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Telcel America 7 Days Unlimited Plus Plan $20 cell phone plan details

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This $20 Unlimited Plus Plan from Telcel is a 7 day offer only.   

Minutes National - Unlimited
Minutes to International Landlines - Unlimited*
Minutes to Mexico and Guatemala Claro - 250
SMS Unlimited* 
Internet - Unlimited** 1 GB high-speed 
Roaming service International - 250 minutes from Mexico, to U.S. and other destinations
* Availability of international destinations is subject to change without notice. The international calling service is exclusively for calls originating in the United States and Hawaii. Currently unavailable from Alaska or Puerto Rico. It does not cover international roaming and other restrictions will apply. Unlimited service calls is available for more than fifteen (15) international phone numbers per month. Always check the latest version of the Terms and Conditions at Fixed 

** Includes a high-speed data over a 30-day cycle number, as provided in the Plan. If you approach the limit of the data service, the speed shall be reduced until the cycle is 30 days. The service of high speed data will be restored once you have completed your current 30 day cycle and between force a new plan for 30 days of service. Other limitations apply, terms and conditions for the service. Telcel America reserves the right to terminate the service by improper or unauthorized use. Always check the latest version of the Terms and Conditions at 

+ The international roaming service available in Mexico with the Plus Plan $ 60 and $ 20 Plus Plan. These plans allow you to make calls to Mexico, the United States and other international destinations while roaming in Mexico, subject to certain limitations. The Plus Plan $ 60 includes 1000 minutes and 1GB of data while roaming in Mexico. The Plus Plan $ 20 includes 250 minutes 250 MB of data while roaming in Mexico. Data used while roaming in Mexico do not count towards your data allowance at high speed in the United States. The destinations available are subject to change without notice. Plans are available only for GSM phones supported by Telcel America. Other restrictions, terms and conditions. For more details, please consult the latest version of the Terms and Conditions at
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