Nexus 7 vs. Nexus 9: Does newer necessarily mean better?

  Just under a month ago, we were waiting in anticipation of the arrival of the 2014 Nexus line. Originally, we weren’t even sure there was going to be a Nexus line refresh this year. How wrong we were! Not only were we graced with the arrival of...

Inbox by Gmail app review

I’ve got a really cool app to show you guys. It’s not available for everyone just yet but it’s called Google Inbox by Gmail. And it’s essentially just a completely new form of email. It’s available on both iOS and Android on an invite-only system...

BlackBerry Passport - Keyboard walkthrough and demo

BlackBerry is well known for making great keyboards, but with the Passport, it's added a little something extra. It's much more than just a great set of buttons that's easy to type on, it's its own touch-sensitive trackpad and it does way more than...

"Ambient Display", or the feature you didn't know you wanted

  We recently learned of the now official Motorola Nexus 6 device, a device that had been long questioned whether it was real or rumor. Along with the announcement came a lot of celebration for the device, not only because this meant that the Nexus...