telna (formerly 3U Telecom)

Telecom North America, the former US subsidiary of 3U Telecom, is an interexchange carrier licensed all throughout the USA and, via it's Canadian subsidiary, all of the Canadian provinces. The company's goal is to provide high quality international calls at low rates. It is active on both the retail market across the United States and on the international carrier wholesale market. It has a point of presence in New York, USA, Los Angeles, USA and Frankfurt, Germany. 3U Telecom interconnects with dozens of major carriers in over 30 countries.

Plan Name State-to-State Rate In-State Rate International Rate More Info
telna 4.8 - Unique 4.8¢ 3.400¢ $0.038 Buy Now

Company Info

telna 4.8 - Unique

REVIEW - This 4.8 plan offered by telna, formerly 3U Telecom, (Updated 3/30/09) has no monthly fees, no monthly minimums, and no set up fees. If you go out of town, or do not make any long distance or international calls for that month, then you will pay nothing. Telna also has a great customer service rating with the average waiting time of only one minute. With the unique one second billing, your calls are billing to the exact duration, and nothing more.

CHANGE FROM 3U TO tELNA: What does this change? Well, our name, logo and website are being updated, but our management team, high quality service, low rates and passion for customer service remain unchanged. 

ONE SECOND BILLING - One second billing saves an average of 17-19% more than a 4.8 plan billing in 60 second increments. Click on the "Billing Increment" link above for a more detailed explanation.

UNIQUE TRAVEL CARD (Calling Card) - Telna also provides an optional calling card with your account. The calling card rate is only 4.8¢ min. for U.S. calling. The travel card also allows you to make calls when you're overseas from 50 countries.

INTERNATIONAL RATES - Telna has some of the lowest international calling rates to many countries.  Telna prides itself on offering the lowest rates for frequent international callers.

CELLULAR DIAL-AROUND - The rates offered by Telna are also valid when using your cellular phone. Telna will provide a dial-around access number if you want to call internationally. Just dial the access number first, and then complete the call.

BILLING NOTE - Telna requires payment by credit card.  You will receive your invoice by email approx. 10 days before your credit/debit card is charged each month.  For security purposes, Telna will perform a temporary authorization on your credit card.  This authorization will automatically expire and disappear within a few days.

Plan Details

telna 4.8 - Unique

telna 4.8 - Unique
Billing Increment:
1 second
Minimum Usage Fee:
Pic Charge (1st line):
Pic Charge (multiple):
Toll Free Monthly Fee:
Toll Free Setup Fee:
Monthly Fee:

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