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Long Distance Services, Inc. (LDS) is one of the largest and most respected names in business long distance. LDS has been providing the highest quality, most robust, and cost effective long distance services since 1989. In January of 2003 LDS launched their first residential division, called Voice Revolution. Since its inception, Voice Revolution has taken root, and is becoming one of the most recognized residential long distance services in America. Voice Revolution has a very simple concept: take an award-winning business long distance company, along with it's tremendous purchasing power, great customer care, and most astute attention to detail and under these guidelines, and curtail a division that caters only to the residential market. Voice Revolution now offers the same best-of-breed, lowest cost, long distance service to residences. Voice Revolution is at the absolute forefront of the industry due to its strong domestic network partnerships and fresh approach to this business. Long Distance Services, Inc. is located on Fifth Ave in New York, NY.

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