Aaron unboxes the Verizon HTC Windows Phone 8X, which is the only variant of the device to feature wireless charging.  Other specs include a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, 4.3-inch HD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording, and Windows Phone 8.  Complete with 4G LTE, it's a powerhouse for the Windows Phone platform, but is going head to head with some other hot smartphones.  Is it worth the money?

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"Verizon goes all-in with Windows Phone. Is it the best OS out there?"

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Leo Baxter The best mobile experience I've ever had was with my Samsung Focus Flash. I had to sell it due to switching to Sprint (who is sorely late to the WP8 game). I love Android's customization and iOS's simplicity and fluidity. But, to have both, it's Windows Phone. It "just works", better than iOS for contacts and social networking. It's smoother than the "butter" of Android. And while it lack the thousands of duplicate apps of either of those catalogs, it does what I need on a daily basis. If I want to snap a quick photo, the camera button launches it as I press it on the way out of my pocket. Sharing said photo is also simple & fast. Threaded messaging works great to keep a conversation going across texting and fb smoothly. If Sprint had one of the new Nokia's or the Samsung ATIV S, I would be trading in my Evo 4G LTE for it immediately. Until then, Android it is.
Michael Schneider Windows 8 is cool and in Jan or Feb Sprint will do better with its 8 phone and maybe I will get it
Tabib Rehman I'm an android guy and after owning a Windows 7.5 I think windows 8 would be a serious contender except the app market is a huge letdown
Douglas J Kmiotek I have my Lumia 920, and it's never crashed & there are no bugs. It's not the best os, but it works for me. I think that's what matters most. Enjoy the holidays!!!
Kristoff Lewandowski You Americans and your opinions. Windows is great ,NOT BECAUSE IT'S GREAT like your Ios or Android ,but because it's functional. It was here for decades and on more devices than your Ios or Android combined ,so your saying it's BAD just because IT'S BAD is simply irrelevant.
Hhermon R. Martinez DeMontes Are you giving this away? Please let me have it!
Josh Billingsley I'll comment on Windows. Didn't mean to hijack with Apple rage. I am a sme for the nokia lumia. Truelly. Impressed. Coming from a die hard android user, I like it. Don't get me wrong I won't switch os, but windows is quick. Fast. Simple. Yet customizable with tiles. Never duplicate a contact, (don't tell me it's never happened) awesome battery life. Crash are you kidding me! There's a live representative on the other end of your downloads to make sure there safe installs. And city lens is awesome. No app like it on Android. So bag on it all you want. You won't root it, but most people want simplicity combined with customization. Windows is all that. As for the me. Running clean rom 4.5 11/10 jellybean touch wiz edition right from xda with the gs3 on verizon. Android 4life fo myself.
Randy B Hoopes Laughable lol
Josh Billingsley Paul must have small pockets. I have a gs3 and it fits in my pocket just fine. And to boot i have a separate vibrate pattern specifically set for my favorites so I know who's calling without hearing or looking at the phone. But you got taller. So that's good. LMAO.!
Gilbert Aragon Thumbs down too!
Josh Billingsley @paul, you mean taller? Iphone 5 is not bigger. It's taller.
Jose Angel Santiago Nope android is hands down!!!
Anonymous Time and time again history proves society rejects all the good things. Not hard to see when you really think about it (which ignorant people seem incapable of doing).
Eric Rogers Once they get more apps out there and some bugs worked out they will at least be a contender. And I say this coming from having 10+ android phones in 4 years.
Brandon Holley To answer the question it's not there yet because it doesn't have the user base. People just don't like microsoft for whatever reason. The common reason I've heard is that "it doesn't look like android" or "I just don't like microsoft" both incredibly stupid arguments but still that's what windows phone goes up against.
Brandon Holley Windows phone isn't bad. I've used it and I will continue to use it. It's a great operating system. It's the only unique one out there now. iOS and Android look far too similar. For the most part they do the exact same thing. The hardware separates the two. Windows Phone gives a new look to this whole smartphone thing and I will stick with it until the end.
Anonymous @Rob Windows Phone doesn't crash...
Anthony Bailey Nope. Went to my first Microsoft Store, today. Forgot it was in a mall I don't frequent much. Saw many Windows Phones including the much vaunted Lumia 920. It was "cool," but nothing that had me overly impressed or ready to ditch my Note II. Try again, Microsoft.
Harmoni Karlbom All Windows phones are complete trash.
Matti Hietala Bullshit os.
Paul Bosley Tried windows closed it and tried android terminated it and went back to iOS as much as I wanted the bigger screen the iPhone 5 works better for me and still fits in my pocket
Ken Hoey If you truly want to make the phone your very own than nothing beats Android. Windows is just there for a choice not because its better than remember that!!
Tan Chong Ling Love HTC phones but android OS is better ever since jelly bean is introduced.
Hubert John Abiera Not yet, but it's getting there. The direction that it is going is very promising. Right now, I believe iOS and Android are still more complete, but the fact that Windows Phone is running on multiple hardware with very few bugs is very surprising, especially considering the fact that the OS is fairly new. I remember how Android was at this stage, running on multiple hardware, with only the Nexus phones running with very little bugs. Windows Phone's strength now lies in excellent hardware and a near flawless fluidity, with very few bugs. The great weakness is in its lack of cross-platform apps, including Instagram. I think that the reason why Windows Phone works for me is because I really just use it for the basic things, such as email, messaging, and search, which the platform does incredibly well. I did not use that many apps when I was using an Android phone, and I did not look for that many third party apps under iOS either, so Windows Phone works very well for me.
Juwon Donte Loving my windows 8x it's simple does everything I need it to do..plus it had a better build quality then most of these androids lol
Rob Gamebred Miller no way....Windows will crash more than anything...its just all ppl here know....Linux based software will ALWAYS be better!
Daquan Shell Windows Phone is here to stay
Steve Johns Why are they not unboxing / reviewing the lg nexus 4 ? Does anyone know?
Steve Johns Windows is a joke Lol android is the best hands down apple is second
K.j. Littlejohn Frankly I feel phonedog ignoring the nexus 4 is a slap in the face..but much respect to windows tho.
Steve Bachman Brand new and sure to have LOTS of bugs! No thanks! MS late to the party again!
Mark Belkowski no even w8 on the pc's suck.
Cory Wood Hell no!
Mitch Evans I hate everything that is Windows.
Nick Truskowski Not even close.
Shedrick Larks windows phone is the best in the world

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