Huawei Watch Unboxing & Impressions

Huawei Watch Unboxing and Impressions

The floodgates of the smartwatch have opened wide this year. With big announcements from both sides of Android and iOS and the newly announced cross-platform supportive Android Wear on iOS, companies are getting more and more into the premium market...
Moto X Pure Edition Unboxing & Impressions

Moto X Pure Edition Unboxing and Impressions

Whether you’re an Android fan or just someone who’s always valued a good fan for a good price, the Moto X has always been on the radar. The past two years of the X have been phenomenal, except for a few key areas like the camera. The all-new Moto X...
First 4K Smartphone! (Sony Xperia Z5 Premium)

First 4K Smartphone! (Sony Xperia Z5 Premium)

This is the world’s first 4K smartphone. It’s called the Xperia Z5 Premium and it’s built by Sony who knows a few things about making good smartphones and 4K content so let’s dive into it. The look of the Premium is instantly recognizable over its...
Samsung Gear S2 & S2 Classic Impressions!

Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic Impressions!

This is the Samsung Gear S2 and S2 Classic. It’s Samsung’s latest Tizen-based smartwatches and they are definitely something worth taking a look at. First off, the huge deal of these watches is the brand new design. It’s now a round form factor on...
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review!

Every year, Samsung brings out a new updated version of their phablet being they introduced some five years ago. Back then, most of the tech community (including myself) doubted their success into the massive size. But now, look where we are. Times...
Note 5 vs S6 Edge+ - Which Should You Buy?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs S6 edge+: Which Should You Buy?

The fall quarter has belonged to the Galaxy Note model for the past four years, which make shopping for the latest tablet a pretty easy decision. But this year, it’s a little different. Instead of one, there are two new large phones from Samsung...
OnePlus 2 Review!

OnePlus 2 Review!

It’s not every day a phone comes out and changes the mobile landscape. We have your typical smartphones that cost around $600 and while they are great, they are sometimes out of reach of your average consumer. Unless you have serious brand loyalty...
OnePlus 2 vs Note 5 - Comparison!

OnePlus 2 vs Galaxy Note 5 - Comparison!

With the announcement of two large phones in the past couple of weeks, we thought we should put two phones of similar specs up against each other. Obviously, I’m talking about the ultra-powerful Galaxy Note 5 and the equal in power, the OnePlus 2....
LG Nexus 5 2015 hands on leak

LG Nexus 5 2015 allegedly caught on camera

Remember that render of the LG Nexus 5 2015 that leaked out the other day? Well now an image that allegedly shows the real deal has surfaced. An image has been posted to the Google Nexus Community Indonesia page on Google+ that might show LG's new...
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Impressions!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Impressions!

Alongside the new Note 5, Samsung also announced the 5.7-inch Quad HD phone without a pen and it’s called Galaxy S6 edge+. So let’s get into it. So imagine you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Then take that tiny 5.1-inch display and expand it to...
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Impressions!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Impressions!

Samsung just announced their brand new Galaxy Note model. This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It’s completely redesigned on the outside and has some new hardware on the inside. So let’s go ahead and get into our first impressions of the new Galaxy...
Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6 edge+ official

Here are the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+ US carrier pricing details

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+ are going to launch on five carriers in the US later this month. But how much will each carrier charge for them on their various payment plans? I’m here to help solve that question. Here’s a breakdown of how...
OnePlus 2 vs OnePlus One Comparison!

OnePlus 2 vs OnePlus One Comparison!

2015 flagship killer or 2016 flagship killer. You know what phones I’m talking about. With the recent announcement of the OnePlus 2, I think it’s time to put the OnePlus One versus the OnePlus 2 head to head and figure out if it’s worth the upgrade...
Moto X Style First Impressions!

Moto X Style First Impressions!

This is the new Moto X Style. Instead of calling it the Moto X (2015) and instead of making only one Moto x, Motorola decided to make two new Moto Xs. The flagship of the two is called the Moto X Style, which is the third generation of the Moto X....
OnePlus 2 Unboxing and First Impressions!

OnePlus 2 Unboxing and First Impressions!

This is the OnePlus 2. After a year of frustrations leading to acquiring the OnePlus One, the OnePlus 2 aims to please the current and new customers with an updated design, improved hardware, and more customization to fit the individual buyer....
Leaked Photos Reveal Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5

Leaked Photos Reveal Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5

Although the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the Galaxy Note 5 are expected to launch on August 12th, the leaks are already starting to come out. On Thursday, UK-based tech blog Mobile Fun released photos of both the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the...
iPod touch 6th Generation vs 5th Generation Review

iPod touch 6th Generation vs 5th Generation Review

Three years—that’s how long it’s been since Apple updated their iPod Touch. That’s a long time. But thankfully, Apple just refreshed their line with faster hardware. But does the change justify you throwing your old iPod Touch in the trash and...
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Does launching before the iPhone really matter?

At this point, it’s a pretty safe bet that in September, Apple is going to announce a new iPhone. It’s probably going to be called the iPhone 6s, and there will surely be the iPhone 6s Plus thrown in there for good measure. Another safe bet is that...
Samsung Galaxy S6 front

Samsung prepping 11K mobile displays

Think the 2560x1440 resolution displays that we’ve seen on some recent smartphones are cool? You haven’t seen anything yet. Samsung Display is prepping an 11K (!) mobile display, which would work out to be 2250 pixels per inch. To compare, current...
Google Hangouts logo

Hangouts for iOS updated with improved, more material design UI

If you use Hangouts on iOS, you’re going to want to head into the App Store and download the app’s latest update. Hangouts v4.0.0 is now rolling out to the iPhone and iPad, bringing with it a material design refresh. Google says that the app has an...