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TCI Long Distance (formerly known as Total Call International, Inc.) is located in Los Angeles, California, and is a premier provider of global communications services, including domestic and International long distance. Established in 1999, the company is a switch-based carrier, recognized for delivering telecommunications products that offer highly competitive rates and reliable service. Industry-trained professionals and strategic partnerships are the foundation of the company.

Plan Name State-to-State Rate In-State Rate International Rate More Info
TCI Saver 3.0 3.0¢ 0.000¢ $0.000 Buy Now

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TCI Saver 3.0

REVIEW - TCI's Saver 3.0 calling plan is great for customers who make a high quantity of out-of-state long distance calls. Begin saving with a low rate of 3.0¢/min. for your state-to-state calling and competitive in-state and international rates.

BILLING OPTIONS - TCI offers both online and traditional mailed paper billing. Selecting to receive a paper invoice will cost you $0.79/per month.

PAYMENT OPTIONS - Both Mailed and Online billing are available. TCI customers are not billed until their balance accrues to more than $2. Credit card payment also available.

INTERNATIONAL CALLING - There is no monthly charge to place international calls, which is another reason why Total Call International is an excellent choice. All International calls are billed in 60 second increments.

CALLING CARDS - Total Call International offers one of the lowest rates, only 4.9¢/min. for use from anywhere in the U.S.

60 SECOND BILLING - Domestic calls are billed in 60 second increments.

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TCI Saver 3.0

TCI Saver 3.0
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Minimum Usage Fee:
Pic Charge (1st line):
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Toll Free Monthly Fee:
Toll Free Setup Fee:
Monthly Fee:

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