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ALLTEL Wireless Greater Freedom 1000 cell phone plan details

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    1000 Minutes
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SUMMARY- Calls originating and terminating within the local coverage area use plan minutes and are toll free. On the $29.99 plan, calls placed while in the local coverage area and terminating to anywhere outside the local coverage area will be charged 15¢ per minute long distance. Some areas may offer options for toll-free calling to the U.S. Customers utilizing one of these options may not pay long-distance charges, but will still continue to use rate plan minutes. Airtime charges may apply if rate plan minutes are unavailable. A $20 non-refundable activation fee will apply.

NEW CALLING FEATURE- Check your voice mail, without listening to a word.
Voice2TXT converts your voice mail to text, making checking your messages quick and convenient. Whether you•re in a meeting or a crowded place, you'll get the message in a glance. It will be read, however it•s said.
  • Read important messages
  • No need to dial passcodes or listen to voice prompts
  • Stay in touch even when you can•t answer by replying with a text message
  • You still have the option of listening to your messages later

20 Conversations $4.99/month $0.25 each additional
50 Conversations $9.99/month $0.20 each additional
100 Conversations $19.99/month $0.10 each additional

Description Cost Included
N/A $0 N/A
US Rates Cost
Domestic Long Distance Rate N/A
Roaming charges N/A
Text messages (pay per use) N/A
Picture/video messages (pay per use) N/A