Uni-Tel Communications Group, Inc. was founded in March, 1998, in Naperville, Illinois. Their mission is to provide customers with the best residential and commercial long distance service in the business at low competitive prices, and in-house direct-to-the-customer monthly billing. Uni-Tel's founding partners have over ten years of experience in long distance service. Their work experiences with other long distance carriers (e.g. U.S. Fiberline, TeleComp, Technologies Network, and Electronic Business Solutions) bring invaluable knowledge to Uni-Tel. This knowledge helps provide their customers with information about inbound and outbound calls. It also helps their customers with information about switched and dedicated long distance service. Their team of experts provides their customers with operator service, the sale of centrex and phone systems as well as internet access, website design and web hosting. 

Global Crossing is Uni-Tel's network carrier. It has the most extensive fiber optic network in the world backed by the best team of experts in the telecommunications industry. Uni-Tel chose Global Crossing for its tremendous network reliability, and for the use of its uCommand system. The uCommand system provides Uni-Tel with direct access to Global Crossing's switch, which allows customer-provisioning time to be completed in two or three business days. It also allows Uni-Tel the opportunity to make changes to a customer's account in a real-time fashion.

Direct billing to customers is used by Uni-Tel because it is more convenient, accurate, and reliable. Each invoice lists all calls in an easy-to-read format. The management reports on the invoice give each customer the ability to manage calling patterns. Uni-Tel's six-second billing format saves money.

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