Aaron reviews Verizon's Apple iPhone 4, the newest smartphone in Big Red's stable and their newest sales champion.  Besides the CDMA chipset and revised antenna design, not much has changed under the hood - it still offers Apple's A4 processor, a 3.5-inch Retina Display, 5-megapixel camera with HDR capabilities, front-facing camera for FaceTime, and iOS 4.2.  It's available as of February 10, 2011 for $199 for the 16 GB model, and $299 for the 32 GB unit.

While it doesn't support simultaneous voice and data like the AT&T iPhone does, it offers Mobile Hotspot capabilities for an additional fee.  The question remains, though - will a device that's half a year old beat industry flagships like the Motorola DROID Bionic, LG Optimus 2X, and HTC Thunderbolt?

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eBay prices for the Apple iPhone 4 16GB Black CDMA

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"Aaron reviews the Verizon Apple iPhone 4. It's finally available, and if pre-orders are any indicator, it's going to be a hot seller. Did you wait in line this morning?"

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Facebook user People are selling us a crazy number of old AT&T iPhone's. It looks like a lot of people are going to jump ship to Verizon!
Gerardo Ortega Those who say Sprint sucks. I Have an Evo my plan is 79.99 and I have 4G, unlimited text, unlimited web, unlimited calls from any mobile, unlimited roaming, Sprint GPS, Google GPS,Sprint TV ,everything unlimited for 79.99
Tony Dear III Anybody who bought the iPhone 4 on verizon is an idiot. Helloooooooooo it's the same phone from at&t not a single software upgrade or hardware upgrade just different carrier the only logical reason to buy it is if you have no AT&T service. Not worth the upgrade at all especially with the iPhone 5 to come out soon. Verizon robbed you guys into upgrading again late lr within a few months!
Simon Kirshon Please explain me why do you like iPhone so much, I don't get it. I think that the Motorola Atrix will be twice as good as the iPhone+cheaper.
Chris Luna Why would anyone want all their apps cluttering a home screen that has much better uses. Can't wait for the new Droid.
Gainaako Munyal sticking with my Galaxy S Fascinate, i honestly think Galaxy S are just remarkable phones
Hector L Torregrosa-Ramos My son got the Vzone iPhone and loves it. I have an iPod. I'm going with Android in May.
Tony Ward Why get the iPhone 4 when there a a lot higher end devices out there, people only buy them for apps. Don't get me wrong but with android you have better and more up to date tech, the option to fully customize your screens the way you like and even make your apps yourself for free if you want. The android market place now has just about the same amount of applications as the apple store has but most of the android ones are free. The iPhone 4 has on-screen icons that can be mooved around or put in folders and it costs more to buy it. So why oh why should u get one LOL. IPhone user seriously need to get there heads checked out.
Gerardo Ortega Phonedog should make another post saying who got the Verizon IPhone and now their disappointed.
Mike Nguyen No line at all
Gerardo Ortega Verizon IPhone is only 3G. So why get an Iphone when you could get the HTC Thunderbolt 4LTE. The HTC Thunderbolt is Faster and way better than the IPhone
Gerardo Ortega You can NOT talk and use the web at the same time on Verizon Iphone. You could on AT&t Iphone and you could on Sprint EVO. Disappointed are you.
Anthony Cross-Gilliam I just got my iPhone 4 from Best Buy. I went with AT&T for now.
Zach Cline The iPhone isn't just s phone and neither is Droid. They're freaking pocket computers. But back on topic, I would never wait in line up to 14 hours for anything
Joshua Light No matter what the speed tests say, Verizon iPhone data speeds are noticeably faster than AT&T.
Pat Ramsey Wait in line? No! I pre-ordered thru Verizon on Thursday, had my iPhone on Monday. I'm loving it now!
Manuel Comparan Sprint sucks!!!!
Tony Abiama HTC Evo 4G
Carson Ash Why would I want an iphone when I have an evo? Iphones got nothing on it, its heck of a lot cheaper, plus I get unlimited internet for only $10! SPRINT RULES!
Gerardo Ortega The Evo is old and the Thunderbolt is new, Wait until you see the EVO 2 from coming out very soon.
Gerardo Ortega People that got an IPhone4 is going to regret they did, no 4G Lte and the IPhone5 is coming very soon.
Aj Green @jason, veizon is geting the thunderbolt wich is way better than the EVO. And not to mention all there other crappy phones sprint has. So keep riding on youe out dated evo
Benjamin Matinzi I cut the line and got a droid :p
Jason L Naylor Verizon may have got the iPhone but they'll never get the HTC evo hahaha
Anthony Guzzo Damn there are some harsh fanboys on this thread. People it's a phone that's all it is, A PHONE chill!
Tony Hernandezz Got mine the seventh
Auggie Mueller no lines at any of our stores, but since they were forcing you to pay the outright price and then credit your account once it was activated, not sure there would be. (lincoln Nebraska)
Tito Rodriguez I'd settle for an iTouch only & android phone. Ex. Of Lil things I like on itouch is when you download dictionary.com app you have it yet on android you have to be online. I switched to Family Mobile so no more unlimited data. I know it's about the iphone but I prefer the itouch.
Gabriela Gamino iWhat...lol. Just kidding.
Victor Rios iPhone sucks...too overrated...Android all the way!
Athena Athens No line but then again I live in pflugerville ,tx lol
Alex Bryceson Got mine on Monday it's incredible :D
Victor Rios Why review a phone that has been out for months on a different carrier? The only difference is the iPhone has two carriers...one (AT&T) better than the other (Verizon).
Darryl Mouzone I'm sorry but anyone who waits in line for a phone has to be nuts. Just wait like a normal person if you really want it. Obviously they don't have lives if they're able to do that because I don't have time to do that nonsense.
José M. Diaz-Mendez Reserved 2 at local Apple store. Got there at 12:00 was out by 12:30. Both phones activated and LOVE my VERIZON IPHONE!!!
Nick Koval Same old same old
Adonis Reyes I went with my mom cuz she was getting one and there were literally like 6 ppl including us... But ima wait for iPhone 5 :D
Jurron Jackson No problem getting mine, Dad went in & came out within 15 minutes including activation
Joshua Light No line at apple store or Verizon store this morning. My Verizon iPhone rocks!
Jen-ay Westervelt I got my iPhone the 7.
Steve Hartsock Please delete Jakes ignorant comment.
Adam Schwartz No but I was able to walk into my local best buy and picked one up
Jake Denning HELL NO! Unless Apple comes out with a 120GB iPhone, they can smd

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