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When you’re looking for a personal prepaid plan, Boost Mobile delivers. With help from the ever-powerful Nationwide Sprint Network, Boost Mobile prepaid plans give consumers competitive prices on phones and plans. Get some assistance on finding the best phone and plan combinations by using PhoneDog’s helpful tool below.


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Boost Mobile Plans

Beyond use of the illustrious Sprint Network, Boost Mobile prepaid consumers also get the unique Shrinkage billing bonus: six on-time payments shrink your subsequent payments by $5 a month. Talk about an awesome perk for being timely!

Company Overview: Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Spring Nextel Corporation and was launched in Australia in 2000. US rollout began in California and Nevada in 2002 and Boost went nationwide in February 2005. Boost is a "lifestyle-based youth brand" offering wireless voice and entertainment services focused on sports, music, fashion, and entertainment.

Network Benefits: Push-to-Talk (PTT) walkie-talkie feature.

Special Plan Features: Monthly and pre-paid plans available with voice, text/multimedia messaging, "Chirp" (PTT) and wireless Web services; Special rates for mobile-to-mobile calls to Boost, Sprint PCS, and most Nextel subscribers.

Unique Features: Extensive entertainment offerings including web games, Chat/IM, streaming and downloadable audio/video; Boost exclusive handsets feature advanced multimedia capabilities; Boost 411 enhanced directory assistance offers movie listings, driving directions, and other services.

Pros: Push-to-Talk unlimited in network walkie-talkie calling available on a daily or monthly basis; Unique entertainment and messaging services designed to appeal to youth market; Mobile-to-Mobile calling includes Sprint and Nextel users; Premium Plan represents value for heavy PTT, Web, and text message users.

Technology Used: Boost operates on Sprint's Nextel iDEN network using Motorola iDEN phones exclusive to Boost.

Coverage: National

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