Xperia Z2 vs. iPhone 5s vs. Lumia 930 vs. LG G3 - Camera Battle

Cam Bunton
Senior Managing Editor from  Cumbria, UK
| July 24, 2014

Cam pits four of the best cameras on the market against each other, highlighting the benefits of each. Overviewing specs, user interface, ease of use, picture and video quality in a video that should help you make your decision between them if camera performance is a big deal to you in your buying choices. 

Each has clear advantages. For the LG G3, it's the laser-fast autofocus. The Sony Xperia Z2 creates great quality videos and has a tone of preset scene settings for different scenarios. The Nokia Lumia 930 takes incredible photos and is very customizable, whereas the iPhone 5s just does everything for you. 

Which is your favorite?