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Big Red's turn!  Aaron unboxes the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note II.  It's largely the same as the other versions, save for a ton of Verizon logos and some software differences.  Featuring a 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos processor, it offers a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED HD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording, 3,100 mAh battery, Android 4.1 with TouchWiz, and 4G LTE.  It's one of the US variants to support multiview, though some of the applications are missing.  Is it Verizon's best Android device, or does it fall to the HTC DROID DNA?

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Tonya Lee Can someone tell me if there is a way to intergrate facebook and twitter on the samsung galaxy S III. I love this phone by the way. I love how it looks, the screen size and the news scroll at the bottom.
Paul Burris i have to have this phone. I want this phone. Have read nothing but great things about this phone and i have played with it but now i want it.
Mads Gaardboe international i live in Denmark and I can't use at&t
Anne Lock I have this phone in titanium gray from Sprint. It totally rocks! I am a woman, and it isn't too big. I don't even have large hands. I don't think this phone will topped for a long time. The display is completely awesome, that 1080p remark was stupid.
Sayed Hassan Ebrahim Actually I don't like Samsung mobiles, I think it take more than what it deserve. There are other brands much better than the Samsung one.
Marcus Samual Winchester who even wants 1080p resolution, it jacks up pricrs to put in more powerful components to run the damn thing and its a battery hog. the phones today have a high enough pixel density that 1080p will not be noticeable, it just means bigger phones performance loss for no real gain
Chris Robato The one I have. International one.
Tiffany Earl Love my phone on Verizon. It has a beatiful display. Multi tasking is so over the top. I could go on and on about my phone. My battery is on 46% and its been off the charger since 6:30 am with that being said a few more hours to a full day......... YES love it
Payton Reece Wescoat The *only* reason I didn't go for this phone is the HIDEOUS placement of the Verizon branding. Seriously, the top left corner wasn't good enough?
Michael Scott H US Cellular Grey color, 16GB wish Sd card function would work but hey thats the only thing i can complain. about
Filip Witkowski I just got mine yesterday (Verizon). I have noticed one thing that probably Verizon is responsible for. In split screen menu there is only a few apps available. For example, there is email app, but not Gmail one. In my phone I have only 7 apps there. Any solutions?
Peter Blanco Verizon considering that's what I have and the only network I get where I live :P
Chris Roberts and how is it not hgih res??? I just dont get these comments a lot of you need to do your homework apparently
Chris Roberts Jason Ramos: You are funny bro lol deal breaker cause it has a 720p resolution hahahaha!!! Thats the first!! Have you even seen how it looks in person? probably not cause if you would have you wouldn't be saying that.. Killer killer specs and features with that Hd display what deal breaker???? haha
Rachael Ruth Anne Goldfarb Tmobile! Have the phone and its so amazing, and sure, the screen isnt high res, but it still has a great screen regardless, it just isnt the best. Besides that, I LOVE sketching on this phone and writing notes! :-D plus the keyboard is good to text on even in portrait mode! A one of a kind phone/phablet for sure! I am one seriously satisfied user of the note 2, that's for sure!
Michael Schneider none the phone is to big
Bog Dan Any significant difference between versions? However I have the international version. The only thing I would change to this phone is the resolution. Is quite difficult to manipupate remotely my computer, because I still have to scroll a lot. The rest is history: the best phone of 2012.
Chuck Xu T mo. No branding on the home button.
Susan Hugus Do like the WiFi calling on my Tmobile Note II; however, I hope the will up so we can have 2 apps open on a screen.
Stan Benjamin Lewis Compare resolution of these to an iPhone and u will be bummed. I had both. Went for less customization but higher res
Tony DjWiteboy Lopez Resolution isn't all, you want good resolution, get a 60" tv then you'll really use resolution..this phone is one of a kind, best phone tablet hybrid..not even the dna can compare to it, the dna directly competes with the s3!!
David DiPilla Lol I love Verizon the best service but its alot of money t-moble is alot cheaper was thinking about switching but will I be losing alot
Jeffrey Guerrier The t-mobile one that's in your hand that your claiming is a Verizon Note 2!
Jason Ramos The deal breaker was the resolution. If you're gonna make a device with a bigger screen then you need a higher resolution to go along with it. Ot
Bjørnar Lindstad The global version for sure! :)
Chris Roberts Waiting on my T-Mobile variant to come in. I was promised the device no later than Tuesday of next week woke up to an email this morning saying it was on back order wth????
Ken Reil Sprint marble white.
Mitchie Hatton sprint got it for my gf she loves it.
Dumitru Dima International
Amie Lee Greenway If I wanted a tablet and a phone, I'd have both. Not a phablet.

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