Winner of the 'What's your dream phone?' post!

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| Published: August 20, 2013

What's your dream phone?  It's a question I'm sure you've asked yourself countless times over the years as the smartphone space has grown and evolved.  Last week, I asked you to list our your dream smartphone in a post on the site.  I mentioned that I would select a winner and do a follow-up video. 

The winner of the dream smartphone challenge is Nick Sciancalepore - and here is what Nick listed as must-haves:

OK Mr. Aaron Baker, I take your challenge head on:

  1. Processor: Snapdragon 800 1.9 GHz.  Reason: saves battery life with lower GHz but will still perform amazingly with the OS I will choose and quick charge 2.0 will mean charge times will make up for battery like (who doesn't like a 1 hour battery life)
  2. Display: 5.0-inch IPS from HTC Butterfly S (it is my sweet spot but if need be then the 4.7 inch from HTC One) - also, Gorilla Glass 3
  3. RAM: 2 GB DDR3 is perfect
  4. Storage 32 GB with 32 GB free DropBox as long as you are using the phone (to keep the slimness)
  5. Camera: 6-ultrapixel camera (6-ultrapixels keeps the picture size low but quality high and 4k video due to the Snapdragon 800)
  6. Battery: 2,600 mAh non-removable lithium polymer (HTC showed that with the right battery optimizations a low mAh can go a long way - boosting the battery a bit will make for the slight shortcomings while keeping a low profile and lithium polymer makes so the quality of the battery will not degrade quickly) 
  7. OS: Android 4.3 with HTC Sense 5 (I really enjoy Sense 5 with the Zoe's, BlinkFeed, battery optimizations and minimal lag, the additions of 4.3 will only boost the niceness of Sense 5)

And some additional details from Nick:

  • Build quality: The slimness and metal quality of the HTC One is great. BoomSound and wireless charging are a must
  • Price: hoping for $200 on 2 year contract, if not no more than $250 off contract, $550 or $600. Definitely on all four major US carriers and on prepaid carriers. Also a Google Play edition will be available with no carrier exclusives.
  • For an extra $50 on contract you can customize the color like on Moto Maker - if not you get white, black, gray, red, blue, or orange. 
  • Minimal carrier branding on back
  • An official 2,500 mAh battery case with full protection will be sold for $75 for the road warriors who want extra battery if not a Kevlar case will be available in white and black for $30 if you want to protect the metal phone

Thanks to all that entered!