Android TV getting updated Play Store

After teasing some new Android TV hardware announcements that are coming soon, Google has revealed a few tidbits of Android TV software news at I/O 2019.

Google has showed off a refreshed Play Store for Android TV coming later this year. One of the major new features of the cleaner look is an improved method for consumers to make purchases and sign up for subscriptions. As spotted by 9to5Google, the update will allow users can confirm a purchase using a PIN rather than entering their full password, which should be easier and less time-consuming.

Also shared during the presentation were some stats on how Android TV is doing. Android TV now has more than 1,000 streaming content partners and there are more than 5,000 Android TV apps available on the Play Store. Also of note is that six of the top 10 smart TV makers are working with Google on Android TV.

One disappointing bit of Android TV news is that there's no Android Q news to share. When asked if Google would update Android TV's codebase to Android Q, Android TV chief Shalini GovilPai told Variety "We don’t necessarily need to be on the same timeline."

We don't often hear much news about Android TV, so it's nice to see Google announcing some new features at I/O 2019. This updated Play Store for Android TV looks nice, and being able to enter a PIN rather than typing out your full password when you're making a purchase is a huge improvement.

You can check out the presentation on Android TV for yourself in the video above at around the 2:21:00 mark.

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