CES 2012 has come and gone, and all is well in Las Vegas again (well, as well as it could be).  It was an interesting show in regards to mobile, but one theme seemed to be present - nothing that was announced was particularly revolutionary in the wireless department.  What did you think of CES?  Let me know in the YouTube comments, on Facebook (facebook.com/phonedog), or on Twitter (@PhoneDog_Aaron)!

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"Was this year's CES a dud in the mobile department?"

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Tyler Frodl not as great this year
Steve Moore Yes. But that's what happens when there's a new phone released every five minutes.
John Perich Quad core phones use less battery than dual core. The tegra 3 has a hidden 5th core that is low power and operates fast enough to keep minor apps running on the phone. 4 cores reduces the load time on the higher power cores. Also, ice cream sandwich uses the cores better. Instead of using a single core and offloading the heavy usage on the other cores it will use them all together. This should be a good year for phones and tablets.
Assaf Barnir Intel as a new player, very strong performance with Lenovo (actually: pretty rare), and a multi year agreement with Motorola Mobility. Also: Samsung as a real Power House (+ Note) - actually: the strong player in anything Mobile.
Daniel Pintor Nothing that caught my interest this year.
Jennifer Urieta Aaron your getting too skinny, I'm scared for you
Brandon Johnson I thought CES was a dud last year too, as far as the mobile division, the only thing really announced was another gaggle of android phones. Whicj is cool since they all need to get out a new one but no matter how new the device is the software on it is old. If I decide to pass on the iphone 5 I'd like to know my android phome is gonna have ICS on either before I buy it or shortly afterwards or I'm not wasting my money no matter how good it looks on paper.
Ankrit Das Sony Xperia s was little interesting
Arthur Mmayie You know what really stinks and at the same time funny?Camera technology in these phones.A lot of them are still packing 8 megapixel rear cameras and a 1.3 front facing camera.Come on now,really?
Josh Veerkamp Short answer; yes.
Ateeth Kosuri I think what would have helped any one of the phones was an integration of some new technology. Upping the screen resolution and processor is not much of a big step.
Larry Waters @Zack Cline: You only need quad core on a smartphone if you are running a clunky, lag-prone OS like Android. Single core phones running WP Mango are also running circles around Android and iOS. That being said, I saw nothing at CES exciting enough to warrant trading in my Samsung Focus. Maybe the Lumina 1100 when that comes out in 2014 or so.
AllanToss Van Persie what happened to aaron?? he's shed some meat!!!
Rick Harris Terrible show,boring...
Darren Li I'm looking forward to the adrenaline-packed MWC, CES is a bit of a downer this year.
Jason Ramos Yeah not a good year for CES. Big yawn. I could tell PhoneDog got bored after a while when no videos were being posted on YouTube. TechnoBuffalo tried hard to fake the funk but it wasn't working.
Luis Robles Figueroa I like the Razor phone cause the battery. Other then that I wasn't impress at all.
Zach Cline They aren't just freaking phones. What "phone" will be as powerful as a laptop once the quad core devices start to appear? If you think they're just phones you know nothing about tech
Isaac E Gary Man smart phones suck the got so many carbon copy phones. I mean can some of the specs stand out. Like ok everyone pack the best processor in there phone. But no one said to hell with a gig of memory lets give them 3 gigs of memory. How about looks everyone one going for thin phones how about a thicker phone with a battery about the size of the phone full length and width. More phones with full keyboards options are nice. Right now mostly all same phones just different name and screen
Shannon Manns Nothing really special at all announced....
Ayoub Hage MOBILE was a bit lame.But when Samsung and LG showed of there TV'S that was Awsome..hey phonedog what about a dogfight between Samsung OLED vs LG OLED :p
Adam Taxier all about the tv's
Israel Barajas We gotta wait for MWC, calm down people. (:
Jose Angel Santiago Not one phone had the WOW factor!! Not even the galaxy note. You would expected a lot more considering the fact that smartphones play a significant role in a persons day to day life.
Daniel Cuadrado Yeah I agree nothing really made a big splash. Lots of mediocre devices.
Richard Ameen There really wasnt anything groundbreaking. Quad core is ehh. Probably going to be too expensive and not needed for awhile anyways. Dual core is more than acceptable for a phone. Galaxy S III is just gay. They JUST launched the 2 and they DONT NEED A BIGGER SCREEN!! I mean jesus chris why dont we just carry around tablets as phones?
Tyler Tresenrider Yea I want the lumia 900 as soon as it comes out
Ceohane Chatbad Davidson I would say so it was all redundant this year seen it all and quad core is not revolutionary... I'm am a android and iPhone user but I fear the mobile industry lost a great with Steve jobs
Mark Belkowski i think all of ces was a dud this year. i look forward to some ice cream + quad core love in febuary. im holding out for some powerhouses to come to verizon this spring/summer.
Charlie Kuroiwa Yeah big time
Kyle Cordiano I don't think so. Huawei's phone looked really nice. The Galaxy Note is sweet. MWC will be bigger. Galaxy S III :-)
Daniel Garcia Lol first

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