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Kyocera Domino


The Kyocera Domino bar style device is light and thin and offers Bluetooth technology which is an upgrade from the original S1300 design. Other key features include type A-GPS technology, built-in micro-USB connector, and tip calculator.

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  • Bluetooth
  • Speakerphone

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General Info
Data Type2G
Device TypeFeature Phone
Operating SystemNone
Physical Specifications
Height4.29 Inches
Thickness0.54 Inches
Weight2.50 Ounces
Display Specifications
Touchscreen Size1.80 Inches
Audio/Video Specifications
Rear Camera0.00 Megapixels
Hearing Aid CompatibilityM4/T4
Battery Specifications
Standby Time200 Hours
Talk Time79 Minutes
Memory Specifications

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Would Not Recommend to a friend.

What a piece of JUNK!

Posted on: July 26th, 2010 by Brian ?

The good: Well at least it sends/receives phone calls...The bad: 3.3 hours of battery life my big toe! Especially online.Summary: I bought the Kyocera Domino S1310 back in (I think Feb '10) and ended up getting rid of it in early June. I kept losing the signal all the time, and I heavily used MetroWEB and at random times on a daily basis, and I mean multiple random times on a daily basis I would "click" a hyperlink and it would shut off my phone. Every time I was able to turn the phone back on, and go back to MetroWEB, but the page I was last on was NOT in my history list so I would always either have to try to remember the URL off the top of my head or do a google search on the topic I was looking at/searching for/reading,etc. At first, I thought it maybe the history, cache, and cookies getting full so I would empty them each time I started MetroWEB, surf for a little bit, re-empty them, keep suring and it would still happen. I got so furious I threw the phone away not caring I had a warranty (Hey it was only $30) so I got another one and it's happening all over again. Another thing is, say you're on the phone and the battery dies. You have to plug it in, then wait until it has at least a small amount of charge, umplug it, and then you can turn it on and then you can call whomever back, if you have their #. (or look for it online or whatever. I like MetroPCS, but I would NEVER recommend the Kyocera Domino S1310 to anyone, including an enemy, even if in a spiteful mood. I'm buyin a new phone tomorrow. :P

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