Save for a few switches here and there to test the particular features of a device, I've been carrying the Apple iPhone 4S since it launched in October.  Three months is an eternity in cell phone nerd time, and as you'd probably expect, I've been itching to mix it up and work with a different device.  That's where you come in.

Ever wanted to play a role in what device I carry?  Thought to yourself "man, Aaron should rock the (insert phone name here)"?  Are you a fanboy that wants to spread your love of iDroid Phone to the world?  This is your opportunity!  Cast your vote in the poll below, and let me know what you chose (and why) in the comments section!  Voting closes at 8:00 PM Eastern on Friday, February 3rd.  

(Right now, I'm using AT&T as my primary account, hence the AT&T choices in the poll.)

Once we have a winner, I'll be using that smartphone as my primary smartphone for 30 days, and will be doing a video journal of my time with it.  You'll get an in-depth look at what I love, what I think needs improvement, and everything in between.  It's a busy time of the year, with Mobile World Congress right around the corner, so this device will be traveling around the world with me.  Make it count!

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"Cast your vote in the poll! Which phone should Aaron rock for 30 days?"

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Fadi Abubasha Motorola droid razr !
Madee_26 galaxy note
Anonymous Why can't i make comments with my login name?
Troy McRae galaxy note
Yeliz Küçükkaya HTC Titan 2
Mary Walker Skyrocket
Nicholas Kfiz galaxy note because aaron said it too big for him.so that will be a good challenge
Victor Ramos HTC Amaze
Daniel Lorentzen samsung galaxy nexus
Peter Tadrous The iphone 5
Drew Page iPhone 4S. Its the only phone that lets you get things done without the OS getting in the way.
Gabriel Fernandez Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX
Ken Tate Rezound!
Jordan Johnson Iphone 4s
Anonymous why have the galaxy s2 and the skyrocket? only stupid people would choose the original over the newer one.
Maury Escher Jr. HTC Vivid because this phone ROCKS! :)
Andry Thérèse The HTC Rezound. Or the Sensation XL ! HTC's so cool !
Anonymous The Samsung captivate Glide!!!!
Young Bin Song The first Nokia ever.
Niko Lapcic GALAXY NOTE!!
Steve Aaronson Motorola StarTAC
Joona Salomaa HTC Sensation XE
Abdullah Aldhahi sensation XL
Sheen Valentine Li Samsung Galaxy Nexus!
wellivea1 people are stupid he has already used the iphone or the nexus say something different
Chris Backster Blackberry bold 9900 best phone out
Nikolay Zhelyazkov Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket or Apple iPhone 4S
Zabian Hankerson Galaxy Nexus, all day!
Jose Payan Motorola Razor. Lol
Don Brewer Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket
Kevin Joel Titan II
Charles Barlow Blackberry bold 9930 best phone out
Jared Prado IPhone 4S. The camera is better than my Nikon camera, it's so fast it makes a 200 mile an hour car look SLOW and the app selection is bigger than the amount of calories on the McDonalds menu.
Anonymous rotary phone
SnKBlaZe Any Windows Phone!
Kevin Perez HTC amaze!
Arunesh Sarin lumia 900 or note
Joe Gonzales Galaxy Note so you'll never be able to go back to iphone's baby screen.
Mark Molina galaxy s2 on tmobile
Jerome Taylor Galaxy note, gets my vote lol!!! His only rsal complaint about the phone is the size.....lets see if 30 days will change his mind!!!!
Gomez Tim Samsung Behold II LOL
Zack Kjelland T-Mobile Double play or what ever that is called (the one with two screens)
Ricardo Martinez Galaxy SII
Richard James I have the unlocked white Galaxy Note, it's huge, but amazing. gets my vote
Stephen Garite darn i was about to say jitterbug but someone already said it lol
Mickey Knezevic Looks like Samsung Note is winning. Might as well get Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. Very comparable in size :-)
Roniel Madan iphone 4 or any mid range samsung with android. not that expensive or high end something just enough to keep him connected with the world wit ha failry good battery backup, depends if Aaron is on business trip or vacation, if on vacation he would have have his own cam and would carry it everywhere so doesnt need a high end cam mobile, and if on business trip he wont go far off places that need spl camera lnes, for both scenarios iphone 4 will be good, or a samsung glaaxy series with dual cam in case he wants to do video call, no HTC becoz ringtones and battery backup is not that great and they are on a little expensive side
Craig Campbell Galaxy Note - I am in love with the idea of it (and briefly played with one in Europe) - but would love to know how it actually feels practically as an everyday phone.
Adam Markley Motorola Droid Bionic.
Rani Hinnawi Or Lumia 900, both work
Nic Gruwell titan 2
Daniel Rivera I phone 4S! :)
Rani Hinnawi Nokia Lumia 800!!!
Zac Luna nokia 1100
Macho Bigman htc titan
Buddy Koenig for real i would say iPhone 4S but i no you probley own one of those!!
Buddy Koenig nokia 1100!!!! best selling phone EVER! what would aaron do with no texting,internet,Facebook,twitter,apps and all that!
Justin Edwards Htc rezound
Chris Brigolin We gotta vote for a crappy one. Use the one on tmobile that has 2 screens hahaha
Wendi Martin galaxy note... that looks like real interesting to me...
Roger Herrera Galaxy note
Petar Iliev his own. =)
William Almes why no verizon or sprint phones? do u have something against them?
Greg Trecartin Galaxy Note. Need the extended Road test from those in the know.
Darren N Anderson Been t'inkin' da same t'ing for myself still. 4ever Team Android, but considering a 30 Day trial on BlackBerry. Still, jump on da new Razr, if its out, or an iPhone 4 and tell us whether Android's still on TOP.
Shawn Sedha Keenan Kmac Ochoa no its not. I'm a guy and I got 3. I can provide evidence.
James Tantsits Nokia Lumia 900
Ross Silva Lumia 900!!
David McNeill Batphone (in red ofcourse)
Shawn Sedha Cedrick Jumanan the backflip sucks.
??? casio g-shock phone.. looks promising. http://www.gizmocrave.com/10586-g-shock-prototype-out-casio%E2%80%99s-latest-tough-android-phone/
Jeremy Hass The Motorola 1000
Ryan DeClue The original EVO 4G, but rooted and rom'ed. See how it stacks up against the newer stuff in day to day
Keenan Ochoa F#ck a crapple iphone! That's for trendy wannabe teen girls. A female phone
Carlos Quinones Go with the iPhone 4s (assuming your not sick of it). It's got hspa+ on AT&T. I love the galaxy note and some other androids. But they're getting too damn big. The iPhone is the only current dual core phone that's a reasonable size (and the g2x as well, but unfortunately that's t-mobile only). I want to see some LTE dual core phones in the 3.8-4 inch range. Otherwise, iPhone will tide you over in the mean time. I love the size of newer androids for media. But pocketing them, they just feel overly big and they seem to be getting bigger, as if bigger is better. And your getting smaller Aaron. So perhaps its better to have a phone that reflects your size. That came off sounding kinda weird there lol. I think any of these newer phones will due to be honest. I think over all, it should be between the iPhone 4s and one of the newer Samsung androids. Samsung is the only company that seems to get rid of the android lag.
Uvaldo Sifuentes Everyone let's come to a cosensus and have him carry a 2007 motorolla razor!!!!! Ahahah let's see if he can survive! Lol
Mark Belkowski If your daring try wp7 for 30 days.
Teron Facey Nokia 3595
Daniel Makoto Colley Nokia N Gage :P. I still rock mine from time to time
Richard Ameen Original iphone. Old stuff makes you appreciate what you have
Earl Ugalde Razr maxx...flip version!
Dominick Joseph the white galaxy 2
Mike DAmico AT&T z331
Dwayne Demaurivert ATT galaxy s2 , lol feel original when that phone was real nice when it was published
Adam Feliciano Galaxy note, international version of course
Keenan Ochoa Galaxy nexus or S2
Mike Lawani make it some old phone the tombile G1
Kelvin Reid BOOST MOBILE .....
Gerard Hyacinthe motorola dynatac
Mason Behnke Lumia 900
Jerry Tan KL Htc rezound
Luis Yepes Nokia 1100.
Stephen Wagner Samsung intensity 2
Ronald Johnson A Jitterbug
Eduardo Ordaz Galaxy note. Since u used the pen a lot in the review.
Adam Gonzalez A flip phone. Let's see if Aaron dies.
Guillermo De León Motorola micro tac elite
Ben Conover Kyocera Echo. :D
Luis Betancourt Galaxy Nexus
Heather Mayer Galaxy Note. Would like to see the review after the 30 days. :-)
Ben Conover pantech pocket
Perro Rosello Lumia 900!!!
Tonny Be Which ever one Noah isn't. 8)
Maria Salcedo Galaxy Note!
Henry Lavender Galaxy Note!
Eduardo Ordaz Note and the s2. Both are the best.
Brandon Mims I would carry the galaxy note if I was on at&t
Andre Christian Galaxy Note
KoDy Designed ByCrime I bet he doesn't choos the Note even though its the best damn phone pound for pound in the world
Steve Day I know you did the 30 challenge with a 9930. I would like to see you use a BlackBerry 9850 running os 7.1 for a month. I think you will see a world of difference and it may re- kindle your love for BlackBerry.
Carlos Nava Epic touch 4G ;Samsung Galaxy S2 Or Galaxy Note
KoDy Designed ByCrime Samsung Galaxy Note
Susie Tracey The Galaxy Note... hell I want to see if anyone would want to carry it for 30 days.
Alvaro Astudillo Lumia 900 for sure
Kev Cole The Note! or The T-mobile galaxy s2
Ivan Pineiro Nokia Lumia 900 or Samsung Galaxy Note
Brian H Foote There can only be one choice & you know which one you want, Aaron, & it's the "MOTOROLA DROID RAZR MAXX"!
Luis Chavez Galaxy nexus
Jack Richards Bag phone! One that only works when plugged into the cigarette lighter.
Kerry Omlin There are some horrible suggestions on here, Gnex or Note!!!! skyrocket lord please don't. Has to be rooted, stock is for kids.
DeAndre Davis Galaxy S ll Epic 4G Touch
Jorge Rios You should carry a Nokia Lumia 900!!
Talbot Wolaver Snaphon ez one...
Ricardo Lopez samsung galaxy s 3
Steven Jaycoxe Droid Razr Maxx
Seth Dick Lg cu 500 haha
Issam El Kouartey Best sold phone ever "the nokia 3310"
Ben Conover Skyrocket
Matt Peters Droid Bionic, if you can tolerate it for an entire week. :p
Marc Barbieri How about a nice Palm Treo with Palm OS?
Eduardo Ordaz Think he carries something that's not boring. Like wp7. I have used it and boring.
Jordan DeBarth That indestructible Nokia from the 90's
Macho Bigman Exhibit 2 !!
DeVon Burley galaxy note, but Aaron kept crying about the size, so I know he won't choose it..
Ziggy Torres Samsung Instinct! LOL
David Mallayev galaxy note
Ashley Doumit Samsung Note! We need to know more about it since it's not out yet!
James Is Da Stig Galaxy note.. See if he can tolerate the enormous screen where would he store it?
Mark Belkowski Razr maxxx hands down.
Joe Czo I'd say the oldest nokia or motorola phone! Let's see if you can live without a smartphone for 30 days :)
Aj Nyatui OPTIMUS S.
Firas Kamal galaxy note
Michael Gonzalez Motorola dynaTAC 8000x!
Brad Allison I am really intrigued by Windows Phone but my short time with it led me to believe that it is not quite ready for prime time yet. Would love to see you rock a WP7 device and prove me either wrong or right.
Vic Espinoza Note or titan
Tomas Mijares HTC Rezound
Justin Plecko Nokia Lumia 900 :-)
Michael Burnham Nokia 3330
Nathan Wright Nokia Lumia (any kind)
Derek Aguiar 1994' Nokia
Shannon Manns Galaxy Note...
Doryon Terry HTC titan
Joel Harbin a feature phone mhahahahaha lol
Jeff Stone Limiting it to one carrier kind of limits this whole exercise.
Sachin Swami driod maxx, if not the 4s and if not then 9930!!
Lachlan MavorWilliams Iphone 1st Gen or galaxy nexus
Phillip Le Nokia 5190
Ben Kramer No Galaxy Nexus?! Booooooooo! I voted for the Galaxy S II Skyrocket. I think the Note is pushing it as far as size goes to be an every day phone.
Michael Mulé Note, since its size is so much in question, a 30 day trial will give Aaron enough time to determine the day to day livability of the device...
Nathan Ross Tmobile G1
Julio Briceño http://www.phonedog.com/products/samsung-galaxy-s-ii-sgh-i777/
Jarrett Cole Hudson Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket
Jeremy Bleich Anything but an android. I'm sure he wants to use a phone that's not going to force close everything he opens.
Chris Hagood LG XV5200
Paul Alexandru Galaxy Note
Stephen Lauterbach Moto Razr Maxx!
Jason Ramos Galaxy Nexus
Alexander Eriksson Galaxy Nexus
Les Wyatt Motorola MotoFone F3
Vipul Pandey Nokia 1100.
AJ Torres samsung galaxy s II
Dwight T Motorola V8160
Bill Sanders Jr Droid razor
Hendrick Equis M Sanyo 8100
Aaron Kelty Blackberry bold 9900 or HTC Amaze
Mughal Mab Galaxy Nexus
Fred Barnhill LG Optimus LTE
Robert Centennial Something smaller than 3.5 inches
Alaye Kray Brown Mine and you can give me yours (:
John Sekhar Stick with your trusted 4S
Veen Oui I776 :-P
Corey Reeves Love to see you use a Droid Charge. But kinda curious about the Galaxy Note? So you pick!
Thomas Matthews Htc Rezound

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