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Company Overview: Edge Wireless is headquartered in Bend, OR and was founded in 1999. Edge is a member of the Cingular Wireless Network.

Network Benefits: Partnership with Cingular provides rural service with nationwide roaming capabilities. Text and multimedia messaging, wireless web and e-mail services. BlackBerry, wireless Internet and other business services.

Special Plan Features: Local, regional and national plans available, with most offering unlimited nights/weekends and mobile-to-mobile calling. Pre-paid service available. Carryover feature lets users retain unused minutes from month to month. Mobilemedia wireless web, email, and entertainment services.

Unique Features: "Carryover" similar to Cingular's Rollover feature for retention of unused monthly minutes.

Pros: Competitive pricing on national plans, local service centers and rural coverage coupled with Cingular network for roaming. Local plans offer economical alternative to national plans.

Cons: Regional plans offer little value as compared to national plans. Technology Used: Edge operates a GSM network with GPRS/EDGE data services, and partners with Cingular for nationwide customer roaming.

Coverage: Service is offered in southern Oregon, northern California, southeastern Idaho, and Jackson, WY.

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