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Verizon Wireless Prepaid $45 ALLSET Plan (Basic Phones) cell phone plan details

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Verizon Wireless introduced new prepaid plans on March 3, 2014. Our most popular plans give you what you want, for the right price. -- Get the biggest bang for your buck with Verizon Wireless new basic prepaid plans. On a budget• Get unlimited talk and text for only $45 a month. Personalize your monthly plan with BRIDGE DATA. And now through 6/30/14, the ALLSET• PLAN* $45 for Basic Phone includes 1000 minutes to Canada and Mexico. Prepaid ALLSET• PLAN gives you Unlimited Anytime Minutes, Unlimited Text and 500MB of Data for $45 per month. Prepaid $35 ALLSET• PLAN and the $45 ALLSET• PLAN includes domestic calls only. Prepaid $35 ALLSET• PLAN and the $45 ALLSET• PLAN includes Unlimited Texting* to anyone on any network in the U.S. and participating carriers in Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. BRIDGE DATA Options: $5 for 500MB of additional data. (Expires 30 days after the bundle is activated.) $10 for 1GB of additional data. (Expires 90 days after the bundle is activated.) $20 for 3GB of additional data. (Expires 90 days after the bundle is activated.) Expiration dates begin when a bundle is activated. Customers can add BRIDGE DATA through the IVR, My Verizon Mobile and My Verizon online, refill cards or credit/debit cards. Customers may only have 2 BRIDGE DATA on their account at any given time. Only 1 BRIDGE DATA will be active at a time. Secondary BRIDGE DATA will be held in reserve until the current data allowance is exhausted or expires. Ringback Tones • 99¢ per month & $1.99 per Ringback Tone/Year Prepaid $35 ALLSET• PLAN and $45 ALLSET• PLAN includes 500MB of Data. Mobile Web does not provide full web browsing. If you have less than your plan fee at the time of renewal on the monthly plans, your rates are: 25¢ per minute, 20¢ per text. Data charges apply for sending and receiving multimedia messages. All data usage will be deducted from your data allowance. Data rates may apply for app downloads and use. Data speeds are not altered. Use your data as expected. Domestic Long Distance Included (airtime charges apply) Domestic Roaming Rate is 20¢ Per Minute. International Text Messaging • 25¢ per message sent, messages received are same as calling plan MMS to International locations, including Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico will be charged the normal MMS per recipient rate. MMS is limited by data allowance. International Roaming • Voice Calling 69¢ per minute from Canada, Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands 99¢ per minute from Mexico $1.99 per minute from Bermuda International Roaming • Text Messaging 50¢ per message sent 5¢ per message received 411 Search • $1.99 per call plus airtime Up to $35 activation fee may apply. * Additional and Unlimited texting apply when sending and receiving: (i) Instant Messages, Text Alerts and Picture and Video Messaging Portal Messages; (ii) Messages with non•Verizon Wireless customers in the United States or participating networks in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico; or (iii) via email. Unlimited Texting also includes Mobile to Mobile Messages with Verizon Wireless Customers. For Additional texts, overage Messaging rates default to those of your Calling Plan. Premium Messaging programs and International Messaging not included. Data charges will apply to multimedia messages. Anytime Minutes, Unlimited Calling, Mobile to Mobile Calling/Messaging with Verizon Wireless customers, Night & Weekend Minutes, Per•Minute Rate After Allowance, and Text Rates are for domestic calls/messages from within the Prepaid Rate and Coverage Area. For Prepaid Monthly Plans, you must have sufficient account balance at time of renewal to cover the Monthly Access in order to receive the Anytime Minutes, Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Calling, Night & Weekend Minutes, and Unlimited Texting that are included with the Prepaid Monthly Plan. Monthly Access will be charged on the same rate each month, unless you have insufficient funds to cover the Monthly Access. Monthly Access or calls rated at the Per•Minute Rate After Allowance and other charges for available services on your Verizon Wireless Prepaid plan may deplete balance prior to its expiration. Verizon Wireless will suspend your service when your account reaches $0 or your account reaches the expiration date. Unlimited Calling, Mobile to Mobile Calling/Messaging, and Night & Weekend Minutes are not available when your account has been suspended. Limit of 4 calling plan changes in a 30•day period.
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