Microsoft gave us a sneak peak of Windows Phone 8 today and showed off a few of its new features, including the new Start screen, Wallet, Nokia Maps, and its enterprise and gaming apps. A lot of people have been asking for more customization within the Start screen and Microsoft listened. You can now choose what size each tile will be and there is a new size available. Wallet is where you can store all of your cards for easy access to detailed account info and payments. Microsoft also announced that Nokia Maps will be replacing Bing Maps which will bring turn-by-turn navigation to all Windows Phone devices. All of these features and more are discussed in this recap video.

What's your favorite new feature? How do you feel about Windows Phone 8? Let us know with your comments and keep it on PhoneDog for more coverage of Windows Phone 8.

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"If you were designing it, what features would you want to see in Windows Phone 8?"

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Andre Manning
Andre Manning Instagram, landscape home screen, 4G capable, Front facing camera, 10 mp camera, Full qwarty keyboard, battery saver option (of course) a strong battery life, full use of HTC sense (for the HTC phones) and more apps. #deathtoandroid
Byktor Urvaes
Byktor Urvaes All the hardware stuff is good seems like they wanna keep up with android and that's okay , but Windows 7 user interface is much better than IOS already, what they need is a lot more apps
Daniel J. Kinder
Daniel J. Kinder I'd want to see it converted to android to get rid of this microshit software...
Bryan Prime
Bryan Prime I wish these android and ophone fanboys would put a sock in it... i have a bionic and it has was more issues than my lumia 710 did. The windows o.s. is fine the way it is.... just refine stuff such as the signal indicator always visible and landscape keyboard
Suzan Thompson
Suzan Thompson Dual boot with android
Steven Quacoo- Dorby
Steven Quacoo- Dorby iPhone 4s
Jason Burchfiel
Jason Burchfiel VPN!
Nelson Nieves
Nelson Nieves IRIS instead of SIRI...
Duncan Wynn Jr.
Duncan Wynn Jr. More widgets , less tiles !
Larry Hanks
Larry Hanks *less
Tommy La Rose
Tommy La Rose Instagram
Larry Hanks
Larry Hanks Leas user friendly, more power user. It seems like every new version of windows mobile is dumbed down even more than the last. It's not for grandparents and toddlers. Smartphones are for people who know how to turn the device on without assistance.
Jen Olivito
Jen Olivito More like android, hi sydney!!!!
William Wadsworth
William Wadsworth Support for Android apps.
Anthony D. Booker
Anthony D. Booker Just a full upgrade to present devices, since they will have phones with low res anyway. Hi Sydney :)
Martin Martinez
Martin Martinez I would like to see a windows 8 mobile to be like the windows 8 PC and that would actually be awsome
Jim Carlton
Jim Carlton Why are fanbois here?
Gordon Montgomery
Gordon Montgomery IPhone
Carlos Macias
Carlos Macias iOS.
Johnberty Vargas
Johnberty Vargas if i could make changes to windows phone 8 it would be to convert it to Android...i guess thats why they arent letting me make changes :(
Alejandro Leyva
Alejandro Leyva Flash support
Adil Moten
Adil Moten An option to get a UI like Android. Sort of how W8 has the Metro UI and the "classic" UI. More options in a device is NEVER a bad thing.
Diego Castillo
Diego Castillo make current devices be able to upgrade to windows phone 8
Mel Elvin
Mel Elvin id just like to see one in real life

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