsidiary, is now out of the Zer01 game, with former CEO Mark Petschel under probation after pleading guilty to securities fraud.

Since the departure from the Global Verge partnership, hundreds of independent sales representatives have come forward claiming that Global Verge/Zer01 hasn't compensated them for their work.  At ShowStoppers during the CTIA convention in San Diego, Zer01 CEO Ben Pilani said that the company is working to secure new distribution agreements, and within the next 30 days, the product could be seen at a national retailer.

What does the future hold for Zer01 Mobile?  This video documenting the Zer01 user interface is part one of a series chronicling Zer01 Mobile, their product, company challenges, and more.