The year's largest technology trade show is just days away. Taylor will be on the ground covering anything and everything he can get his hands on. The money question right now is: what will be on display and what will be announced at CES 2013?

It's a difficult question to answer, no doubt. But Taylor will bring the latest as it happens from Las Vegas starting Sunday. What we want to know is what you, our readers, are looking forward to most. What do you want to see? Which gadgets, devices or accessories do you hope make an appearance at CES this year? Taylor wants to see wearable devices, such as Pebble. What say you? Sound off in the comments section below!

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"CES is just days away. What do you want to see, everyone?"

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Nathan Oboodiyat
Nathan Oboodiyat I like your reviews...
Owais Akhtar
Owais Akhtar Galaxy S4 or a new flagship by HTC
BG Michael
BG Michael ALL LG products.....
BG Michael
BG Michael LG Optimus G2 ?
BG Michael
BG Michael LG Optimus G2
Maximilian Airas
Maximilian Airas Htc goooodnes
Dennis Heggenstaller
Dennis Heggenstaller Galaxy player 5.8
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie Ubuntu phone
David Block
David Block We'd like to meet you at the show, and share our new mobile accessory HandAble phone holder. Any chance we can schedule a little time to meet?
Leslie Attwell
Leslie Attwell Ubuntu Mobile, please
Darrell Wax
Darrell Wax Anything nokia
Luke Ludington
Luke Ludington MSI's booth
Bud Foster
Bud Foster He said to replace his iphone 5....The SGS3 already does that!!!
Julian Scott
Julian Scott HTC m7 and others
Steve Bachman
Steve Bachman A phone shoe like in "Get Smart". Now THAT was technology!
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider When I phone 5s is out
Stephen Victor
Stephen Victor A teleportation watch, a la Power Rangers
Alan Holmes
Alan Holmes I want a phone with Motorola build quality, Android jellybean, no bloatware, at least 32gb of internal memory with a gorilla glass 3 screen, hb screen, removable battery & sd card slot.With a 12hr battery!
Jones Robert
Jones Robert ...Galaxy S4!
Razoan Moyen Arnob
Razoan Moyen Arnob A sequel to the samsung galaxy note 10.1
Albert? Klein
Albert? Klein Samsung Device!
Eric Magana
Eric Magana Oops Jon*
Eric Magana
Eric Magana I want to see job and Aaron at CES now lol
Joel Valladares
Joel Valladares Hey Taylor you just copied Aaron at the end on this video he did the same thing and now you stop copying and original
Camar Green
Camar Green Sorry dont see that as trollin. I'd like to see the SG4 to replace my IPhone 5 and I feel sorry for sprint no 4G LTE for this CES
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz S4.
Brandon Cupz Carozza
Brandon Cupz Carozza SGS3-S yeah im trollin u apple fan boys...i hope all they add is a bigger battery and 12MP camera :P
Darrin Holmes
Darrin Holmes Blackberry 10.
Josh Tate
Josh Tate New Sony Ascend Phablet. Gorilla Glass 3 that can withstand side impact.
Bobby Cento
Bobby Cento samsung galaxy s4
Will Furner
Will Furner You guys need to review smart phones for people who work out. Size in pocket vs power for media and a slip meeter (most likely will slip out of your pocket and crack) Or you could hire me and I'll do it, I'm your man for the job!
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan A nokia windows rt tablet!!
Anonymous The Microsoft Surface Phone. But we know that's probably not gonna happen...
James Byron Roberson
James Byron Roberson A Nokia lumia 9xx for Verizon
Chu Ni Che
Chu Ni Che Upgraded galaxy nexus
Michele Dena
Michele Dena yes i want to go !
Jerimiah Reece
Jerimiah Reece Galaxy S4 & the HTC M7. I want to see those and here exactly when they're releasing to the public (hopefully through Verizon).
George Deleija
George Deleija A new advancement in batteries for cellphones
Michael Myers
Michael Myers YouTube video coverage of CES as much as possible.
Gustavo Renteria
Gustavo Renteria A Real borderless amoled tv
Anthony Lasam
Anthony Lasam BB OS10 & their new phones. Thank you!
Kristoff Lewandowski
Kristoff Lewandowski Aaron
John-Mark Christmas
John-Mark Christmas Sony's presentation.
Khalid Dris
Khalid Dris SAMSUNG S4 :)

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