Virgin Mobile Cell Phone Plans

As one of the first service providers to offer prepaid service, Virgin Mobile is one of the best as far as prepaid phone plans are concerned. The world-renowned brand utilizes the widespread National Sprint Network and offers no roaming charges. Use PhoneDog's tool below to help you find the perfect Virgin Mobile plan for you!


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Virgin Mobile Plans

Virgin Mobile is a globally recognized Pre-paid cellular brand that's been a consumer champion from day one. Sir Richard Branson launched it more than twenty years ago and hasn't looked back. Find out where Virgin Mobile's been and where it's going.

With options for unlimited data and varying amounts of minutes, Virgin Mobile’s prepaid plans are a sure thing. Their plans are tailored towards consumers who want the most out of their mobile plan. In lieu of this, Virgin Mobile also offers its Broadband2Go Plans, with varying day/month terms and data features that let you browse the Web and access email at the pace you choose.